November 22 Birthday.


YOUR SIGN – Scorpio/Sagittarius.

SYMBOL: The Scorpion.


YOUR RULERS –  Mars, Jupiter. 

November 22  Birthday interpretation.

The November 22 birth date falls on the cusp of the two signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius. This results in a combination of influences upon those born on this date. In general, the influence of Scorpio will tend to intensify that joviality aspect inherent in Sagittarius’s, and in turn, the Sagittarius influence will help to boost that aspect of intensity associated with Scorpio.

As a November 2 you will have a nature that encompasses the emotional intensity of the Scorpio, together with a passionate interest in sexuality, and the numerous complexities of intimate, human relationships.

This forms a favorable combination that is likely to make you not only a good person to have around in social gatherings, but also someone who has the ability to encourage the social inter-reaction between others. As example, you could be a great “master of Ceremonies” at a wedding or other such social gathering.

Qualities associated with this November 22 birth date indicate that you will have an attractive and charming personality, together with a strong sense of individuality that reflects in the form of a very individualistic outlook and approach to the world around you

Your qualities provide for leadership, together with a great talent in the arenas of humor, comedy and entertainment. Humor and comedy will form an important role in your life in that it will provide you, with the ability to be able self-boost up your spirits on those times when you may feel depressed, and down in the dumps.

You are by nature an emotionally sensitive individual, and one who at times, can have a slight tendency to become despondent, and dejected when things do not pan out as you would like or want. Alternatively, when all is going well for you, you have no difficulty in maintaining an ongoing cheerful happy outlook, and attitude.

As a November 22 you will generally enjoy reading, and are likely to always have some particular favorite book on hand. While comedies and light humor works will appeal to your nature, your reading interests can cover a wide range of subject matters.

You might like to give consideration to writing yourself, as this could well become a rewarding outlet for both satisfaction of accomplishment, and financial return.

On the career vocation front, qualities associated with this November 22 birth date indicate formidable communication skills together with an inherent ability to be able to provide inspiration and training to others. This could indicate that you could be very successful in a career involving the teaching and training off others.

As a November 22 you can suffer a tussle between that of your emotional attachments, and that of your inherent desire for personal freedom at any costs.

In consideration of these aspects of your character, give consideration to being honest in what you say to others, and in that which you really feel within yourself. This is because it can be quite easy for you to present a picture of what is possible to others, where in reality, it may not be as simple to be able to fulfill any such promises or undertakings.

Born on this November 22 day, you are one who will reach out to seek the potentials of life that will expand your horizons, and open up to new life experiences

You exist within a sea of potential but face the need to formulate and establish your desires into clearly defined ideas. Everything you need is within the reach of your inner creative abilities.

The colors of apricot, ginger, light green, silver, and deep purple resonate well with this November 22 birth date.

Minerals for the November 22 are that of “amber” to inspire your sense of appreciation of the world about you, and “agate” a stone that you might like to have incorporated within a jewellery piece finger ring to help enhance your attractiveness to others.

On the home front, a dwelling near the sea would be ideal for those of this November 22 birth date. The environment of water, and its ever-changing movements will provide you with a calming influence.

Alternatives could be lake or river areas, or where not possible, incorporating some form of water influence within your home environment. This could take the form of an in home aquarium or fountain system for example.

In your in-home décor you are likely to favor a more plain cum simple environment that just features sufficient to provide for a comfortable atmosphere with little or no frills.

For those who have a character that leans more toward the Scorpio influence, the shape of the letter “S” can tend to have a calming influence. This is a shape that can be incorporated within your home by way of furniture lay out or, in the form of a pictorial image, or even a wall feature design for example.

Silver is a good color for you and you should consider keeping a number of silver or silver-colored items within your home. This is a color that can help to encourage that communication aspect of your personality.

In the kitchen, consider growing a small pot of thyme on one of your windowsills to help counteract any feelings for depression on those times when life tends to get you down.

The bedroom is important room for you as a place for sensual retreat. A comfortable plush but sturdy bed, even a waterbed perhaps, but a bed that will appeal to your sensual nature. Bedding linen ware in dark rich colors with appropriately placed mirrors, should resonate well with the intensity of your nature.

On the out doors front, while the sea and the ocean are excellent environments for the November 22, any inland areas that provide for water environments such as lakes or rivers are just as likely to be havens for calm and peaceful contemplation.

The November 22 garden can be quite sparse in nature, with at least one tree, with low maintenance lawns and flowerbeds. A rock garden type environment, with low maintenance plants such as cactus or other such succulents could be idea, with a small fishpond set therein to keep you in touch with that water element.

Your special numbers are 6 and 3. The twenty-second day of the eleventh month reduces to six, and the number six represents that of love, beauty, and the harmonization of activities.  The 327th day of the year reduces to three, and the number three contributes a natural sense of creative development to your path in life.