November 28 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Sagittarius.

YOUR SYMBOL: The Centaur


YOUR RULERS –  Jupiter. 

November 28  Birthday interpretation.

The word abundance hold a strong association with this November 28 Sagittarius birth date. It identifies with the descriptive values of that of fortune and fruitfulness.

In this respect it is likely therefore, that not only will you always enjoy life in a comfortable manner from a material perspective, but also that you will gain enjoyment from being able to sharing what you might have with those close to you.

The November 28 will project a socially outgoing nature. You are good-natured, optimistic, and have a personality that will aim for fun and enjoyment. As a November 28, you can find that your involvements in fun and games can well provide a resource from which new ideas and concept will arise. What can be important for you is to discover a balance of objectives for your fun-loving energy.

On the relationship front, aspects associated with this day indicate that you are likely to experience numerous exciting relationships during your lifetime.

As a November 28, you are endowed with an extremely sexual nature. You have great flirtation skills and will derive great satisfaction from your more intimate relationships. You are one who will enjoy the initial process of seduction as much as you will the relationship that follows on thereafter.

You are by nature endowed with a strong sense for justice and honor, and in this respect, quite given to stepping in to take up the defense of others who may be in distress.

This certainly applies in respect of your more personal relationships where you are likely to be strongly attracted to that member of the opposite sex who is in need of help. You are likely to be at your best in such situations, and extremely passionate and caring as you draw them in under your protection. Once the status quo has been established however, there is every potential that as a November 28 you will, after accepting their affections, move on in search of another target to save.

For you, that high drama of romance is at the center of your being.

Over time, and as you progressively mature emotionally, you will discover that your helping, caring and protective qualities will become directed more toward groups or collections of people rather than toward just the single individual.

November 28 is a cheerful, buoyant and fun loving birthday and one that holds interest in ever changing circumstances. By nature you hold a dislike for most forms of restriction including many forms of rules and regulations. You enjoy freedom and the term “Let’s take a gamble” could be an apt description for your outlook.

Often, in your generalized conversation with others you can tend to project a communication in what might be describes as an insincere and tactless manner. Having said that however, on those occasions when you hold a firm belief in what you are saying, then your output can be highly impressive and meaningful to others.

Born on this November 28 birth date, yours is a path of building life from the medium of your desires. The materials that you have are the experiences in which you find yourself in life, but the inspiration to achieve, will emanate upward from within the deepest levels of your being.

The colors of sapphire blue, salmon pink, magenta, red, and royal blue resonate well with this November 28 birth date, and the minerals of “amazonite” and “fire opal” are gemstones that can help to inspire your personal development.

On the home front, the November 28 will enjoy a spacey home environment that incorporates elements of luxury. You are likely to aim for lesser number of quality items within the home over that of a great volume of items, many of which might be consider superfluous to your real needs.

You should certainly endeavor to indulge your sense for luxury as much as possible in the forms of furnishing, carpets, rugs and fabrics. The colors of red and blue incorporated within the geometric design of an Oriental rug could be of particular appeal to your November 28 eye.

In the kitchen you might like to consider hanging a print or painting of a traditional cornucopia horn. This image portrays a goat’s hornoverflowing with fruit, flowers, and grain. It signifies prosperity and can be a great way to attract continuing good fortune in your direction.

In the bedroom consider maximizing the sensual atmosphere into this room by fitting it out with some velvet drapes of a deep violet color. Have a large imposing bed with linen ware to match in keeping with your drape color tones, plus perhaps some attractive mirrors to balance the scene.

Burning a little cedar oil within the home during the evening will not only help you to deal with your responsibilities, but also provide an attractive scent to your senses.

On the outdoors front, the November 28 likes wild and rugged outdoor environments being places in which to expel your natural energies. Oak trees and especially red oak can help to enhance your energy, and the activities of walking, hiking, cycling and tramping could well be actions to satisfy your energetic nature

You are endowed with element for both prudence and daring, and could have an inherent interest in traveling out into the world in the knowledge that there can be elements of danger in doing so.

Your garden or yard should project a simple and spacious environment in keeping with your need to be free of restriction. An area for play or games is important, and this might include some outdoor game activity fixture.

If you don’t have garden or yard facilities, then a visit to a nearby sports or playing field would be good for you as a place in which you might jog around just for the fun of it.

Your special numbers are 3 and 9. The twenty-eighth day of the eleventh month reduces to three, and the number three signifies that of growth, development, and the talent for creative expression. The 333rd day of the year reduces to nine, and the number nine contributes the sense of an inevitable conclusion to your final achievement.