Numerology: Life Path 6


Life Path Number 6
The life path number 6 is a track for being in the service of others. For people under this number, you tend to have a deep well of kindness reserved for other people. It is especially in your nature to be a rescuer and help people who are in distress since you feel a certain kind of fulfilment through these acts.

It’s just something that comes easy for you due to your inherent tendency for wanting to take care of people. Ever empathizing and understanding, one of your main goals in life is to be able to utilize your innate helping nature in order to come to the aid of others in the process.

One common pitfall of this life path though is the inability to see when you become too interfering with others, as there should always be a balance between helping and doing too much.

You have a life path 6

In Greek mythology, Gaia is a primordial goddess identified as the mother goddess, the ultimate nanny and the eternal source of unconditional love. It represents in all its splendor the foundation of the numerology of the way of life 6. The symbolism of this number is that of the house, the home, the community, the intense love relationships and a deep compassion for the human. Let’s discover without further delay the different facets of life path number 6.

Life Path 6: Altruistic and focused on sharing

People who follow the number 6 life path shine with a chivalrous spirit that is rare and life-saving for those around them. Always to the rescue, he always keeps a benevolent eye on their home and their community. They have the gift of valuing those little things that really matter to others. As guardians of the Universe in Eastern traditions, the 6 prefer the family cocoon to large escapements. The life purpose of number 6 is realized through others, especially those who are in need. If he is always willing to help his neighbor, the 6 does not like to show himself and prefers discretion. Altruistic and focused on sharing, he who pursues the path of life can even neglect his personal needs in his permanent quest to help others. He must, however, be careful not to be intrusive, at the risk that his sincere approach is perceived as a sadistic impulse that feeds on the misfortune of others.

Numerology 6: spirituality

Religions are full of spiritual attributes associated with the number 6. In Buddhism, for example, the 6 is a “perfect” figure that embraces qualities such as giving to others, patience and wisdom. Hinduism has six virtues including serenity, perseverance, concentration and faith. People who pursue the life path number 6 are often deeply spiritual. Even if they are not primarily intended to play the role of leader in their community, they are temperamental and pursue their goals of life with ardor and determination. The six are loyal “facilitators” who support the causes they believe in without fail.

Fate tends to be benevolent with numbers 6. Numerology teaches us that the 6 is the symbol of symmetry and harmony. The 6 has learned the art of active listening and applies it to help whenever he can. This issue of destiny brings to its holder an irresistible charismatic vibration. If you trust a 6, do not be surprised if you tell him much more than expected. The 6 exude confidence, friendship and kindness. They are also good advice.

The 6th displays a strong spiritual connection with the Divine Will and its karmic duties in this incarnation. His challenge is to learn not to neglect himself for the benefit of others. He can quickly become stressed, depressed or resentful: a sad destiny when you know the full potential of his greatness.

The professional opportunities of the life path 6

As a general rule, individuals who pursue the number 6 life path find themselves in “paternalism” professions that involve a protective relationship. The 6th may be accomplished as a lawyer, doctor, nurse, human rights or animal rights, teacher, etc. Because of its deep attachment to its values ​​and beliefs, the number 6 needs to be surrounded by people who share his ideas. The path of life number 6 is not one of precipitation and haste. Everything has a time and a place, and everything comes to those who know how to wait. Although he is able to perform several tasks at once, the number 6 is to apply and focus all his attention on what he undertakes.

Metaphysical Associations of Life Path Number 6

  • Healing crystals: fire stone or bloodstone, carnelian, citrine, fantasy jasper, labradorite, red jasper, red onyx,  smoky quartz, obsidian;
  • Astrological sign: Venus;
  • Zodiac sign: Gemini;
  • Number 6 in the tarot: the card of 6 is associated with the Lovers in the Major Arcanum. The classic tarot deck depicts Adam and Eve and the art of reaching out to each other without touching her. It also symbols the faculty of Man to discern between good and evil. The 6 mixes passion, romance and omnipresence of Cornelian choices. Just like trust, love must be deserved. At the top of the card, an angelic being steals his outstretched hands, as if to bless the couple.