November 6 Birthday.


YOUR SIGN – Scorpio.

SYMBOL: The Scorpion.


YOUR RULERS –  Mars, Pluto, Neptune. 

November 6  Birthday interpretation.

The November 6 Scorpio birth date identifies with a romantic, passionate, emotional, energetic, intelligent, talkative, hard-working and determined individual.

As a November 6 you will be one who will have a wonderfully optimistic outlook towards life, and a personality that is likely to attract a wide range of friends.

The only potential danger arising out of such an optimistic view of the world is that, you may have a tendency to overlook, and fail to identify, potential problems, and adverse events prior to their happening.

This is a birth date that carries with it great skills and talents for the art of negotiation and mediation, and you will have that inherent ability to be able to act, and to provide a positive influence for change in situations of a volatile nature.

You have that inherent ability to change the chemistry of any situation through the strength of, and the calming influence of your personality.

As a November 6 birth date, you are not one to be easily intimidated by the moods or aggressiveness of others. You have that inherent ability to be able to maintain your own calm stability while events and others may rage around you.

You enjoy that inherent ability to act in a calm and detached manner, and are therefore the perfect person to have around during any emergency situation where a calm and collective mind is an essential factor.

As example, you will have that way about to be able calm and settle the most frightened of people during a road accident scenario.

This personality trait for calm negotiation and mediation is something you should cultivate to its maximum, but also learn to apply in the most constructive manner.

With your talents for observation of others you are also well skilled in the art of creating confusion, and this can be but one of the arsenal of tactics that you will utilize in order to obtain your personal goals.

While others are arguing and in dispute, you will be able to observe, identify, and evaluate an advantage, and then promptly act upon it.

As a November 6 you have a particular understanding of the interconnection that links all people, and as result you will derive enjoyment from the observation of normal people who are placed into in unusual life situations.

As example, the November 6 is likely to take a particular interest in news items and stories related to matters of human interest; television talk shows, game shows, political scandals, and news items of a sexual nature.

You have strong elements of passion, emotion, charisma and sexual energy in your birth date. As result, you are likely to make quite a romantic impression upon any partners you may become involved with in life.

Take caution however, and consider that the elements of jealousy, possessiveness, and obsession can also form part of the Scorpio make-up, and that these are qualities, where not properly controlled, can result in unhappiness, and even distress for both yourself and others.

As a November 6 you are one who will prefer long-term relationships, and where friendships are concerned, you can prove to be a very true and sincere friend.

You are likely to have a great interest in matters of the unknown, and a particular trait common to those born under the sign of Scorpio is an underlying psychic talent, especially for that of clairvoyance. Whether or not you have ever pursued this subject, it might become of interest in later life.

Born on this November 6 Scorpio birth date, you have a path in life of identifying, understanding and utilizing the power of the state of the mind. This forms a pattern that teaches you that, as long as you believe you can, then you are capable of achieving your highest ultimate goals in life.

The colors of teal (blue/green), honey yellow, and deep red, resonate well with this birth date.

The gemstones of “amber” and “turquoise” can help to boost your personal energy levels, and a “topaz” stone can heighten your perception to impending problems and difficulties.

Circles or spiral patterns can help to project your optimistic happy outlook to others. Consider wearing some form circular jewellery or a dress accessory that incorporates a series of spiral patterns.

On the home front, the November 5 will generally lead a relatively social lifestyle, while at the same time need a home environment that can be a place for calm, relaxation and contemplation when needed.

Your home décor should include furnishings that provide for comfortable conversation settings for your friends, associates and family.

Circular or spiral designs are good for you so that circular arrangements within your home are best, and provide for the more casual style that is in keeping with your nature. As example, circular glass- topped tables may be of particular appeal, and terrariums or eco spheres are also both interesting and decorative items to have.

Personality wise you are likely to favor natural materials within the home and your furnishings, fabrics, ornaments and art pieces should reflect this interest.

In the bedroom, a waterbed could something that will not only appeal sensual senses, but also resonate well with your ruling element of water.

November 6 will appreciate the bounties of mother earth and wine could be a favorite discussion topic. A wine cellar could be a prized possession in your home, however you will need to take caution against personal over indulgence.

A crystal ball could be an excellent feature piece to display in your home, and especially so where you have an active interest in matters of a psychic nature.

With your inherent interest in the unknown and the unusual, the study of alternative medicines and treatments could be a serious hobby.

The health benefits derived from magnetic influences could be a particular field of interest, resulting in your investigating and utilizing magnetic health equipment or other such items within your home.

On the outdoors front, November 6 will enjoy outdoor environments that feature plenty of trees and woodlands.

A compact garden with flowering bushes and flowers and an area set aside that provides for privacy. Some small trees to provide a shaded area in which to sit back on warm summer evenings.

Hydrangeas, oriental poppies, and geraniums are all plant possibilities for your garden or yard.

Where you do have such interest in the heath benefits from the properties of magnetic fields, you might like to create a pyramid structure in your garden in order to experiment the effects from sitting or lying within it.

To further enhance a sense for calm and stability in your garden and home consider having some form of water feature such as some water lilies growing in urns, or a small pond with a re-circulating water fountain

Your special numbers are 8 and 5. The sixth day of the eleventh month reduces to eight, and the number eight represents that of rhythm, and the recurring flow of life patterns. The 311th day of the year reduces to five, and the number five adds that important element of adaptability.