October 21 Birthday





YOUR RULERS – Venus, Mercury. 

October 21 Birthday interpretation.

As an October 21 Libra birth date, you are an individual who will have a powerful mental ability for analytical matters, and that of problem solving.

This ability enhances your inherent instinct to be able to quickly observe, and to assess others as to their strengths and weaknesses.

This is a powerful quality to possess, and is something that you should apply toward the help and benefit of others, rather than for the purposes of taking advantage, or adversely influencing them to the extent of their own detriment.

The October 21 enjoys great social abilities. Whatever your gender or age, you are the type of person who will take the lead on a social occasion and will work very hard to ensure that everyone is introduced to each other, that conversation freely flows, and that everyone is enjoying themselves, and having a good time.

As an October 21 birth date you are endowed with a highly energetic spirit that, combined with your socializing skills enables you to mix and mingle with ease in among people in just about any form of social or formal gathering.

You are likely to be considered a very popular guest to invite to parties, and probably quite a favorite as far as the host or hostess is concerned.

You understand balance in life and will have no difficulty in supporting the differences among people, however you will only be prepared to do so as long as those differences are harmonious and complementary.

With such understanding and outlook on life, you will have, and project a mature decision-making persona, and as result you will treat your responsibilities and obligations in relation to others, very sincerely and seriously.

You are one who will have a great ability to be able to inspire the, welding or bonding together of others for the purposes of a group or team effort.

This would suggest that whatever your vocation or career activity, there is every likelihood that you would be involved in a management and administrative position.

In this respect, there are qualities associated with this October 21 birth date to suggest that you would be more than capable of exercising power and control both effectively, and in a very responsible manner.

As an October 21 Libra you can have a tendency to speak out without due thought at times. Hastily expressing your thoughts out loud with out due care can have the effect of confusion at times, and might even result in you becoming entangled in matters or decisions, prior to your becoming organized to deal with them.

You might like to consider committing your thoughts and ideas to writing first, and then peruse them first prior to making your verbal expression or presentation

Yours is a path in life of extensive, and wide-ranging discovery. You have a natural inherent need, and the desire to experience all that you can in life. This indicates that there are no limitations to your powerful enthusiasm to venture far and wide.

By your particular October 21 nature, that endows you with an understanding and consideration for the wide variety of human expression and condition, you are one who will want to gain the experience of it, on a first hand basis.

As example, consider a vocation in the travel industry where you can gain the advantage of taking trips and travel to far-away and exotic places. You can be assured that, wherever you may go in life, your natural inherent friendly nature will ensure your acceptance by any of those whom you encounter.

The colors of tangerine, orange, apricot, pink, and jade green resonate well with this October 21 birth date.

On the mineral front, “fluorite” is a gemstone to help stabilize emotions and a “fire opal” set into a ring and worn on your third finger can help you to convert your ideas and concepts into practical reality.

To inspire and boost up your socializing abilities, consider wearing a bracelet, watchstrap, or some other such accessory, that carries a brilliant orange color.

On the home front, the October 21 will enjoy a home that has facilities enough for the purposes of informal entertaining.

You will appreciate well-decorated surroundings, and are likely to have a particular liking for fashionable furnishings and items.

Curves, rounds and ovals are shapes of an inspirational influence for you, and a home and living environment that enjoys an emphasize curves will provide comfort.

As examples, an oval dining room table with matching oval backed chairs, display cabinet with curved construction, circular rugs, or perhaps even a circular spiral staircase between floors.

Venus rules over all flowers, so endeavor to have fresh cut flowers in vases within your home.

I you travel extensively then consider a cabinet to house your collection of travel mementos. These will provide you with tangible memories of your trips

A representation of your Libra balance element in the kitchen, might take the form of a set of old-fashioned weighing scales.

October 21 likes clear glass, so that a selection of glass storage canisters for your coffees, sugar and condiments should look attractive.

In the bedroom, some round or oval shaped items or images, perhaps even a circular bed. Consider the lighter wood colors for your bedroom furnishings with your linen in pastel shades of apricot and pink.

On the outdoors front, the October 21 will enjoy tours, traveling and the opportunities to be able to meet and establish friendships with a wide variety of people from many cultures.

You will far prefer to have a garden that involves the minimum of attention and maintenance, while at the same time one that provides for the maximum of visual beauty.

You will particularly enjoy a garden with facilities enough for tea parties and small social gatherings. A small garden house or screened-in patio, or gazebo would also be perfect for you.

You will like plenty of flowers in your flowerbeds that will provide for a blaze of color when in season. A lawn area incorporating some circular or curvature designs, pot planters, or water features such as a small rocky fishpond or birdbath, should set your garden scene.

Your special magic numbers are 4 and 7. The twenty-first day of the tenth month reduces to four, and the number four represents that of order, reviewing, and embracing life in an adventurous manner.

The 295th day of the year reduces to seven, and the number seven provides that important ingredient for a pause and a rest between your wide scenarios of adventures in life.