October 20 Birthday





YOUR RULERS – Venus, Mercury, Saturn. 

October 20 Birthday interpretation.

The October 20 Libra is one who will place great value upon a sense for fairness in life.

With such a quality, you are one who will always by happy to provide assistance to others when called upon, and as such, you are likely to be the first candidate that friends or work associates are likely to call upon when they are experiencing some dispute or conflict.

What you must remember is that you must impose some measure of self-control in your commitments to the demands of others. You must take the time and space that you personally need for your own mental rejuvenation. You cannot help others if you are mentally exhausted yourself.

As an October 20 you will have a somewhat infectious enthusiasm for life, and this is something that you enjoy imparting to others. As a matter of interest where you wish to inspire your enthusiasm to others, consider wearing a touch of red or orange in your dress ware.

The October 20 enjoys that inherent ability to be able pursue a project or undertaking through to a successful conclusion, and this is a quality derived from your birth dates association to the element of fire.

Socially, the October 10 is a born matchmaker, and on the more personal front, you will find that you will readily accept the commitment of marriage far easier than you will be able to accept the realities of a break-up or divorce.

Irrespective of whether a deep romantic connection, or a just a straight forward general friendship, you will find it extremely difficult to break up or to part from another person, even though it has become totally obvious that the relationship has run its course, and the time has arrived for each of you to go your separate ways.

As an October 20 you can suffer great anguish and emotional turmoil in the event that you force another person to break up with you, or to just wait until they give up and take off, or disappear from your life.

There are times when your impatience can reach such point that you can no longer wait, and instead of facing straight up to the situation and making a clean cut break and exit from a relationship, you will tend to create such confusion and upset that the other party will have little option but to walk out on you.

You should examine your reasons for any reluctance to be straight forward in such matters, and learn how to overcome your reluctances to act.

As an October 20, all experiences register strongly throughout life. You will rarely be in the background of events because your life has a funny way of often creating dramatic situations for you.

The October 20 path in life centers upon that of mental discovery. This concept involves the search for, creation, development and build up of knowledge.

Your search should result in the development, guidance and practical “down-to-earth” applications of such knowledge and information toward the benefit of humanity as a whole.

The prime danger associated with this path in life is the accumulation of facts, data and information purely for the purpose of possessing the information. Knowledge in itself is not necessarily power, and not all knowledge is worth having. Some of it can be absolutely useless, and a complete a waste of time in the gathering of it.

The colors of medium green, pale green, blue, bright orange, crimson red, apricot, and ivory resonate well with this October 20 birth date.

When considering minerals, the “tigereye” gemstone can help to enhance your vision and focus, and the gemstone “sodalite” can help to firm up the application of your mental concepts and ideas.

Quartz and opal are gemstones will inspire that fire factor inherent within your personality.

On the home front, the October 20 will like a home that is positioned on slightly higher land, and one that provides for attractive and interesting views.

In keeping with your hospitable nature, a home constructed along the lines of the wood cabin concept, or one that projects that more rustic rural impression could form a perfect hideaway for you.

You will enjoy informal entertaining so that your dwelling should a have space enough, both within and without, for your happy informal gatherings.

When considering your color décor, pale green is a good color for you as it can have the effect of influencing a calm upon your nerves.

Too many bits and pieces of a cluttering nature can ultimately prove irritating for you, so endeavor to collect those objects and items that will enhance your living, and avoid those that you really do not need.

Heart shapes can have a particular appeal to your romantic side, so why not consider acquiring some attractive china pieces in such design.

You do need to stop and take a pause from your busy activities at times in order to rejuvenate your mind and energies. To help on such occasions, consider buying a large plush cushion incorporating the colors of red and blue and place onto a chair or lounger to sit back into.

Venus rules over all flowers, so endeavor to have fresh cut flowers in vases within your home. Gladiolas in particular are an impressive and colorful species that resonate well with your birth date.

On the outdoor front, the October 20 will enjoy the challenging outdoor environments of high country and rambling hills and valleys.

You are likely to enjoy tours and traveling, and doing so when in a group environment rather than on your own. You will enjoy meeting and establishing friendships and inter-relationships with other people.

When it comes to a garden preference, you are one who can derive great enjoyment from visiting large, intricate and outstanding garden environments such as those created over many years at ancient family stately homes or national garden centers and flower shows.

By contrast at home, you will far prefer to have a garden that involves the minimum of attention and maintenance, while at the same time one that provides for the maximum of a beautiful visual effect.

A garden with plenty of flowering shrubs, bushes and flowers plus some design and ornamental features of artistic interest. These could take to form of a lawn area incorporating some circular or curvature design, pot planters, or water features such as a small rocky fishpond or birdbath.

Your flowerbeds should have plenty of flowers to provide for a blaze of color in season. A good flower for those of this birth date is gladiolas, so consider keeping a good stand of these in a variety of colors.

Your special magic numbers are 3 and 6. The twentieth day of the tenth month reduces to three, and the number three identifies with that of imagination, growth, and the development of the creative process.

The 294th day of the year reduces to six, and the number six supports your life path with an inherent sense for regularity and balance.