Numerology: Life Path 9


Life Path Number 9

The People with the life path number 9 are most likely to take the role of a leader that they seem to be the ones in charge even if someone else was assigned to do so.

Personality-wise, you are a responsible person even if you might have experienced plenty of instances where you feel unloved when you were young. It’s quite hard for you to let go of the past, as you are prone to over-analysing things that have already happened or have yet to happen.

In essence, you are a person who likes helping people and who champion humane beliefs in order to make this world a better place. You can be generous to a fault but remember to refrain from being too nice since this can open up an avenue for others to take advantage of you.

You have a life path 9

Bold, determined and dedicated, 9 is not afraid to walk alone. The continuous changes that shake his life are not enough to bring him down. He accepts his life goal with unusual grace. The 9th is the number of the humanitarian fiber and altruistic vocation. It is not surprising to see a weekend worker volunteering by distributing food, clothing or participating in the renovation of an orphanage or park . People who pursue the number 9 life path do the work and then leave as quietly as they came. Acts speak for the 9th. The latter make it a point of honor to fulfill their duty, especially when it is intimately linked to the happiness of others.

Way of life 9: Extract yourself from the world or help souls in distress?

The 9th is a way of life that favors domestic travel, artistic sensitivity, talent and finesse. Attracted by all that relates to the “foreigner”, the one who pursues the path of life number 9 travels the world for a humanitarian cause or for international affairs. His existence is turned towards others. His challenge will be not to fall into the trap of utopia, the cult of melancholy or artificial paradises. The life path number 9 will be punctuated by beautiful encounters and varied life experiences. The 9 will seek to give meaning to his vocation and to realize his ideal. Inspired by nature, indulgent and above all generous, he will gradually develop his wisdom and charisma. Nourished by his experiences, he impresses with his experience and willingly shares his knowledge.

Loved by a cozy life and a life without stories, he flees all that can disturb the tranquility of his daily life while displaying an empathy without limit for the suffering and the distress of the others. His life is based on the duality between his desire to get out of the world and to help those in need.

It is often said that 9 have bottle. They are very good advice to the extent that they already know “potholes”. On the metaphysical level, people who pursue the number 9 life path are often subject to guilt even when they are not involved in what distresses them. This is undoubtedly what explains their propensity to put themselves in the place of others and their sensitivity to the distress of others. The 9 can not pursue their objective of life if their entourage counts people in need or if the sadness and the distress invite themselves too often in their immediate circle.

Numerology 9 in love

In love, the 9 is romantic, tender even chivalrous. He produces passion, emotion and happiness. He feels in osmosis with the spiritual, gentle and honest people who know how to express themselves. Falling under one’s spell is easy, living with one’s side is sometimes a laborious adventure. Indeed, the 9 does not feel especially concerned by the daily and its chores. It will very quickly be perceived as futile and fanciful from the point of view of a “conventional” partner. Life alongside a life path 9 will be light and carefree with all that entails in terms of risk .

Professional opportunities of issue 9

Number 9 is born to direct. Her visionary skills, her decision-making skills, and her foolproof wisdom are her allies to federate around a common goal. If he has few challenges, the 9 can sometimes go too far in trying to meet them. It may also lack recognition and tend not to give credit to the efforts of others. When arming itself with hindsight and caution, 9 will find success in the service, education and health sectors. He must keep in mind that his entourage does not perceive the world in the same way as he does.

Metaphysical Associations of the Life Path Number 9

  • Healing Crystals: Fire Agate, Aragonite, Blue Apatite, Blue Chalcedony, Fluorite, Hematite, Malachite, Pietersite, Rhodonite and Unakite;
  • Astrological sign: Sun;
  • Zodiac sign: Virgo;
  • Number 9 in the tarot: the number 9 is associated with the card of the Hermit in the Major Arcanum. In the tarot of Marseille, 9 represents a great benefactor descended on Earth spreading the values ​​of compassion, forgiveness and altruism.

Relationship Compatibility by Life Path Number