November 24 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Sagittarius.

YOUR SYMBOL: The Centaur


YOUR RULERS –  Jupiter. 

November 24  Birthday interpretation.

Qualities associated with this November 24 Birth date, identify with a person who will have a very high regard for ideas and concepts for fair play, justice, ethics and morality.

You will tend make many demands upon yourself personally, and can likewise tend to make similar demands upon others. Give consideration however, to the fact that while the qualities of good personal ethics and morality are admirable in themselves, you can suffer the danger of becoming excessively repressive in your outlook to others.

While as a November 24 birth date your are inherent of a driven side to your personality, you can also be one who is quite deeply sentimental and this aspect of your nature can act to balance up, and create a softening affect to your personality.

The November 24 will have a strong need to bring unity and harmony into, not only their own life, but also into the lives of those who are close to them.

By your very nature you have an inherent desire to always bring out the best in yourself.

Energies associated with this day identify with the elements of both success and travel. In this respect, there is the suggestion that you are likely to be quite successful in your career or vocation, and that might result in the accumulation of wealth through some commercial activity involving travel.

As a November 24 you are inherent of enthusiasm, idealism, optimism, and good self-control. You will have a buoyant imagination, and be somewhat of a visionary and very practical individual.

As a November 24 you are likely to be quite generous with your possessions, and quite giving of yourself in time and help when it comes to others. In the main, you are one who is likely to always have some form or other honorable objective to aim for, or undertake in life.

Socially out going, and with a happy-go-lucky pleasure-seeking attitude, the November 24 will like luxuries, and can have a tendency to dislike rules and responsibility. The result can be a weakness for personal self-indulgence. Under the influence of such qualities you will need to take care that you do not end up jeopardizing your own personal best interests through a reckless disregard of your own personal responsibilities.

The November 24 Sagittarius is likely to have many friends in life, and when it comes to members of the opposite sex, they can be quite flirtatious individuals.

You can be very loyal when it comes to friendships, and if a good friend is in trouble, you are likely to be one of the first to step forward in their defense. Likewise, when troubles involve your personal loved ones such as family etc, you will be more than prepared to fiercely defend them, whatever the circumstances that may be involved.

The path in life of the November 24 is one of actively and enthusiastically, pursuing new life experiences. This results in a life experience of continual new changes that you will keenly, and eagerly accept with the courage and tenacity of an infant learning to walk, in order to experience new lessons in life.

As example, the November 24 is likely to be attracted to all types of competitive sports, but will be attracted more so for the playing of the sport rather than purely for the sake of winning. Ballroom, or some other form of dancing could be an attractive activity or past time for you, as an environment in which to be able to flirt and interact with a favorite partner.

As a November 24 birth date there is a strong potential that you could hold a particular interest in matters related to that of a magical or occult nature. The supernatural and ghost stories might be of particular interest.

The colors of rich royal blue, bright yellow, and the opaque greenish/blue color of turquoise resonate well with this birth date.

Minerals that relate well with this November 24 birth date are the “sapphire”, a gemstone that can help strengthen your insight into the meaning of your exploits and adventures, and “Turquoise” to provide you with a sense of enduring reality behind numerous changing forms in life.

On the home front, the November 24 is likely to favor a home atmosphere that projects an uncluttered tidy image of luxury with a touch of the rustic about it.

As example, exposed wooden beams to give perhaps a sense of the log cabin effect, with large windows that will allow you to freely view and observe the changing weather, or perhaps study the night sky through your own personal telescope.

On the outdoors front, the November 23 will appreciate, and enjoy environments that are of a wilder nature. The sense, sounds and rhythm of flowing water can be of great appeal to you so that places that involve waterfalls or the ocean surf for example will be perfect settings in which to sit or amble.

Trees can be inspirational for the November 24, so the forests or areas that include large established tress such as those of the oak or birch variety for example, will be good places for your to sit and contemplate.

You are loaded with plenty of energy, and with an inherent distaste for being confined in any way, will need a garden or yard that will provide sufficient space for some energetic personal physical activity. A basketball hoop for example, situated in the garden could be a great feature for you.

While you may not be the keenest of gardeners, you do have a great appreciation to the colors and textures of nature. Where possible therefore, you should seek to surround yourself with plenty of luxuriant floral color. The taller more impressive stemmed flower varieties will tend to appeal to you so you should consider including flowers such gladiolus, daffodils, sunflowers, hibiscus, and iris for example.

Your special numbers are 8 and 5. The twenty-fourth day of the eleventh month reduces to eight, and the number eight represents that of repeatedly jumping into new and exciting life experiences. The 329th day of the year reduces to five, and the number five supports your life path with an instinctive sense for acceptance and comfort with the changes in life.