November 27 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Sagittarius.

YOUR SYMBOL: The Centaur


YOUR RULERS –  Jupiter. 

November 27  Birthday interpretation.

Aspects associated with this November 27 Sagittarius birth date, indicate an individual who is likely to be rather immature and naïve, in their approach to emotional relationships. This aspect of your character can result in a tendency to allow others to deceive, mislead, and manage to conceal things from you at times.

Other influences indicate that you are likely to be quite philosophical in your outlook to life.

As a November 27, you have a sense and outlook about life that extends beyond that of the more normally accepted affairs of daily experience. In this respect you have an inherent interest and desire to understand the real meaning of existence with the result that, you are likely to take a keen interest in the study of things of metaphysical, spiritual or occult nature.

While the thought may have crossed your mind to consider entering into some form of committed religious following, it is unlikely that you will follow through due to your natural instincts to enjoy the more earthy practical pleasures of life.

Having said that however, with your inherent desire to be able to help others to improve their lives, you might well be involved in some form of spiritual teaching at a lower level such as a local lay preacher for example.

Your enthusiasm is an inherent talent that is easily shared with others, and as a November 27, you are a person who has a definite sense of mission in life. You will seek to establish balance and peace among people in order to achieve harmonious inter-relationships.

This is a quality of particular value within your working environment. Where you apply it within the arena of business, industry and commerce, you are likely to achieve excellent results in the form of a high-ranking success in respect of both financial, material and social matters.

There are some November 27 birthdays that fall on a critical degree, and where so, this can indicate that you are likely to be more keenly effected by both the highs and lows in life. Having said that however, you have by nature such an optimistic and outgoing personality that in the main, you will find that, irrespective of whatever life tends to throw at you, it will not stop you in your progress.

As a November 27 Sagittarius you are a good natured, optimistic, and socially outgoing individual, and one who will always have something in life for which you will be particularly enthusiastic about.

You are an incurable romantic, and are likely to have numerous friends in your life. When it comes to matters related to opposite sex, you can be quite a flirtatious individual.

That romantic aspect of your make up forms a pattern that propels you into relationships in order that you can learn more about yourself. In the main, you will see yourself reflected by those you relate to, and as a result you will grow stronger and more sensitive toward others.

As individuals we are always seeking to be the best we can, and to find completion in ourselves. To achieve this one must also learn how to cultivate a relationship with oneself.

The colors of deep blue, claret red, aqua-green, and yellow resonate well with this birth date.

When considering minerals that relate to this birth date, those of “turquoise” and “citrine” are gemstones that can help to strengthen your romantic outlook, and to inspire your sense of romantic commitment and devotion. To help clarify your outlook and understanding as to the reality of events or situations, consider carrying a piece of “iron pyrite” about your person.

On the home front, The November 27 will favor a spacey, uncluttered, but luxurious atmosphere for their home environment.

You will certainly like to have some time for yourself in each day, and as result, you should endeavor to establish some particular space or room in the home purely for yourself. Consider incorporating the color of yellow into this area, as this is a color that can help to inspire and activate your mental processes.

This should be your own personal space, and a place to store and display your favorite objects and items such as, paintings or copies of painters works, treasured autographs that you have obtained, items of memorable occasions, or books of particular value to you.

The November 27 might be described as one who is ever ready, and eager to take on the battles of life. In this respect you should consider having anything in your home that helps to support your feeling of being equipped to deal with life. As example, a symbolic item that might have meaning for you could be a crossbow mounted on the wall.

To help inspire an atmosphere for peace and balance within the home, consider acquiring a picture, painting or image of the goddess of Diana. A similar feature in your workplace would not go amiss.

Your bedroom should cater to your romantic outlook, and project a luxurious atmosphere. An imposing bed, with quality drapes, warm carpeting, and lush bed linens. Velvet is a material that is likely to appeal to you.

On the outdoors front, the November 27 likes the wild and rugged outdoor environments. Hiking, tramping, walking, or cycling for example, are activities that will help to satisfy your energetic nature

The November 27 is not one who likes to be confined or restricted, so that in the garden or yard, you will like an environment that provides for physical activity. This could take the form of a play area with items such as a canopied swing, pool, basketball hoop, or a seesaw for example.

In design you are likely to prefer a garden area that is simple and uncomplicated in lay out. Some small rose and flowerbeds with perhaps some largish bushes suitably located as a place to sit among at times for peace and quite when the weather permits.

Your special numbers are 2 and 8. The twenty-seventh day of the eleventh month reduces to two, and the number two signifies that of duplication, polarity of opposites, and receptivity. The 332nd day of the year reduces to eight, and the number eight provides you with the ability to be able to identify, and to understand, that all forms ultimately originate from the same source.