October 18 Birthday





YOUR RULERS – Venus, Mercury. 

October 18  Birthday interpretation.

The October 18 Libra birth date identifies with an individual who will be very practical in outlook, and one whose primary concerns in life will center upon the realities of today, “The Here and Now”

On the vocation front, as an October 18 you will have a great deal of ambition and drive to become successful in your chosen career and, while you are one who will aim for high achievement in life, your drive for success will not be motivated purely for reasons of financial gain.

Qualities associated with this day suggest that other aspects, such as the gaining of the respect of your peers and others around you, can be as important to you as any form of financial rewards.

While as an October 18 you are, in every respect, a very career minded and motivated individual, you do have an emotionally sensitive side to your nature, and this is an aspect of your personality that is often not too openly recognized by others.

There will definitely be those occasions in your life when you will be far better off if you can control and refrain, from allowing your emotions to get the better of you.

The October 18 is endowed with a number of life talents, and it is a necessity that you endeavor to focus your creativity onto one path at a time. Where you fail to do so, you can find yourself going into too many directions at the same time, and this will result in you being drawn into all manner of things and side issues that are of little overall importance, and can cause in you, feelings of confusion and indecision.

A diary can be a valuable tool for you, and you would definitely benefit from recording your thoughts, activities and future plans in writing.

This can help you to organize and separate that which is important from that which is not so.

Love, will, and intelligence are elements in life that when successfully harmonized and applied provide for human perfection. As an October 18 birth date, you can find that you experience an imbalance in your life, and this is due to the fact that you are underdeveloped in respect of one of those elements.

It will be necessary for you to make the effort required in order to plan out, and to harmonize these three essential elements.

As example, in respect of the “intelligence” factor one might take up the study of history, psychology or some other mentally provoking science. In respect of the “will”, a martial art could suffice and, to enhance the “love” factor, an activity involving working with children or age support.

Born on this October 18 birth date, yours is a path in life of continually moving forward, and of progressing into the unknown. This is a process that requires courage, and a determined sense of strength and purpose on your part.

While there will be times when your life may feel like the darkest hour before the dawn, you do have that inherent optimistic knowledge that ultimately you will overcome, and that the light will always reappear.

There is, in your birth date, the quality of openness and receptiveness, and where you can keep faith, these can have the effect of attracting to you, those things that you desire in life.

The colors of cream, purple, rosy red cheek color, deep purple, and pastels with blue accents, resonate well with this birth date.

The mineral gemstones of “moss agate” and “garnet” can help to inspire your courage and determination and, the carrying of a “tiger eye stone” about with you can help to counteract any feelings of downheartedness that might arise at times.

To encourage success into your life, consider acquiring and wearing, a neck pendant that includes a “seven-pointed star” design.

On the home front, the October 18 will need peace, balance and universal harmony within the home.

A practical home designed upon the “open room plan” principle with plenty of windows, and large glass doors opening up to a deck or patio, in order to allow as much light and air as possible into your rooms.

As an October 17 you will appreciate well-decorated surroundings, and are likely to have a particular liking for fashionable furnishings and items.

Round or oval shapes can appeal to your sense of imagination. Include some items of a circular nature within your home. These could be furniture pieces, display objects or paintings projecting some form of circular images.

Carved white marble is a material that can have a great aesthetic appeal for you, so that some replicas of ancient Greek statues in your home could be something to help your sense of focus.

Venus rules over all flowers, so that you should consider keeping freshly cut flowers in your home as much as possible.

In the kitchen, a set of old-fashioned weighing scales as a representation of your Libra balance element could be of appeal to your nature.

In the bedroom, some round or oval shaped items or images, perhaps even a circular bed. Consider the lighter wood colors for your bedroom furnishings with your linen in pastel shades with accents of blue or deep purple.

On the outdoors front, the October 18 will enjoy outdoor activities of an adventurous nature. High country tramping and the exploration of water venues could be but some of your pastime interests.

A well-kept grass lawn is likely to be of more interest to you, than the garden as a whole, and this will be a place to have some tables and chairs in which to spend your warm summer evening.

A fountain, bird bath or even a fish pond in the center of the lawn would be interesting and, since you will love flowers, some well set out flower beds to provide fresh flowers for your home.

The “almond” holds an association with this October 18 birth date in that it is consider inspirational to your sense for morals and high standards. You might like to consider therefore growing an almond tree somewhere in your garden.

For those who are city dwellers, and without a garden, you might like to consider including some “almond” essence scents in the home, in the bathroom, or in your bath water.

Your special magic numbers are 1 and 4. The eighteenth day of the tenth month reduces to one, and the number one signifies the beginning, initiative, and self-consciousness. This is a number that identifies with singleness of purpose.

The 292nd day of the year reduces to four, and the number four contributes the ability to easily gain an insight, and an overview of events. This is a quality that will support your progress from that which is unsatisfactory to that which is acceptable and successful to you.