October 19 Birthday





YOUR RULERS – Venus, Saturn. 

October 19  Birthday interpretation.

This October 19 Libra birth date, identifies with an individual who will have the qualities of a sophisticated and refined mind, a great determination, and one who will be a exceptionally independent and individualistic by nature.

These are aspects of your personality that can prove to be very attractive to those around you.

Your are highly sensitive by nature, and this can provide you with difficulty at times to be able to remain detached from might be annoying, and irritating everyday realities.

You should always endeavor to try to remain calm when something starts to irritate you, and where possible, try to keep such matters within your home rather than in your work place.

As an October 19 you are endowed with an extremely courageous nature, and in more ancient times you could well have been a member of the warrior class in society, involved in military undertakings where the individual fought on a more one-on-one basis.

In today’s world however, the modern Hi Tech conduct of military activities, and the nature of the discipline now required, makes today’s armed forces an unsuitable arena for someone with your particular independent nature.

Another influence associated with this October 19 birth identifies with the endowment of a generous and benevolent influence, and in particular, this can take the form of good fortune and good luck in your life.

As an October 19 birth date you are endowed with a pre-balance in respect of those life elements of “love”, “will” and intelligence. While pre-armed with such perquisites, you do however face a new challenge in creating a new course and direction toward relationships, in order that the inner spiritual potential of individual’s may successfully emerge.

Effectively, this means that in any such relationships, you should endeavor to apply the same depth of love and enjoyment that you experience with your partner in your personal relationship, toward that of some greater humanitarian ideal, cause or undertaking.

This does not mean abandoning personal intimacy in any way because your external inter-relational love will be maintained by the generosity of your heart.

Problems can occur in your relationships when you and your partner, fail to share the same sense for idealism and/or that of acting for the interest and benefit of others.

Yours is a path in life of studying, relating to, and the understanding of the inter-relationships and connectivity of things.

You have a mind that immediately activates to connect the inter-relational links within a mental picture, and in a manner that enables you to conceptualize that picture in a way, that others are unable to perceive, distinguish or visualize.

This is a very valuable gift and talent because it will enable you to be able to build upon the ideas, concepts, visualizations and imaginations of others with whom you may share such ideas and concepts.

As example, as an October 19 you would be in your absolute element if you could be involved with the first human beings to establish contacts with an off world alien species or life form.

In the more practical world, a vocation in the film making industry where you could be involved in the creation of hi tech space exploration productions such as “Battle Star Galactica”, “Star Trek” or the Stanley Kubrick directed film, 2001 A Space Odyssey for example.

The colors of copper, bright yellow, and the pale blue white of Wedgwood blue resonate well with this birth date.

The mineral gemstone of “turquoise” will provide you with a calming influence, and that of “carnelian” will to speed-up your mental processes.

“Lapis lazuli” is an opaque to translucent blue, violet-blue, or greenish-blue semiprecious gemstone. Consider wearing a ring mounted with lapis lazuli on your third finger to enhance your charismatic attraction and, since the metal of “Tin” can be lucky for you, consider keeping a piece of tin of some form, about your person.

On the home front, the October 19 will like a practical but stylish home with plenty of open space and natural light. Some large glass doors that open out to a deck or patio to allow as much light and air as possible into your home

You will appreciate well-decorated surroundings, and should decorate with swirling, colorful abstract paintings or designs. As an October 19 you may have the skills to be able to come up with designs of your own.

You are likely to have a particular liking for fashionable furnishings and items. The material of sculptured white marble will have a great aesthetic appeal for you, so that some replicas of ancient Greek statues in your home could be something to help your sense of focus.

Round or oval shapes will tend to appeal to your sense of imagination, so that furniture, objects or visual effects that project rounds or curvatures in design will cater to this aspect of your personality.

Ornate brass candlesticks are another type of ornamental cum- practical item that should appeal to your nature.

As an October 19 you could have quite an interest in the culinary arts, and some quality copper cookware in your kitchen could help to inspire your cooking abilities.

Some folks of this birth date can suffer a tendency to be a little extravagant and to overspend at times. Place an impressive ornate “Piggy bank” ornament prominently in your kitchen. It will act as an inspiration to save, and a reminder to control your spending.

On the outdoors front, the October 19 will enjoy outdoor activities of an adventurous nature. Traveling, touring, hiking, water sports, climbing or skiing might be outdoor pastimes of interest.

You would thoroughly enjoy visiting a large and substantial sophisticated garden environment, such as the gardens of an old historical estate

The “bravery“ element associated with this birth date holds a strong connection with the animal kingdom, and this can suggests that you could hold a strong interest and fascination with wild animals. Consider joining a safari expedition to Africa.

In the garden the October 19 wants a garden of maximum beauty while at the same time, one that involved the minimal of upkeep and attention.

Flowering shrubs and bushes are perfect features, and a water feature such as, a fountain; birdbath or fishpond positioned in the center of a lawn would be interesting. Flowerbeds with plenty of flowers of color should complete your garden picture.

Your special magic numbers are 2 and 5. The nineteenth day of the tenth month reduces to two, and the number two represents that of attraction, fluctuation, and forms the ancient symbol of the life force in action.

The 293rd day of the year reduces to five, and the number five provides the capability for dealing with matters of constant changeability.