November 29 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Sagittarius.

YOUR SYMBOL: The Centaur


YOUR RULERS –  Jupiter. 

November 29  Birthday interpretation.

Good natured, optimistic and socially outgoing, the November 29 Sagittarius is also endowed with a significant measure of intellectual wisdom and understanding. Your wisdom is a factor recognizable to those around you, and is a quality that will prove very rewarding for you in life.

Qualities associated with this November 29 birth date indicate that your family connections are important to you, and that they will form a highly significant factor in your life. The importance of this aspect of your make-up is likely to become more so as you age, and you will then want to maintain a more regular contact with your relatives and loved ones.

As a November 29 birth date, you are one who is in the main, determined to see the silver lining in the darkest of clouds. You have the inherent ability to be able to recognize the truth in every situation, and as a result you consider it your job to broadcast your perception of it to the world around you.

Subtleness and diplomacy are not your particular forte at times, and you can find it difficult to hold your tongue or say your say without being somewhat overbearing and pushy in your presentation. This together with a tendency to talk to loudly can result in you really “putting your foot in it” and alienating the very people who you are trying impress and convince.

You are by nature, basically a person who desires to achieve a quick solution to every problem you encounter. Having said that however, you have to learn that there are times in life where it is not necessarily your job or right to say or give opinion, especially where it may involve a superior at work, or in the home in respect of some matters related to your children.

This is a birth date that celebrates romance, joyfulness, and intelligence. You are by nature an incurable romantic, who is likely to have many friends in your life. When it comes to matters of romance and the objective of your affections, you can be quite the flirtatious individual. A challenge for you in life will be that of keeping within bounds your inherent desire to be involved in all-consuming relationships.

As a November 29 birth date is a romantic with a fondness for reading, so that you should consider saving some of your romantic notions for literature, and in appraising your position in life in a logical manner.

The November 29 does have an inherent literary talent, together with a very strong ability to be a very persuasive orator, and conversationalist.

Health-wise, those of this birth date do tend to enjoy fairly good physical health, and you should give due consideration to some form of regular daily exercise.

The life path related to this day is that of a service to humanity, and it encompasses a responsibility to teach, and to guide others in society who either very young, or less equipped to handle things in life. Your own sense of personal fulfillment and return will arise as a result of being able to educate, and to inspire others in the ways of life. As example, you might like to consider taking up some voluntary work that involves teaching.

The colors of midnight blue, dark brown caramel, red, and violet blue resonate well with this birth date, and the minerals of “alexandrite” and “jasper” can help to inspire, and stabilize the thought processes.

On the home front, the November 29 will like an atmosphere that combines a sense of space and luxury. You will certainly prefer having a lesser number of quality items within your home rather than quantity.

Try to indulge your sense for luxury as much as you can via the mediums of furnishing, carpets, rugs and fabrics. Velvet throw pillows would be particularly suitable for your décor, and the colors of red and blue could be of particular appeal to your eye.

With your socially out going nature you will enjoy entertaining, and should consider creating a particular area within the home in which you can provide a comfortable entertainment scenario for a number of people.

Decorate images within your home could take the form of a collection of small woodland animals to help you maintain your cheerful manner, or some images of “Cupid” will be in tune with inclinations for the romantic.

Continue with your romantic outlook within the bedroom by creating a luxurious sensual atmosphere. An imposing bed, with quality drapes, warm carpeting, and lush bed linens. Velvet is a material that should resonate well for you.

On the outdoors front you are likely enjoy the experiences of wild and rugged environments. Oak trees and especially red oak can help to enhance your energy.

You will like giving yourself physical tests of endurance and will enjoy long distance running, rowing, hiking, cycling and tramping. These are physical activities that should help to satisfy your energy levels

In the garden a space or area bursting with blossoms is an appropriate recognition of your relationships to the outdoors. Add an arbour of grapevines as an ideal place for a romantic setting.

A small oak tree, or perhaps one in a “bonsai form” in the garden will help to inspire your sense of wisdom, and trees such as apricot, ash, or Japanese maple, are trees for you that can provide suitable background settings for your outdoors activities.

Your special numbers are 4 and 10. The twenty-ninth day of the eleventh month reduces to four, and the number four represents that of reason, order, and the ability for assessment and evaluation.  The 334th day of the year reduces to ten, and the number ten provides a support to your path by way of a sense of successful completion and perfection upon your finalization of a project or undertaking.