November 26 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Sagittarius.

YOUR SYMBOL: The Centaur


YOUR RULERS –  Jupiter. 

November 26  Birthday interpretation.

The November 26 Sagittarius is likely to have many friends in their life, and when it comes to matters related to opposite sex, they can be quite a flirtatious individuals.

As a November 26 birth date you are a good natured, optimistic, and socially outgoing individual, and one who will always have something in life for which you will be particularly enthusiastic about.

You have an inherent dislike for being confined or restricted whether physically or in respect of the mind. You should endeavor to engage you imagination in your every day tasks, because in your doing so, you will have that tendency to encourage your sense for creativity.

As a November 26 birth date you can be a very convincing individual, and will like nothing better than to be able to share your latest idea, concept, or discovery with others in your circle. Take caution however, that your overall enthusiasm for a subject may well be of little interest to others, with result that they may not, really want to know about it.

In other words you can have a tendency to be “Pushy”, a little overbearing, and talk to loudly for your own good. The result can be that you can alienate the very persons whom you desire to convince or impress.

The answer to this aspect of your character is to endeavor to not only slow down your presentation a little in order that you can become more receptive to your audience, but also to consider whether or not the object of your verbal address is in fact ready to hear what you have to say. It might for example, be more appropriate to approach them at another time.

It is unlikely that you will not suffer some form of rebuffs at times, however any such rebuffs will in themselves tend to teach you how to cultivate a healthier balance in the overall give-and-take of social intercourse.

Your vocation and career forms a major aspect for your sense of self-being, and since there are qualities associated with this day to indicate that your life is likely to be intersperse with a number of major life changes, then work changes are likely to be quite a common affair for those of the November 26 birth date.

An achiever by nature, you are also endowed with a well-developed sense of humor, and a considerable degree of astute shrewdness that you can resort to and call upon when needed.

The arenas of advertising, public relations, publishing, or broadcasting, could well be working environments in which you might excel.

As a November 26 Sagittarius, yours is a life path of mastering the details of that which you set out to achieve in order that you are capable of responding in the event of any crisis.

This will necessitate that you learn and commit to memory the rules of engagement for any contest of skill or arena into which you enter, and that you play your part strictly according to the rules. Only by good preparation can you be assured that you will be capable of rising to an occasion at the time when it counts the most.

The colors of deep green, emerald green, indigo (violet blue), and greenish blue resonate well with this birth date.

The minerals of “fluorite” and “aventurine” are gemstones that can help the November 26 to enhance their powers of concentration.

On the home front, the November 26 should endeavor to indulge their sense for luxury as much as possible. Carpets, curtains, furnishings and fabrics are all areas that can achieve such effect.

By nature the September 26 is likely to prefer a spacey home environment, and having a lesser number of quality furniture pieces and display items rather than a larger number of things, many of which could potentially be unnecessary.

You are likely to have that November 26 tendency to want to be, and act at times, a little different from the norm. As example this might take the form of using unusual tableware such as wooden plates, cooking over an open fire, or even an outdoors brick built oven or barbeque.

A good image for you is that of an explorer and since adventure can also be of the mind and imagination, you might like to consider having some pictures, painting, prints or photographs of high mountains and rugged natural terrain within your home. These might well help to settle any restlessness you may experience on those time when you are unable free yourself up to roam.

You should extend your liking for luxury throughout the home, and in particular the bedroom. Have the biggest bed you can with luxurious, carpeting, drapes and bed linens. Velvet materials should appeal to you.

On the outdoors front, the November 26 will enjoy being in environments that are of a wilder and rugged nature. Walking, hiking, and tramping are activities can satisfy your energetic nature

Your November 26 birthday combines both prudence and daring, and you are likely to have a strong desire to travel out to see the world in the knowledge that there is an element of danger in all manner of adventures.

You garden should be a micro-organism of that wild and rugged outlook with trees such as oak, maple, and birch forming places where you can sit and repair your tramping equipment.

Where trees are not possible then consider some large bushes to which you can retire and sit while you conjure you plans for your next adventure.

As a November 26 you are full of energy, and with an inherent distaste for being confined in any way, you will need some space in your garden or yard earmarked for some personal energetic physical activity.

Your special numbers are 10 and 7. The twenty-sixth day of the eleventh month reduces to ten, and the number ten represents that of power, perfection, and personification of the seed planted in one. The 331st day of the year reduces to seven, and the number seven provides a support to your life path by way of an inherent sense of assurance of successful victory at the end of the day.