Numerology Number 7: Born on the 7th, 16th or 25th of any month


Number 7

Birthdates: 7th, 16th or 25th of any month

The typical number seven is a truth-seeking intellectual with a decided knack for sizing up any situation in the blink of an eye. You have a deep reservoir of wisdom, a vivid imagination, and possibly clairvoyant or psychic abilities. Your insight and intuition work hand in hand with your analytical mind to tie data together. Musical, poetic, and artistic ability is quite common among those with this vibration, and you could be skilled in handicrafts, writing, dancing, or painting. Other people may regard you as a genuine mystery, because your somewhat solitary nature is much given to private contemplation.

Seven is a spiritual number, and you could be deeply religious or interested in various aspects of mysticism and the occult. Although some sevens are drawn to traditional religions, others prefer alternative spiritual movements. Occasionally sevens create religions of their own based on their unorthodox mystical beliefs. If your root number is seven, you are extremely curious and willing to experiment outside the mainstream when it suits your purpose.

Intimate relationships, however, can be difficult for you. You func- tion best in an individual capacity where you are the authority in your own realm. Because you breathe the rarefied air of a visionary, you may feel misunderstood and unappreciated. You need to find a partner who under- stands your moodiness and desire for periods of solitude. You’re actually happiest on your own or with someone who’s tuned in to your wavelength.

Number 7)

You have got the attraction to anyone out there, you are realistic, very confident, happy, such a talented individual with your education, music, arts, singing, and most importantly acting too. You have real problems with bad temper! If you are a girl, you are popular with the subjects listed above.

You give up things for your parents. I mean you value your family status a lot, you will be in the top rank when you reach a certain age. If you are a guy you are popular with girls, you are a very talented too. Most of the number 7s face lots of problems with their marriage life.

Only a very few are happy. You have everything in your life, but still always number 7s have some sort of unfulfilness, such worries all their lifetime.

It’s probably the Lord given you all sort of over the standard humans talents and you are about to suffer in family life. So you need to get ready looking for a partner rather than waiting. If you don’t, then you might end-up single. So take care with this issue, ok?

You are wonderful, friendly, artistic, happy person.. You are born to contribute lots to this world!!!

Your best match is 2. Good matches are 1, 4 !!!