November 4 Birthday.


YOUR SIGN – Scorpio.

SYMBOL: The Scorpion.


YOUR RULERS –  Mars, Pluto, Neptune. 

November 4  Birthday interpretation.

This November 4 Scorpio birth date carries with it a strong association with the characteristics of drive, determination, and the powerful desire to achieve ones goals in life, whatever the cost.

As a November 4 you enjoy the advantage of tremendous energy reserves, and this is a quality that can see you being able to work on long after others have reached the point of giving up, and taking a rest.

You are a goal-oriented person with an inherent powerful drive to succeed in whatever you set your mind to.

On the vocation front, your career is something of great importance in your life because success in this area forms a great support to your personal self-esteem.

Another quality associated with this November 4 birth date indicates an individual who will have an inherent appreciation for honesty and truth.

Many people born this November 4 birthday enter the vocation arenas of the sciences such as physics, chemistry and, the therapeutic professions such as massage therapy, aerobic instruction. Counseling can be natural activity for those of your nature.

You have the inherent capability to be able to successfully counteract, and to redirect the harmful habits existent within others, as indeed you can also do so within yourself.

You have the ability to be able to re-channel the energy that was blocked and locked up in negative behavior patterns into other more positive forms of creative expression.

From your personal perspective, if you adopt an outlook of hanging onto those thoughts that of a harmful nature, and to hold back from opening up and broadening your own mind, body and emotions, you will discover that you will be for ever coming up against brick walls within yourself and in your own thinking. That in turn, will tend to prevent you from advancing in life in the manner you would like.

As a November 4 you can apply a detached overview of a situation in order to be able to quickly get to the root of a matter, and to identify, and understand the extremes of a situation.

In this respect, you are likely to be considerably successful when it comes to the helping of others to discover their own hidden skills, talents and potential resources.

You have the wisdom and ability to be able to adjudicate in the most difficult of circumstances, and this might well be your career path vocation in life.

As a Scorpio you are likely to be a talkative and attractive individual, and one who will like to get their own way. You can also tend to act in a very self-centered manner at times.

Other aspects associated with this November 4 birth date identify with a potential for artistic interests, and these could take the form of poetry, creative art skills such as pottery or carving, and on the more physical front, dancing.

The unknown is something of fascination for you, and you could take a particular interest in mystery stories or fascinating historical events for example.

The path associated with this November 4 birth date is one of making connections in life, and you are one who has an inherent gift for that of intercommunication, and networking among others. Today’s technologies in the form of the Internet with its worldwide social communication services such as chat rooms and bloggs form a perfect arena for you.

With your strong November 4 romantic and passionate nature you are likely to prefer the more stable, long-term relationships.

As a Scorpio however, the more negative characteristic of jealousy, possessiveness, and obsession can arise, and these are aspects that can, if not controlled, result in both unhappiness and even distress whether for yourself and/or another. Quite often factors of this nature can arise out of beliefs based upon what ultimately results to be, an unjustifiable reason.

The colors of deep red, light green and the coral white/pinks resonate well with this November 4 birth date.

The minerals of “amber” and “quartz crystal, are gemstones that resonate well for you. Amber can help you to feel grounded physically and a rose quartz crystal can encourage clarity of thought.

On the home front, The November 4 will like their home to be a place to which they can withdraw for peace and personal privacy.

Natural materials resonate well with your personality so that your furnishings, fabrics and décor should reflect this preference.

There is a little secretive aspect to your character, and your enjoying having some little secret storage places in your home might reflect this. As example, an antique desk that includes a hidden drawer, or a concealed stairway down into a basement.

To help to counteract your high energy levels consider having a water influence within the home. An aquarium or water fountain could be a pleasant addition to your décor, and/or a waterbed in the bedroom might well be something of great appeal to you.

If you engage in an artistic pursuit as a hobby or otherwise then you should consider a separate particular room or workspace area in which you can exclusively devote your time and concentration.

As a Scorpio you are likely to have a preference for living plants within the home in order to watch their growth and development. Red is a good color to boost your vitality so that you should consider having some red flowers, potted or cut flowers such as red roses or poppies for example.

On the out doors front, the November 4 is likely to derive please from the more rugged arenas of nature that involve water. As example you could well hold a strong interest in such activities as diving, deep-sea-fishing or cave explorations.

In the garden you will prefer an environment for privacy, and this could take to form of high privet evergreen hedges or bushy rhododendrons within your garden.

As a Scorpio you are likely to have a particular liking for the greenery of trees and in particular, a fascination for old and ancient trees upon which you might ponder as to the history of their existence.

A “Jacuzzi” or rustic type “hot tub” will cater to your more sensual side and form a perfect setting for relaxation. If not possible then consider a pond with a water fountain in the garden.

Your special numbers are 6 and 3. The fourth day of the eleventh month reduces to six, and the number six represents that of balance, stability, and the synchronization of opposites. The 309th day of the year reduces to three, and the number three adds the factor of creative imagination to your natural spur-of-the-moment manner of connecting with people, places, and things.