October 23 Birthday


YOUR SIGNS – Libra/Scorpio.



YOUR RULERS – Venus, Mars, Pluto. 

October 23 Birthday interpretation.

The October 23 birth date falls on the apex point or cusp of the signs of Libra and Scorpio, and this identifies with a period that could be described as “the calm before a storm”.

This October 23 birth date represents the ultimate blending and balance of Libra, together with the results of that blending process. This represents the new start through to Scorpio and into a person who has the capability for a profuse of creativity.

In your working environment, you are likely to be one who is highly regarded for you abilities to be able come up with great ideas and concepts. You are certainly one who will be prepared to stand up in defense of your ideas irrespective of however strange or unusual they may appear to others initially.

While you can be quite outstanding at dreaming up worthy new proposals, you are not the type of person who will enjoy becoming restricted, through having to work on any given job in a methodical manner.

In the romantic arena, the perfect relationship for you is with a man or woman who is a fully independent person by nature, and a totally all-round self-contained individual. For the October 23, no one less will acceptable, because you are an entire and complete individual in yourself.

As an October 23, you have been endowed with the abilities and power to fascinate, and this can make you a very attractive person to others. Give some consideration however to the fact that self-expression and moderation, are the keys to both mental and emotional balance.

Born on this October 23 birthday, you have a path in life that, however you may define it, involves a passionate concentration in the affairs of both your family, and the greater community.

This endows you with an inherent sense of fulfillment in the sharing in, and involvement in the lives of others. You are one who would be at the height of your happiness where involved in a major community project such as the construction of a home for a needy family.

Alternatively, the October 23 could provide great and valuable input into any form of major charitable project or organization.

For you, it is essential to be able to feel that you are helpful and useful, and your reaching out to others contributes to your natural sense of spiritual reciprocity.

The colors of royal blue, lime green, and burgundy red resonate well with this October 23 birth date.

The mineral of “peridot” and “sodalite” are gemstones that can help to enhance your sense for balance and tranquility.

On the home front, the October 23 needs a home environment that resonates the air and water elements of both your signs of Libra and Scorpio. As example, a room lay out that includes an open window, some wind chimes, and an aquarium fish tank caters for such combination of elements.

You will enjoy socializing, so that a ranch slider type door leading out from a main room onto a patio or deck should provide an ideal area of space for such occasions.

To help to attract an abundance of basic comforts such has warmth, food and happiness into your home consider utilizing shapes or patterns in the form of three and/or triangles wherever possible. This will help to encourage the maximum of positive, and warming influences to your abode.

As an October 23 birth date, you have empathy for that of the realistic solidity of the natural world, and in terms of art and design, you will tend to dislike the abstract or far-out concepts. In your kitchen therefore, you are likely to feel extremely content and happy in an environment of traditional design and styled kitchen with plenty of darker shades of wood fittings.

A painting or statuette of a lion in the home can help to assist you to face up to any challenges that may confront you.

For the October 23, the bedroom is very much a focal point in life, and as such it should be a place that enhances a peaceful and meditative atmosphere. You should aim for a color scheme based upon blues and greens. Light shade of such colors for walls and window drapes and contrasting deeper rich green and blue colors for your bed linen.

In keeping with your more traditional outlook toward style and design, you are likely to favor your bedroom furnishings to be in the darker shades of wood.

Any type of picture or painting that projects an outdoor setting that emphasis the elements of air and water will form a refreshing and interesting item to have in your bedroom. As example, birds in the trees or swans on a lake setting.

On the outdoors front, you are likely to thoroughly enjoy spending time wandering though a forest or heavily wooded area, an evergreen forest would be a perfect place for the October 23. You can be quite captivated by the colors, the vegetation and the life forms that live in such an environment.

In the garden, the October 23 will love any setting that includes trees. If not possible, then fair sized bushes and shrubs. A garden seat or bench positioned beneath some overhanging tree branches can form a perfect setting for you to and to sit taking in the joys of nature.

You are likely to enjoy the sight and sound of birds so consider having a birdbath, or bird feeder in your garden, but make sure to place so that it is out of reach of any cats.

Your special magic numbers are 6 and 9. The twenty-third day of the tenth month reduces to six, and the number six represents that of balance, stability, and the harmonization of opposites.

The 297th day of the year reduces to nine, and the number nine contributes that strong sense of accomplishment and satisfaction on completion of a goal where it has involved you in the helping of others. You are one who can feel complete satisfaction where you have given something away.