November 23 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Sagittarius.

YOUR SYMBOL: The Centaur


YOUR RULERS –  Jupiter. 

November 23  Birthday interpretation.

The November 23 Sagittarius birth date, identifies with an individual who will be a good natured and optimistic character, with a great socially outgoing nature. You could for example be deemed a bit of a “Peter Pan” type of person, being one who really doesn’t want to grow up.

As a “Happy-Go-Lucky” good-natured, and optimistic type of person, you will find that life provides for a place of wonderful opportunities, and you will certainly be one who will not want to miss out in the experiencing of any of them.

Due to the fact that there are so many things that are likely to attract you at the same time, your problem in life can be one of making choices.

A diary or some other form of day-planner will be a valuable tool for you. It will be important for you to be able to keep a track of your time, responsibilities and priorities, because if you don’t, you are definitely likely to find yourself regularly becoming over- committed.

You could be described as a perpetual student, being one who is always seeking to broaden your horizons and knowledge. It is likely for example, that you will be one who will always be involved in the taking up of some form new course of study, workshop or other form of enlightenment that has grabbed your interest.

The same can be said when it comes to matters related to your relationships where your spread of interest can lead to personal strife, and complications involving your friends and your lovers.

As a November 23 you can be reluctant to take on responsibilities, a little anti where rules and regulations apply, quite a flirtatious individual, and one who can often fantasize over matters and events.

Endowed with the qualities for justice, idealism, enthusiasm and good self- control, the November 23 is likely to always have some form of honorable objective onto which to target their mind.

The November 23 will be very loyal when it comes to friendships. Where a friend is faced with problems and troubles, the November 23 is likely to be the first one to come forward to their aid and defense. Likewise, when it comes to matters related to their family members and loved ones, the November 23 will be more than prepared to fiercely defend them, whatever the circumstances that may be involved.

In contrast to that pleasure seeking, and self-indulgent aspect of your nature, you also do have a particular generosity of nature in respect of both your material possessions, and in that of the time, commitment and the giving of yourself to others.

As a November 23 you are inherent of the mind frame qualities for wisdom, subtle cleverness and sensitivity, that when added to your humorous and knowledgeable outlook to life, forms a powerful combination. By nature you are one who needs ongoing challenges to your mind and should endeavor to engage in things that will provide such challenge. As example, consider taking up a past time such as chess, bridge or some other form of activity that involves deep mental processes.

On the vocation or career front there is the very strong likelihood that you will take up work that involves you in matters of significant planning and organization. You may have highly accurate drawing and drafting skills or alternatively, very precise intricate engineering skills.

Qualities associated with this November 23 birth date indicate an association with all matters of a magical or occult nature. It is highly likely therefore that you could hold a particular interest in matters related to that of the supernatural, and ghost stories in particular. You could find that you develop a serious interest in the new developments taking place in the area of parapsychology.

As a Sagittarius born on this November 23 birth date, yours is a life path of mastering every potential that presents itself in life. This is a pattern that induces you to excel in wherever and whatever arena you extend yourself, and to do so in the widest possible manner.

You are one who endeavors to be a jack-of-all-trades and you are endowed with extremely strong powers of concentration that, at your best, you utilize for constructive purposes.

The colors of rich blues, deep purples, wine red, jade green, and saffron yellow resonate well with this birth date.

When considering minerals, the “amethyst” will inspire your aspirations, “lapis lazuli” can attract good luck, and “green quartz” will strengthen your abilities for focus and concentration.

On the home front, the November 23 will enjoy an environment that provides for luxury and spaciousness, but set out in an uncluttered manner.

A slightly rustic image could be of particular appeal as evidenced in a home that is built with exposed wooden beams to give something of a log cabin atmosphere. Large windows will cater to your observation qualities and provide features that will allow you to look out to track the weather fronts and/or study the stars and sky at night.

The colors of rich blues and purples incorporated within the home should resonate well for you.

For those November 23’s who have a character that leans more toward the Scorpio influence, the shape of the letter “S” can tend to have a calming influence. This is a shape that can be incorporated within your home by way of furniture lay out, in the form of a pictorial image, or even a by way of a wall feature design for example.

You might like to incorporate within your home a representation of your powerful inherent defensive qualities. This could take the form of an antique iron or “Samurai” sword, mounted prominently on one of your walls.

On the outdoors front, the November 23 will appreciate, and enjoy environments that are of a wilder nature such as forests, large impressive water features in form of waterfalls, or substantial river systems.

You are likely to have a great appreciation for trees, and are likely to derive considerable inspiration and energy influences from being in the presence of large established tress of the oak or birch variety.

The November 23 has plenty of energy and will dislike being confined in any way. You will prefer a garden or yard that provides space enough for personal physical activity. As example, a basketball hoop mounted in your garden or yard would be good feature for you.

A visually lively garden will appeal to those of this birth date and it should incorporate plenty of floral color throughout the seasons. The taller varieties of flowers tend to resonate well with your nature, so consider planting flowers such as sunflowers, gladiolus, hibiscus, iris and daffodils for example.

Your special numbers are 7 and 4. The twenty-third day of the eleventh month reduces to seven, and the number seven represents that of satisfaction and security following victory. The 328th day of the year reduces to four, and the number four contributes that quality of reason to your mental processes.