October 14 Birthday





YOUR RULERS – Venus, Mercury. 

October 14  Birthday interpretation.

This October 14 birth date carries with it, a heightened power for perceptiveness. This is a quality that can enhance your intuition in order to assist you to be able to identify the creative potentials, and possibilities that arise in your life.

This is a birth date strongly associated with the aspect of development and change, and in this respect you are like a scientist researcher who finds them-self faced with new, and exciting arenas of discovery.

As an October 14 you will enjoy great socializing abilities. You are endowed with a charming and outgoing nature, which will appeal to those around you. This will result in just about all of your social aspects in life tending to flow easily and smoothly.

You have the ability to be able to apply your social skills in such manner that you are able to generate mutual co-operation between the most unlikely of people.

Having said that however, certain aspects associated with this birth date relate to the making of choices in life, and in this respect can indicate that you may encounter difficulty when it come to those of your more personal relationships.

You are likely to suffer some difficulty in identifying between those relationships that can be good for you in the long term, and of those that, while they may be of a strong physical appeal initially, are likely to quite quickly prove to be unsuccessful at the end of the day.

As an October 14 birth date, you are by nature a keen observer of others. You will tend to study how people interact with one another in relation to their exchange of thoughts, concepts and ideas. Through your study and observation of others, you can derive the stimulation and inspiration necessary in order to conjure up your own creative ideas.

The October 14 can tend to have a difficult time in identifying and creating clear preferences, and in the making of finalized choices. In this respect you can tend to avoid any form of prioritizing your life.

To you everything can look so good, and you do not have to pick on just one thing, or one way, to succeed?  The key for you is to learn how to select, and to properly organize, manage, and coordinate that which you chosen.

On the vocation front, the October 14 is one who will tend to come up with a range of innovate concepts and ideas, with result that you could form a highly valuable member where involved in a group, or team business environment that enjoys appropriate resources.

The energies associated with this day however, do tend to indicate that you are not the type of person who will feel comfortable in striking out into business on your own account.

With your inherent charm and social attributes travel can be an excellent undertaking for you. Sporting activities are another area of interest and appeal for those of this birth date.

There is a religious association with this date, and this can indicate that you will find interest and comfort when involved in, or physically visiting buildings of a religious nature such as churches etc.

Yours is a path in life of striving to find uniqueness, and originality in your personal expression of beauty.

You have an inherent ability to be able see beauty where others might only identify unattractiveness. At your best, you can swiftly identify new and innovative ways in order to solve a problem, and you can do so by focusing more on what is possible.

You are constantly looking out for just the right opportunity to develop your special destiny, and in your own totally distinctive manner.

The colors of blue tinted crystal, greenish yellow (chartreuse), and the reddish brown of rust color resonate well with this birth date.

The minerals of “adventurine” and “peridot” are gemstones that can help to broaden your outlook and vision as to the potentials and possibilities that can be available to you in life.

On the home front, the October 14 will enjoy an environment that provides for plenty of light, visual interest and a comfortable degree of privacy.

A home designed around an interior courtyard would be an extremely harmonious one for you. You will tend to enjoy the unusual and the unique, and in this respect, some different from the normal type of windows with perhaps diamond-shaped latticed panels for example, are likely to be exceptionally pleasing to your artistic senses.

To add to your in-home light qualities you might like to hang a prism in one of your windows. The rainbow spectrum of reflected lights can be quite inspiring.

A Mediterranean style home with an incorporated courtyard could be the perfect type of dwelling for you.

Your décor should favor the lighter colors of white, off white and pastel shades, and since circle or oval shapes can tend to inspire your sense of imagination, consider incorporating some such shapes in the home by way of your furnishings, images or display objects for example.

In the bedroom, some round or oval shaped items or images should appeal, and you might even find pleasure with a circular bed. Some soft plush linen ware in whites, creams or light pastel shades might complete the scene. A couple of oval shaped mirrors with rust orange colored frames, and mounted on opposing walls in the bedroom will assist you in your decision making.

On the outdoors front, the October 14 will like landscapes that feature interesting scenes, and things that associate with the historical past; old country villages with ancient buildings for example. Trekking the hills or sea foreshore and forever seeking as to what might be around the next corner will help cater to your interest in discovery.

In the garden, the October 14 will like a garden that is well planned in its design. You are likely to want some arena of privacy within your garden and this could take the form of a courtyard, or a fenced of property in which you have a lawn of circular shape bordered by planters. This could be a centering outdoor space for the October 14.

Tiled pathways, with potted plants and a water feature such fountain sited in a central position could complete an attractive visual picture.

Your special magic numbers are 6 and 9. The fourteenth day of the tenth month reduces to six, and the number six signifies that of balance, regularity, and beauty.

The 288th day of the year reduces to nine, and the number nine can provide you with the confidence of mind that you can, at the end of the day, achieve the perfect result in whatever you may seek.