November 25 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Sagittarius.

YOUR SYMBOL: The Centaur


YOUR RULERS –  Jupiter. 

November 25  Birthday interpretation.

Born on this November 25 Sagittarius birth date you are likely to be the sort of person who will be great fun to be around, and as result, will have a wide circle of many friends in life.

With your good-natured optimistic out look to life, and a wide range of interests, the activity of socializing could well form a pastime of great importance in your life. You are likely to enjoy nothing more than spending time with your friends and/or acquaintances in atmospheres that provide for conversations that stimulate the mind.

Endowed with the qualities for idealism, enthusiasm and optimism, the November 25 literally brims with ideas, thoughts and concepts, to the extent that you can often have so many at the one time, that you have little idea what to do with them. The burning, self-expressive urge that exists within you can often be far greater than that of the self-discipline that is required in order for you to manage your ideas or concepts toward a successful finite conclusion.

The November 25 is certainly not one who will stay down for long after having suffered any form of setback in life. While you may have an outlook that might be described as somewhat hit or miss, your happy-go-lucky optimistic qualities will support, and allow you to travel through life without becoming overly concerned at any short term set backs, of defeats.

Those inherent qualities for natural enthusiastic optimism constitute a form of gift in that you hold within, a basic sense of belief that you are a lucky person in that, in the main, you tend to consistently overcome things in order to land on your feet.

You should give consideration however, to the potential downside of such optimistic outlook and approach to life in that it can lead to a tendency toward over engaging in some form of direct gambling such as horse racing, lotteries, and dog racing etc.

As a November 25 you can suffer a conflict between that of your emotional attachments, and that of your inherent desire for personal freedom at any cost. In consideration of these aspects of your character, give consideration to being honest in what you say to others, and in that which you really feel within yourself.

This is because it can be quite easy for you to present a picture of what is possible to others, when in reality it may not be as simple to fulfill any such promises or undertakings given.

You are likely to have many friends in your life, and when it comes to matters related to opposite sex, the November 25 Sagittarius is likely to be quite a flirtatious individual.

On the vocation and career front the November 25 has the flair and drive for the business world. In addition, you could well have strong accurate drawing and drafting skills that might lead you into the arena of some form of precise and intricate engineering work.

On the sporting front, with your enthusiastic and energetic approach to life, team sports may well prove of greater appeal than those of a one-on-one nature. For you, the activity of participation may well outrank that of just winning all the time.

Dress wise, the November 25 should consider wearing bold primary colors to help project your enthusiastic and extroverted energy levels outward toward those around you.

The qualities of justice and mercy form a symbolic representation for this November 25 birth date, and in this respect, your inherent ability to be able to moderate justice with mercy forms the basis for your life’s wisdom.

This constitutes a path in life of being resolute in remaining loyal to the commonly held values and ideals of society. This necessitates a life path of fulfilling your commitments, and of being a model for wisdom and principle for both your family, and those around you. As example, you are cast in the role of matriarch or patriarch of the clan. Take caution however, because a danger in this path can take the form of a leaning toward narrow mindedness.

The colors of purple, chartreuse yellow, dark green, sea green and sky blue resonate well with this November 25 birth date.

The minerals of “marcasite” (a steel gray, metallic like gemstone) and “sodalite” are gemstones that can help to heighten your sense for insight and strength of will power.

On the home front, the November 25 should endeavor to indulge their sense for luxury wherever possible. This might be part achieved by incorporating high quality carpeting and fabrics such as velvet for example.

You are likely to favor an uncluttered atmosphere in your home and have a lesser number of quality furniture pieces and display items over that of, a greater collection of potentially unnecessary things.

As a counter balance to the fire aspect of your nature you can utilize the water element within your home environment in order to enhance the humane and unselfish side of your character. This could be achieved by having a home sited in the vicinity of water such as a lake or a stream.

Alternatively, incorporate some form of water feature within the home such as a aquarium or a pond or water fall feature within your garden.

If you happen to live in a city or urban area then a home or apartment that provides for a view over a rural setting such as a park with ponds should suffice.

Again in the bedroom, you should endeavor to achieve as much of a luxurious effect as possible. You might like to consider some velvet drapes or a duvet cover in a dark blue velvet for example.

On the outdoors front, the November 25 will appreciate, and enjoy environments that are of a wilder nature. Walking and hiking are activities that can satisfy your energetic nature.

The sounds and rhythm of flowing water can be of great appeal to you. Rivers, waterfalls or the ocean surf for example can be perfect settings for the November 25.

In the garden or yard you will need some area in which to conduct an activity to burn off your surplus energy. A basketball hoop for example might be one way for you.

You love socializing and will certainly need an area in which to entertain your friends and visitors for barbeques and relaxed conversation.

When considering flowers you should look to those that produce the larger variety of bloom as they will resonate well with that magnanimous aspect of your personality – sunflowers, hydrangeas, and large bloom roses for example.

Your special numbers are 9 and 6. The twenty-fifth day of the eleventh month reduces to nine, and the number nine represents that of achievement, fulfillment, and the end of the cycle.  The 330th day of the year reduces to six, and the number six provides the support of the energy of balance and equal opportunity. This provides an influence to assist you to weigh up and balance the answers you provide to any who may seek your advice and counsel.