October 12 Birthday





YOUR RULERS – Venus, Uranus, Saturn, 

October 12  Birthday interpretation.

Born on this October 12 Libra birth date, you will be endowed with both a strong will power, and a powerful sense of purpose in life.

By your very nature, you will be one who will be forever be looking to identify the best ways and methods in order to take advantage of any opportunities that life dishes up to you.

These are qualities that indicate that you are well capable of identifying, and then maintaining a dedicated focus on your goals in life. You will then be one who will strive hard in order to make sure that you ultimately achieve such goals.

As an October 12 Libra, you tend to have a strong sense for community, and as result, you will have an inherent desire and can derive great satisfaction and pleasure from activities that involve you in being able to efficiently provide for the needs of others.

You have an instinctive ability to be able sense, and to identify exactly what others might need, so that a work environment such as the public service, or some form of charitable organization that caters to the needy, could prove of attraction for those born on this birth date.

You are very attracted to order and balance in life. In this respect have the qualities to act in a reconciliatory capacity and, of being able to maintain a balance between two opposing views in any situation.

The October 12 is likely to be particularly inspired and enjoy the beauty, sense of mystery or history and pageantry that come with those occasions that involve some form of rites and practices.

Whether or not you are of an overly religious orientation, you can find that that a state occasion such as royal weddings, coronations or any form religious ceremony can tend to appeal to your inner appreciation for that of the elegant and artistic.

When it comes to your special family occasions, such as weddings, special parties or even funerals, you are the one who is likely to take charge over the organization and administration of such events.

You are one who loves to cultivate happiness and comfort among others, and will tend to endeavor to steer clear of anything that is upsetting, unattractive or less than perfect. What must be remembered however, is that such qualities are factors in life that exist, and you must learn to accept them in order that you can achieve that real sense of balance in life.

As an October 12 you will need to come to terms in the balancing of your expression of your natural talents with that of the certain eccentric, erratic streak in the make-up of your personality. This streak arises from the influence of ”Uranus”, the planet associated with sudden impulse and revolutionary influences.

As example, you might conjure up some great inspirational concept in your work, artistic interests or otherwise, and then become diverted and shoot of on a tangent into something that is less than creative.

The colors of salmon pink, apricot and rich green resonate well with this October 12 birth date.

The mineral known as “tourmaline wands” can help to inspire your humanitarian outlook to life, and a piece of “clear crystal” whether kept at home or at work, will help to support you sense of willpower.

On the home front, the October 12 can find that circles or round shapes can have a stirring effect upon your imagination. These shapes relate to a need for continuity and stability, and you should endeavor to utilize plenty of circular designs within your home and décor as they can help you to feel more secure and focused.

You will need a home environment with plenty of space and light. Natural light colored wooden floors, light colored walls and pastel shade furnishings, plus some large window doors opening out onto a patio or deck can be perfect for you.

Some large circular shaped lamps, preferably of some unusual design and featuring pastel colors should appeal to your eye.

Consider catering to that humorous aspect of your personality by incorporating some items, novelties, pictures or other features of a comical nature within your home.

You do need to make time for contemplation and thought, so that a place in the house, a particular room perhaps, or the bathroom could be ideal locations in which to retire away in peace.

A bathroom with view could be perfect for you, a place in which you can indulge your love of luxury and sense for nice scents and smells. Utilize some luxuriant bath oils and perfumes to enhance your sensual experiences. Violet, narcissus, and bitter orange are scents that are likely to appeal to your nature.

On the outdoors front, a garden or yard area that incorporates some form of circular effects should resonate well with the October 12 inherent desire for stability, and continuity in your life.

A pathway surrounding flowers beds with walkways entering into a central area of lawn might be appropriate.

A patio or deck area for family or friends to gather socially, plus some attractive outdoor electric, gas, or oil burning lanterns, could set an attractive scene on those outdoor summer evenings, once the sun has gone down.

Venus rules over flowers, and in respect to this particular birth date, you might like to consider growing some bougainvilleas and/or columbine in your garden. These are flowers that are sure to inspire your sense for creativity.

Your special magic numbers are 4 and 7. The twelfth day of the tenth month reduces to four, and the number four identifies with of order, measurement, and classification. This is a number that inspires the ability to be able to minimize the effort required to achieve a desired objective.

The 286th day of the year reduces to seven, and the number seven provides for a natural sense of security and satisfaction. This will assist you to identify, as too as-and-when, it is the most appropriate time to take a pause in life in order to stand back, and to admire your achievements.