October 16 Birthday





YOUR RULERS – Venus, Saturn, Mercury. 

October 16  Birthday interpretation.

The October 16 Libra is the type of individual who will retain a somewhat romantic and innovative outlook throughout their life. For you the challenge can be to learn to accept, and to engage in life as you find it, and not just as you would like life to be.

As an October 16, you are likely to rank matters of the emotional and spiritual nature in life over and above that, of the more material considerations. These are characteristics that will tend to result in you being a very responsible person when it comes to matters of human relationships.

You must take some care however, because at times you can tend to be over demanding where it may involve you in matters that relate to personal morality.

Certain qualities associated with this October 16 birth date indicate that you will be one who will be capable of devoting a great deal of energy, and a solid commitment toward the achievement of your selected goals in life.

Whatever job or project you undertake, you will have the determination to get it completed, and in a highly satisfactory and successful manner. While in the main your work motivations are unlikely to be purely for personal financial return, your input and efforts can certainly increase your potential for financial rewards in life.

As a point of caution, other aspects connected to this birth date can also point to a potential for hazard and danger should you fail to give due attention to matters of a financial nature, and that might result in adverse effects upon your personal financial position.

On the relationship front, you can be a loving and helpful friend to all, irrespective of any ones gender, age or social background.

On the more personal front, while in general you can project a somewhat impersonal form of loving nature, you can also tend to be a bit on the flirtatious side and somewhat indiscriminate in your choice of intimate relationships. You can also be rather oriented and influenced toward the pleasures of the senses.

Alternatively, other aspects related to this day indicate that once the more erotic side of your nature becomes activated your passion is expressed within a loving and balanced manner.

Your October 16 birth date path in life is one of imposing self-discipline in order to gain control, and mastery over the circumstances that arise in your life. This is a day that carries with it a inherent inconsistency in that the degree of your successes in achieving this destiny is determined by your alignment with your soul’s own best interest.

The degree to which you aspire to your highest unique contribution is the degree to which the material circumstances of your life appear to bend to your favor. In other words, seek first the kingdom of heaven and then all other things will come to be.

The colors of orange, turquoise blue, green, and crimson red resonate well with this October 16 birth date, and on those occasion when you feel the need to be able to maintain an impressive level of drive and vitality, consider wearing a dress accessory that includes some green and red stripes.

“Amber” and Mother-of-pearl are gemstones to lighten your heart and soul.

On the home front, the October 16 will enjoy a balanced and symmetric environment. As example, furniture proportionately positioned within the rooms and pictures or paintings sited squarely on the walls. Pictures hanging off center or at an angle will certainly be highly irritating to the October 16.

Encourage light into the home through the utilization of the lighter or pastel colors in decorating décor. Round or oval shapes can effectively inspire your imagination, so that you should consider having some items, images or objects of such shape within your home.

With your Libra eye for beauty you will like to have some unique and unusual visuals within the home, and these could take the form of paintings, photographs or, you might like to have some dried or pressed flowers mounted as a wall hanging.

If you are the recipient of any certificates, awards or honors then you should certainly consider placing them prominently on display.

As a measure to attract more wealth into your life, and at the same time gain help to manage it, consider buying a statuette of a lion and placing it in your main entrance door or hallway.

Consider having a pair of old-fashioned scales in your kitchen to help you to find, and to appreciate balance in your life

To temper down any tendencies you may have for insensitivity, try burning some musk essence or aromatherapy oil and sit back and relax in the evenings.

Libra is a mental air sign with the result that at times, it needs to be reminded of earth and water. To cater for this influence, you could look to painting your bedroom walls in a very pale green and incorporate some visual effects of sea or ocean scenes.

On the outdoors front, the October 16 will enjoy the peace and beauty of nature, and will likely like doing so when in the company of a group. Hiking over the hills and valleys and forever seeking that something new beyond the skyline, over the next hill, or into the next valley.

In the garden or yard well-kept green grass lawn is likely to be of more interest to you, than the garden as a whole.

While you will like flowers, shrubs, trees, bushes and vegetation, the lawn is likely to be your favorite area. This will be a place to have some tables and chairs to sit back for afternoon tea during warm summer evening, together with perhaps, some lawn games equipment for the family to play and enjoy.

Your special magic numbers are 8 and 2. The sixteenth day of the tenth month reduces to eight, and the number represents that of rhythm, vibration, involution, and evolution.

The 290th day of the year reduces to two, and the number two contributes the quality of reflection and replication to your path.