November 21 Birthday.


YOUR SIGN – Scorpio.

SYMBOL: The Scorpion.


YOUR RULERS –  Mars, Pluto. 

November 21  Birthday interpretation.

Aspects associated with this November 21 Scorpio birth date suggest an individual who will have a somewhat naïve or innocent outlook on life, and the world around them.

As a November 21 you tend to look upon life as magnificent adventure, and you can find it difficult to understand why others may not hold the same optimistic outlook to life, as you do.

This can be a very positive quality to possess, because it will provide you with that resource of enthusiasm necessary in order to deal with anything that life may throw at you. You are endowed with a great inner strength of character that will keep you going when faced with those challenging issues that arise in life.

As a November 21 you will be a very energetic individual, intelligent, and one who will possess a thirst for knowledge. You will be one who has high principles, ideals, and standards, and you will always endeavor to live up to them.

You are inherent of a strong need to be able to reposition, and redirect the nature of those things you need, want, and desire in life. This will constitute important tasks that will require of you a great deal of inner understanding.

Obsession and self-centeredness are traits associated with the sign of Scorpio, and you have by now probably come to the realization that passionate obsession and emotional selfishness will not achieve the results you might wish. You will have probably undergone this process enough times in the past to now realizes it is preferable to be able to by-pass them.

To achieve this objective will necessitate your identifying a new genre of philosophy to follow as a guideline to your life. In this respect you might find your answer in the form of one of the more traditional religions, or alternatively within one of the more modern teaching groups or organizations. Look to something in which you feel comfortable, the choice is yours.

Qualities associated with this birth date tend to indicate one who is likely to be quite refined by nature, a good conversationalist, and one who will enjoy the company of many friends. You are likely to have an inherent natural interest in people, with a particular emphasis upon those of different cultures and ethic groups.

With a strong curiosity and investigative qualities, you are certainly likely to become interested in taking a good look at people who move away from the main stream of society in order to pursue alternative types of lifestyles

In your relationships, romantic or otherwise, you are likely to hold a preference for long-term associations. It may take you time to establish your full confidence in someone, but once you have, you are likely to have him or her as a friend for a very long time.

Your lovers will soon discover your Scorpio sensual, romantic and passionate traits, which will stand you well in your love encounters. Take caution however, because you can suffer the tendency to just assume, and fail to let your partner know how much you really care for them. Under this scenario you can well run the risk of loosing them.

You should also be aware of those traits for obsession, Jealousy and possessiveness that are also associated with the sign of Scorpio. These can prove damaging if you allow your imagination to run wild. Your imaginative mind can at times blow small things out of all proportion to the facts, resulting in unhappiness, if not considerable distress.

You are by nature a loyal person, and this is a quality you give to others, and expect in return. If let down or disadvantaged by someone you will certainly let then know it, and they are likely to become dismissed from your circle of friends.

Other values associated with this November 21 birth date indicate one who will derive great enjoyment from socializing, and in particular, the hosting of parties and dinner functions for friends and family gatherings. In conjunction with this interest in life you will have an inherent love for foods, and will take great joy and care in both its preparation and presentation.

This November 21 birthday is positioned at the end of the sign of Scorpio, and this is a period that has often been associated with the element of fatalism or in other words, the outlook to life that “what will be, will be” This can indicate that in your numerous interests in life, you might well be overly influenced by the more momentous coincidences in your life.

This is an influence that can lead you toward the insubstantial and intangible world of thought, and result in an interest in such subjects as astrology, the occult, ancient cultures and their rituals, and alternate healings and medicines, for example

The colors of medium or blood red, auburn, chestnut brown, cream, black and white resonate well with this November 21 birthday.

The minerals of “fire opal” and “lapis” are gemstones to inspire your enthusiasm, and both “amethyst” and “garnet crystals” are excellent inspirational mineral stones to have within your home environment.

On the home front, the November 21 is likely to favor a clean-cut and smooth style in their home décor and furnishings. For you, quality will be more important than quantity in respect of your furniture pieces and objects and items for display.

Black and white can be good colors for you, and these might take the form of furnishings, or a kitchen floor laid out with black and white floor panels for example.

Objects or items from other cultures such as artifacts, weapons or woven baskets could well form feature pieces of interest in your home.

In keeping with the “water” element of Scorpio, you should consider having some form of water feature within the home, a fountain or aquarium for example.

You are likely to enjoy having living plants within your home, but will prefer those that require the minimum of attention such as potted cactus plants.

With your eye for detail you could well take a particular interest in astrology, the night sky, and the stars. Where so, a quality telescope could well be a feature found in the home of a November 21.

On the out doors front, the November 21 will enjoy organized environments that stimulate the mind, so that woodlands with swift running waters such as waterfalls or streams for example, could well be some out door environments that cater to your mental interests.

While you are an active person with many interests, the physical act of gardening is unlikely to form a favorite past time or hobby for you. While you will enjoy the visual effects of a garden you will need one that will, in the main, need little or no maintenance.

A series of low maintenance flower beds in the form of rock gardens filed with succulent plants, some defined pathways between them, plus some small evergreen trees or scrubs and a fish pond in the middle, should be sufficient enough to provide for the November 21 with satisfactory visual and comfort needs.

Your special numbers are 5 and 2. The twenty-first day of the eleventh month reduces to five, and the number five identifies with that of change, evolution and progression. The 326th day of the year reduces to two, and the number two supports your path in life with the inherent ability to be able to review and reflect upon things.