November 30 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Sagittarius.

YOUR SYMBOL: The Centaur


YOUR RULERS –  Jupiter. 

November 30  Birthday interpretation.

This November 30 Sagittarius birth date provides for an intriguing mixture of the elements of strategy and chance. The challenge for you will be too be able to gauge as to when to place your trust in luck, and when to resort to more sensible and practical action.

Aspects associated with this day identify with an individual who is likely to enjoy some strong protective influences around them in their life, together with more than their fair share of the element of luck.

By nature, the November 30 will project a spontaneous, generous, carefree attitude and outlook toward towards life.

Having said that however, you do carry that Sagittarius quality for being somewhat tactless, and un-diplomatic in your verbal presentations at times. This is an aspect of your personality that you should give consideration to, because at times, you are liable to go overboard, and perhaps appear a little over “pushy” with the result that you might deter the very person or persons you wish to convince.

The family forms a very important aspect in the life of the November 30 Sagittarius, and you will be inclined toward configuring your own lifestyle around those of loved ones. In other words, you will tend to view the support and the raising of your family, as being the principal reason for your working life.

Whether a male or a female you will, as a November 30, have a great love of children and, with your carefree nature, will tend to be able to interrelate well with them. Where you have children of your own, they are likely to form the central focus of your life. For those who don’t have children, you might like to consider taking up some vocation, or some other form of voluntary position, that will involve you in working with children.

In the personal relationship arena, the November 30 is endowed with a rather powerful sensual nature, together with some great flirtation skills. You will gain great satisfaction from your more intimate relationships, and will enjoy the initial process of seduction as much as you will the ongoing relationship that follows.

The concept of viewing life as an ongoing adventure is inherent within you so that far away lands, their peoples and cultures can be of particular appeal for you. This aspect of your character will extend to foods and the different culinary preparations of the peoples of the world. You will derive great interest from trying out as many ethnic foods as possible, and where possible to do so by visiting restaurants and food establishments in other countries.

The November 30 is likely to have considerable culinary skills, and will like nothing more than the cooking of meals for their entertainment parties. You will like to conduct your entertaining with some sense for luxury in the form of good quality tableware, lighting and settings. Having said that however, you are unlikely to take interest in the mundane activities of tidying up afterward, and will need some other poor individual to attend to that.

In the arena of dress ware, the more luxurious fabrics such as silks, velvets and cashmere wools are likely to appeal. In particular, clothes made from “Suede” material such as vests or over cover jackets. You might like to consider including a touch of emerald green in your dress ware, as it can enhance that positive protective effect that surrounds you.

The November 30 life path involves that of achieving the highest success for the sake of society. This concept endows you with a considerable sense for self-confidence, and you are not hesitant in seizing the opportunity with relish, because you have an inherent confidence in your own good fortune.

The colors of emerald green, royal blue, yellow, and the yellowish orange of persimmon resonate well with this birth date.

The minerals of “carnelian” and “blue lace agate” are gemstones that can help to enhance your natural optimism and, to encourage that protective force in your life, consider acquiring a seven- pointed star pendant.

On the home front, you are likely to favor a spacey and luxurious effect.

Some ornaments or other articles collected from your travels will help to keep your imagination active during those quieter times in your daily life. These could take the form of prominent carved furniture pieces or lesser size pieces on display in a cabinet.

By nature you like to both see and know what is going on around you so that you should have a seating position within your lounge from which you can observe all the movements to and from your lounge.

With your inherent love for children, picture, photographs or paintings of the children in your family could provide for great feature pieces on your wall.

In the kitchen, you will need quality culinary cookware and implements to support your cooking interests.

As a measure to attract the best good fortune possible in your direction consider burning a white candle in a blue or violet colored stand during the evening.

In the bedroom, maximize that sensual atmosphere by incorporating some plush velvet drapes of a deep royal blue color. Have a large imposing bed with linen ware in color tones in keeping with your drapes.

On the out doors front, the November 30 will like the sense of wide, open expanse territory. By nature you do not like restriction so that you should try to spend some time in deep natural environments where you can either wander, or horse ride without interruption over a wide space outback type terrain.

In your garden or yard you should aim for a simple and spacious environment. The inclusion of an area for energetic play and games is important for you to burn of energy.

If you don’t have garden or yard facilities, then a visit to a nearby sports or playing field would be good for you as a place in which you might jog around just for the fun of it.

Your special numbers are 5 and 2. The thirtieth day of the eleventh month reduces to five, and the number five represents that of change, means, agency, and adaptation. The 335th day of the year reduces to two, and the number two assists you to repeat your successes with ease, and to double up on your achievements.