November 7 Birthday.


YOUR SIGN – Scorpio.

SYMBOL: The Scorpion.


YOUR RULERS –  Mars, Pluto. 

November 7  Birthday interpretation.

The November 7 Scorpio birth date identifies with an individual who is very energetic, hard-working, and one who will be extremely goal oriented with an inherent desire to be able to see the physical results that arise from out of their creative endeavors.

You are an observer of human nature, and have both the ability, and an interest in being able to quite swiftly assess the personality characteristics of others.

In this respect you are attracted by gatherings that involve active human inter-reaction such as the nightlife scene of nightclubs or discos for example. Your interest here will be not so much for the music, but more so for the human dramas and interactions that are likely to take place in such environments.

As a November 7 you are familiar with the deepest passions, and the most intense of emotional fixations. There is little about human beings that is likely to surprise or shock you because in all likelihood, you have already encountered most such experience yourself in “having been there and done that”

You are a romantic, passionate, emotional and sensual individual, and your love relationships can feature high in your agenda of life.

Your love partners are important to you, and so much so, that at times you will have found yourself suffering periods of great emotional upsets and turmoil. After the upsets have passed over you can settle into a more peaceful way of life.

Having said that however, the November 7 can then often find that the status quo of their life becoming somewhat boring and you will start to feel the need to revitalize and  to once again explore your desires.

The elements of jealousy, possessiveness, and obsession are traits associated with the sign of Scorpio, and these are qualities that can result in the generation of unhappy relationship situations where you fail to take the necessary steps to control them.

If you have experienced and traversed this phase in life, and managed to arrive at a stage of satisfactory tranquility in life, then you will be a good person to have around to offer your advice and counsel to others who are still locked into that sensual roundabout.

Aspects associated with this November 7 birth date indicate that the factor of “communication” is a highly important feature in your life. It may well be therefore that you are engaged in a career, vocation or profession that relies upon communication skills and talents such as that of a writer, a professional counselor of some form, or a public relations specialist for example.

As a November 7 birth date your creative passions can go in many directions, however as long as you continue to experiment with different ways in order to express yourself, then you should find contentment. If you allow your energy to build up within however, then you can find that you can become your own worst enemy.

The colors of green, blue, deep burgundy, purplish blue color known as cerulean, dark gray, and light to dark browns resonate well with this birth date.

The minerals of “clear crystal quartz”, “blue onyx” and “sodalite” are gemstones that will help your mind to remain focused and clear.

On the home front, the November 7 needs a home environment with a furnishing layout that will cater for comfortable conversation during the gatherings of family, friends, and associates.

Since circular or spiral designs are good for the November 7 then some circular furnishings, or furniture set out in circular arrangements, will not only resonate well with your personality, but also serve to provide for that more comfortable informal arena for conversational gatherings. A circular table could be but one example.

Other circular features or items within the home could take the form of some eco spheres, a terrarium, or decorative pictures that incorporate spiral images or design.

In other areas of in home décor consider selecting items or objects that relate to your work or personal interests. A musician for example might like an instrument on display.

In keeping with your ruling element of water, some representation of the sea within the home should appeal to your nature. Old sea maps or navigational charts mounted within wall frames for example.

The bedroom will form a central point within the home for those of this November 7 birth date. You should make sure to have any drapes or blinds in a subdued color. The colors of brown and deep burgundy can be very restful colors for you and could constitute part of your overall bedroom décor color scheme.

Your ruling element is water, and a waterbed, or a small metal ornamental water fountain with lightly flowing water, could form a perfect addition to your bedroom.

On the out doors front, the November 7 is likely to have a strong affinity with the sea so that the beach will form a perfect environmental setting for you. For you the seashore can provide many interesting material resources to which you can apply your creative talents. Unusual shaped driftwood pieces, polished stones, and shells for example.

You are likely to prefer a compact and a well-organized garden with flowering bushes, flowers and a particular hide away area for privacy. A tree or trees providing for some leafy branches overhanging a garden seat or bench would form a good relaxing setting for relaxation.

To enhance a sense for calm and stability in your garden and to cater to your ruling element of water, a pond, water fountain or some water urns of water lilies could be excellent features to have in your garden or yard.

Your special numbers are 9 and 6. The seventh day of the eleventh month reduces to nine, and the number nine represents that of completion, satisfaction, and the realization of a goal. The 312th day of the year reduces to six, and the number six contributes to enhance your sense for beauty and your ability to be able to bring into harmonious balance the varied energies and view points you encounter.