October 17 Birthday





YOUR RULERS – Venus, Saturn, Mercury.

October 17  Birthday interpretation.

As an October 17 Libra birth date you are the type of individual who is forever striving to be able to see the overall “big picture” aspects of events, circumstances or actions.

This is a birth date that can open doorways to a great deal of social experimentation.

The October 17 is by nature one who can hold a strong personal belief in the potential of the individual to be able to inspire, and to institute improvements in the world around them.

The October 17 is one who needs their freedom, in order to be able to interrelate with many different kinds of people, and to be able to establish all sorts, and forms of relationships, as they travel through their life.

You have an inherent desire to be able to find ways in order to encourage people to develop their own values for care and consideration toward others.

As an October 17 you will tend to be very selective in your choice of friends, women or men, with whom you desire to associate, and to share yourself on the more intimate level.

You are one who will enjoy cultivating friendships that are of an intellectual and action-oriented nature, and in this respect you are likely to derive great pleasure from your involvements with social organizations and travel.

Travel is likely to be a strong aspect in the life of the October 17, and you will like nothing more than going on tours, cruising, visiting resorts and new and interesting places

On the more personal front, while as an October 17 you will find beauty, and appreciate the traditions of love, marriage and family, you could have the tendency, due to your powerful inherent need for freedom, to waiver from such traditional outlooks

Certain aspects associated with some of the October 17 birth date can indicate a strong artistic flair, and where you have such inclinations it is certainly something that you should, and are likely to enjoy pursuing.

You could have a particular flair and appreciation when it comes to the arena of fashion. Material textures, colors, style and design can be of attraction for you. As example, whether male or female, heavy cashmere sweaters in bright colors, or a warm luxurious bathrobe in which to lounge about at times.

Another value connected with this day suggests someone who could have a strong interest in matters of a scientific nature, and in particular, an interest in the origins of human and other life forms.

This is a subject that could draw your interests to the study of astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology, all genres associated with the big picture of the origins of life.

Born on this October 17 birth date, yours is a path in life of delving to be able to see the big and overall picture of things. As result of this outlook there are times when you begin to feel as if you hold within you every potential of the human race.

If you extend your mind and thinking just a little, you can imagine both the individual and collective possibilities of humanity, and in turn reflect that back to those around you. In other words, when at your best, you are one who it both talented and skilled at both responding and adjusting to any type of situation.

The prime danger associated with this path in life, is that you may escape idealistically and enter into a world of fantasy.

The colors of, tangerine, yellow-orange, and the vivid greenish-blue color known as cobalt resonate well with this birth date.

The mineral known as the “fire opal” can help to inspire your aspirations to achieve your goals, and the  “moonstone” will enhance your idealistic visions.

On the home front, the October 17 will feel comfortable in a home that projects an atmosphere and feeling of peace, balance and universal harmony. To achieve such an environment one should look to having rooms based upon the “open room plan” principle with some very large windows and/or ranch slider doors, in order to allow as much light in as possible.

The October 17 likes well-decorated surroundings and is likely to have  a particular fondness for fashionable items and furnishings. Round or oval shapes can tend to help to inspire your sense of imagination, so consider incorporation some circular concepts in your home.

These could take the form of furnishings, display cabinets with curved moldings, general home objects or even visual effects set with pictures or paintings.

To enhance your in-home light values you should favor the lighter colors of white, off white and pastel shades for your general home decor. Another way in which to enhance those natural light qualities is to keep some sizable pieces of uncut crystal positioned around the home.

In the bedroom, some round or oval shaped items or images should appeal, and you might even find pleasure with a circular bed. An oval shaped mirror perhaps in your dressing area and soft plush bed linen ware in whites, creams or light pastel shades should look nice.

A set of old-fashioned weighing scales in the kitchen representing the Libra element of balance in life will resonate well for you.

On the outdoors front, the October 17 will enjoy an environment that provides for both that of adventure, with perhaps a touch of danger.

High country and water venues can provide locations in which to experience these factors, and you could take interest in a number of outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, kayaking and skiing etc.

You will enjoy a well-stocked garden that is well design and retains a sense of symmetry and balance. A fenced, walled or courtyard type property could appeal to your sense for privacy, with a specific area set aside for entertaining.

A well-kept grass lawn is likely to be of more interest to you, than the garden as a whole, and this will be a place to have some tables and chairs in which to sit back during the warm summer evening,

If you happen to be one of those October 17’s with an artistic flair, then you might like to consider having your own separate cabin workshop or shed in which to create and display your art creations.

Your special magic numbers are 9 and 3. The seventeenth day of the tenth month reduces to nine, and the number nine identifies with that of attainment, completion, finalization and personal fulfillment and satisfaction.

The 291st day of the year reduces to three, and the number three supplies you with not only an influence for growth and development, but will also add support to your sense for courage.