November 8 Birthday.


YOUR SIGN – Scorpio.

SYMBOL: The Scorpion.


YOUR RULERS –  Mars, Pluto. 

November 8  Birthday interpretation.

Qualities associated with this November 8 Scorpio birth date, indicate an individual who has the spirit of the pioneer, together with the aptitude and ability for innovation and inventiveness.

In keeping with such qualities, there is a strong likelihood that you could have a great interest in the activities, adventures, and discoveries of many of the great pioneering entities of the past.

Perhaps the only real set back that you are likely to face as a November 8 birth date, is the potential to suffer from a lack of self-confidence.

You are not an extrovert by nature, and although you are endowed with an abundance of personal skills and talents, you can have that tendency to be reluctant, and to refrain from pushing yourself forward among others in order to express, and make known your ideas and concepts.

As a November 8 Scorpio you are gifted with considerable abilities when it comes to being able to assess the character and personality

of other people.

This is an ability that can allow you to quite quickly ascertain, just who is the real person of influence within any business or social scenario that you might become involved with. For you, it is simply a matter of applying your focus upon another person, and their inner truths will open up to you.

On the more personal front, and in respect of matters of a sensual nature, this inherent ability will allow you to immediately identify the sexual characteristics of an individual. It will be easy for you to identify whether or not someone is as passionate and sincere as he or she professes to be.

There are strong elements for passion, emotion, charisma and sexual energy associated with the Scorpio sign and you are likely to make quite a romantic impression upon any love partners you have in your life.

Take caution however, as the elements of jealousy, possessiveness, and obsession can also form part of the Scorpio make-up, and these are qualities that if not controlled, can result in unhappiness that at times might be based upon unfounded reasons or suspicions in the first place.

As a November 8 birth date, you are not an extrovert type of person who desires to command center stage, but one who will prefer to sit quietly aside and enjoy the company and intimate conversation with one of the more attractive persons attending an event, meeting or gathering.

The November 8 has a passionate and enthusiastic character that in many ways contradicts the more deceptive reputation aspect associated with the Scorpio sign. You are one who is genuinely interested in applying your skills and talents in order to make a real humanitarian contribution.

In this respect, you could well find that a vocation or career path in the fields of the arts or medicine could provide arenas in which your skills and contributions might well be best served.

When considering your creative talents you could well find that the hobby of painting could form a wonderful pastime for you.

Other aspects associated with this birth date indicate a considerable potential for interests of a religious nature. As result, you might like to take up, or you might already be involved in, some form of meditation

activity that helps you to connect with your inner spirituality.

Born on this day November 8 birth date, you have a path in life centered upon that of completion with perfection. This means that for you, personal fulfillment will be dependent upon the extent of the excellence that you express in life, because you are not one who will be prepared to tolerate any measure for mediocrity.

The colors of medium green, navy blue, black, red, and royal purple resonate well with this birth date.

The minerals of “adventurine” and “amethyst” are gemstones that can help to inspire and strengthen your will power and sense of ambition, and a “‘bloodstone” carried about your person, can help to re-enforce your confidence and self-belief.

On the Home front, the November 8 needs comfortable home environment that provides for a casual setting for conversation with family, friends and other gatherings.

With your November 8 artistic, creative and pioneering qualities, you are likely to enjoy having art pieces in the form of paintings or sculptured items of particular personal appeal throughout your home.

A painting of early pioneers traveling out into the American wild-west in a wagon train for example, or sea voyage of discovery scene, could be both an inspiring and attractive feature to have in the home.

Although Scorpio is a water sign, the fiery planet Mars is its ruler, so that a painting or picture featuring a red flaming ascending image could form a great inspirational image for you to meditate on

In keeping with your element of water the bathroom can form an area of particular retreat for the November 8. A swept-up modern bathtub unit complete with whirlpool jets would be an excellent place for you to relax. A color scheme that utilizes some measure of the colors of black and red should resonate well for you.

In the bedroom, you might like to incorporate the influence of your ruling element of water by having a waterbed. If nothing else it will certainly appeal to that more sensuous side of your nature.

On the out doors front, your tastes are likely to favor the more secluded environments, As example, you will far prefer holidays spent at more secluded places such as an island, private resorts and beaches over those of the large bustling heavily populated resorts or city environments.

Rugged outdoor arenas appeal to your nature and in keeping with your pioneering instincts you might find that caves and caving could be a great interest for you.

In the garden you will appreciate a measure of organization and small trees, scrubs and bushes are likely to be of particular appeal. The art of sculpturing small bushes and scrubs into appealing designs such as birds, animals or simply the unusual could be something you might like to undertake as a creative hobby activity.

With an inherent interest in the wonders of nature, an herb garden of medicinal herbs could be another interesting and creative endeavor for those of the November 8 birth date.

Your special numbers are 10 and 7. The eighth day of the eleventh month reduces to ten, and the number ten represents that of the finalization and completion of a process. The 313th day of the year reduces to seven, and the number seven provides the motivation to take rest pause between periods of concentrated activity in order to enjoy the results of your endeavors.