November 9 Birthday.


YOUR SIGN – Scorpio.

SYMBOL: The Scorpion.


YOUR RULERS –  Mars, Pluto, Neptune. 

November 9  Birthday interpretation.

Inventiveness, innovation, and a strong pioneering outlook to life are some principal qualities associated with this November 9, Scorpio birth date.

Such qualities indicate that those of this birth date will have the abilities, and the capacity, to become excellent entrepreneurs. As result, you should be one who is more suited to a self-employed work environment rather than that of an employee.

If you are currently in an employee situation, then you might like to give some serious consideration to starting up a business of your own. This might take form of a part time activity initially that builds up to a full time business activity.

As a Scorpio you are endowed with intelligence, the ability to apply rational though, have plenty of energy, and will not be afraid of hard work.

You are by your November 9 birth date nature a very goal oriented person, and one who is likely to always have some form of target or objective in mind, whether that be of a business, social or relationship nature.

As a November 9 Scorpio, you enjoy excellent powers for the observation and evaluation of others.

You have an intensity of will power that enables you to quite easily and gently penetrate deeply through the personality barriers and shields of others, in order to draw out that which you wish to know.

You can do this in such manner that a person is unlikely to become aware of your true objectives until after you have drawn out that which you seek.

The test for you is the final objective of your intentions. Are you utilizing your inherent abilities to the detriment and possible hurt of someone else? or are you applying them for purpose of supporting and helping them?. Creativity is the best way for you to apply your powers.

Passion, emotion, and sexual energy identify with this Scorpio sign and you are likely to make quite an impression romantically upon any love partners.

Give consideration to the fact however, that as a Scorpio, the aspects of jealousy, obsession, possessiveness and the ability to hold a long tern grudge are associated with this sign.

It is possible therefore that as a November 9, you can have the potential to become stuck in a cycle of passion that can prove to be destructive and damaging.

These are aspects of your nature that, if not controlled, can result in distress and unhappiness for both yourself and others.

Another quality associated with this birth date indicates that your life is likely to be subject to a number of major changes. In the main, these are likely to relate to your work environment in the form of a major, long distance relocation, and possibly one that involves a move to another country.

Yours is a path of renewal and of shaping conscious existence according to your desires. This is a pattern that can at times make you feel that, as you progress in establishing your own sense of individuality, you are coming into conflict with some form of external force.

This can indicate that it can often be difficult for those close to you to be able to really understand you, and that your success in life may prove to be easier where conducted away from your home territory.

The colors of teal, coral, red, and scarlet resonate well with this November 9 birth date, and the minerals of “quartz crystal”, “hematite” and “carnelian” are gemstones that can help you to maintain a clarity of thought, and remain in tune with daily reality.

On the home front, a laid-back décor and furnishing environment to provide for a casual and comfortable atmosphere should appeal to the November 9.

Circular designs are good for the November 9 and these can take the form of furniture set out in circular arrangements, or images such as pictures or paintings that portray circular features.

Red is a good color for you, and you might like to consider having some red colored candles and/or red table settings in your dining room.

As a November 9 birth date you should surround yourself with symbols of “renewal” and these could take the form of ornaments or glass pieces that portray new life such as kittens, puppies or baby birds. Pictorial images of like nature can also suffice.

Quartz crystal is a good mineral to have about you as it can help to keep you mind focused. Consider a large piece of quartz crystal cluster or just a single point to keep in a prominent place both as an item of beauty, and also of benefit to all who enter your home.

Irrespective or whether or not you run a business from home, consider acquiring a sturdy chair made from oak with red leather upholstery, It will help to inspire in you a sense for stability in life.

The bedroom will form a central point in keeping with the romantic, passionate and sensual side of the November 9. A waterbed or some other form of water feature such as a small ornamental water fountain of lightly flowing water could be a great feature to have in your bedroom.

On the out doors front, the November 9 can have a particular interest and appreciation, for low-lying landscapes such as marshes or wetlands that provide for a variety of natural animal life and fauna. A nature preserve where there are swamplands could form a peaceful location for you.

In the garden, a water feature such as a water fountain, pond or water urns with water lilies would help to enhance a sense of tranquility and provide the supporting influence of water, the ruling element of the sign of Scorpio.

Small bushes and scrubs should appeal to your nature and a leafy tree with a garden seat beneath a good place to sit back and contemplate of nice days.

Your special numbers are 2 and 8. The ninth day of the eleventh month reduces to two, and the number two represents that of repetition, duplication, and reflection. The 314th day of the year reduces to eight, and the number eight providing a rhythm and flow to your experiences in life.