November 20 Birthday.


YOUR SIGN – Scorpio.

SYMBOL: The Scorpion.


YOUR RULERS –  Mars, Pluto, Moon. 

November 20  Birthday interpretation.

The November 20 Scorpio birth date identifies with an individual of intelligence, wisdom, and one who senses the wealth of their inner knowledge and awareness. You can suffer difficulties however, in being able to really identifying those values, and as to how and to where to apply them in a practical manner.

For you, your wisdom and inner vision are important and powerful tools, and they constitute elements that can take you far in life.

You seek to find that arena in life through which you can fully express, and apply your wealth of inner knowledge and experience.

In addition, as a November 20 Scorpio, you are extremely curious by nature, and will be one who will seek to understand how things work in the world.

In light of the aforementioned, a vocation or career in the field of one of the social professions where you can be involved in the helping of others to reorganize their lives could be one possible answer.

Any form of teaching should appeal to November 20, and the arenas that involve that of the physical therapies or massage for example, can be areas of natural expression for you.

Alternatively, with your inherent desire to understand the working of things, could well lead you to a career in the engineering or scientific fields.

As a November 20 you are gifted with a somewhat unique sense of humor, and in this respect, yours can be a life path of healing through the medium of humor and comedy.

You have a natural talent for identifying the irony, and melodrama that is inherent in everyday life when we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Laughter can be a valuable medicine in any healing process, as it can help to counteract any sense for depression.

On the relationships front, the November 20 will tend to prefer relationships of a long-term nature. It will take time before you will really fully accept someone as a friend or partner, but once you do, then any relationship is likely to for the long haul, if not for life.

As a Scorpio you will value loyalty, and it is something that you will not only give to another, but also expect the same in return. If let down or betrayed by someone, you can tend to be highly reactionary, and quite possibly could hold a grudge against them for a very long time.

As a November 20 Scorpio, you are a passionate, romantic, and imaginative individual. However, you also carry those Scorpio traits for Jealousy, possessiveness, and obsession. Your imagination can often run wild over something you hear or surmise in another person, and you end up blowing your suspicions out of all proportion to the realities.

This is something you should guard against, as it can be a potential source for unhappy and unwarranted situations in your life.

Dress wise, the November 20 will favor quality well tailored clothing of the more classical style, and the reddish/brown color of auburn, could be a good selection for your day-to-day business attire.

Other influences associated with this November 20 birth date indicate a potential for psychic abilities. This might lead you to take a keen interest in such subjects as astrology, the tarot, or the runes for example.

The colors of brown, auburn (reddish/brown), Grey, ivory, honey, and the light and clear red color of “cerise” resonate well with this birth date. The “rainbow jasper” is a gemstone that can help to heighten your awareness to events around you.

On the home front, the November 20 personality will favor an uncluttered environment, with a facility to provide for those periods of solitude that you are likely to take pleasure in at times.

An outlook from home that provides for views of trees and greenery can be a comforting environment in which to accommodate your passionate senses.

You prefer quality to that of quantity, and will take great pleasure in having your home possessions on display and in you view, rather than being hidden away, and unseen

Soft lighting in the home will resonate well with that sensual side of your nature, and some form of “dimmer” lighting system could well appeal to you.

Glass is a good material for you, and can be featured in the home by way of glass fronted cabinets, glass table tops, or objects and ornaments made from glass, such as crystal ware or glass paperweights for example.

You have a natural sense of humor, and could well enjoy having a collection of comedy films or joke books in your cabinets.

As a November 20 Scorpio, you will appreciate nature and take pleasure in having living things around you in the form of potted plants.

The bedroom and the Scorpio make a perfect match. For you it should be a place of luxurious sensual retreat. Some plush soft bed-ware in dark sensual colors with large plump pillows, some appropriately places mirrors, and your favorite scent or perfume to provide an atmosphere that is conducive to the intensity of your nature. You might like to consider having a gold-framed mirror in the bedroom, to help inspire the fire in your energy levels.

On the out doors front, the November 20 may not tend to commit too much time into the outdoor arena due to the intense activity involved in your day-to-day pursuits. When you do however, then environments that have water settings are the places for you, and you are more likely to favor just taking in the view, and leaving it at that, rather than becoming heavily involved in any time consuming out door activity.

An easy care garden with some small trees or bushes, a lawn with some hedges perhaps, and a water feature such as a fish pond should be enough to help to enhance your sense for tranquility.

A small rock garden featuring succulent type plants such as some variations of cactus could provide for both a setting of interest, as well as an influence to help stimulation your senses.

Your special numbers are 4 and 1. The twentieth day of the eleventh month reduces to four, and the number four represents that of practical reality in the form of putting things into their correct order, and then categorizing the same. The 325th day of the year reduces to one, and the number one adds the element of originality to your expressions of comedy.