November 2 Birthday.


YOUR SIGN – Scorpio.

SYMBOL: The Scorpion.


YOUR RULERS –  Mars, Pluto. 

November 2  Birthday interpretation.

The November 2 Scorpio birth date identifies with a person who is, first and foremost, one who is emotionally driven. As example, the way that you might feel at any given time will influence not only the way you may react with a particular person, but also how you work, and the overall manner in which you approach your life.

This November 2 birth date can fall on a critical degree, and this can indicate that a person is likely to be particularly susceptible to the effects suffered from the highs and lows in their life.

Other aspects associated with this birth date suggest that you will have a tendency to become somewhat anxious about many of the aspects in you life.

As a November 2 you are more than likely to have an awareness of the strength of your emotions, and as result could well have a tendency toward refraining or holding back from being too open in your expressing of them.

This is a birth date that holds strong connections to the conceptions of conservation, and those of the reticulation of energy. As example, you can be quite a hoarder, and the type of person who will endeavor to hold onto, and never waste anything.

This particular characteristic of your nature will apply not only to things of a material nature such as books or magazines, but also to the non-materialistic such as your old thoughts and memories of the past.

One of your greatest inherent assets is that of your ability to be able re-utilize that which might seem useless to others. Again, in the non-material sense the November 2 can be considerably successful in the helping of others to discover their own hidden skills, talents and potential resources.

This is a wonderful resource in that you can enable others to re-establish their own confidence and self-esteem, in order to be able to get under way and move forward in their life.

For you the greatest challenge is to get rid of your un-needed junk both materially and emotionally. Hit those cupboards; get rid of any old clothes, useless gadgets, old magazines etc and dump any nagging and useless memories of the past.

The November 2 has been endowed with a great deal creative energy, however it is an energy force that must be directed in order to be of effect.

With your inherent ability to be able to, quite quickly get to the root of a matter and to identify and understand the extremes of a situation, you are likely to be a good person to have around where disputes are concerned. You have the wisdom and ability to adjudicate in the most difficult of circumstances, and this might well be a vocation arena that you take up in life.

Yours is a path in life of cultivating the art of politics. Aspects of your life path indicate that you are likely to find yourself at times propelled into dramatic and/or ostentatious situations of a social nature.

These can be situations in which you will, on a first hand basis, experience the art for political inter-relationship and, in turn, be able to appreciate and apply your own skills for the observation and assessment of others. You will certainly be the first to be able to assess and identify the honesty and sincerity of any speaker at an occasion.

You have a strong romantic steak and are likely to prefer if possible, relationships of longer term standing. There is what might be considered certain negative aspects connected to Scorpio in the form of a tendency for jealousy, possessiveness, obsession, and even to the point of being self-centered.

You should give consideration to these aspects of character because at times, if unjustifiably applied, they can result strained and unhappy situations for both yourself and the object of your wrath.

The colors of red, the reddish brown known as russet, and the dark grayish blue of navy blue resonate well with this birth date.

The gemstones of “onyx” and “jasper” are stones to inspire your perception abilities, and a necklace that incorporates a six-pointed star design will heighten your abilities for shrewdness and level headedness.

On the home front, The November 2 will appreciate a home environment that provides for sense for personal privacy.

There is a touch of the recluse inherent in your character and a home set some distance from others, or one set in its own grounds with hedge or fence screening. should prove of comfort.

In your home décor you could well lean toward the more rugged look with natural woods or a log cabin effect. Natural materials gel well with your personality so that your furnishings, fabrics and décor should reflect this preference. Spiral designs can be quite meditative and calming for you so designs of this nature on a carpet, rug or upholstery should meet the need.

You wall decorations are more likely to feature items of the more unusual such as primitive head masks, theatre associated items, or prints of unusual ritual gatherings.

To help to counteract your high energy levels and restlessness consider having a water influence within the home, an aquarium for example.

In the bedroom, a waterbed could be an item that will appeal to your nature.

You are likely to prefer living plants and flowers rather than having cut flowers in the home. Red is a good color for you, so consider having some potted plants in the home that will produce red blooms.

On the out doors front, the November 2 can tend to prefer wild natural landscapes, and strong active weather conditions. You are likely to enjoy the sounds and sensations generated by high winds and heavy snow conditions.

In the garden you are likely to be quite laid back and enjoy a more rugged cum rural outlook. Wild flowers will appeal to you, and trees are likely to provide a comforting visual experience.

As a November 2 you are one who will enjoy experiences of a sensual nature so that a “Jacuzzi” or better still a more rustic type “hot tub” sited in your garden would be a perfect place for you to relax.

If you cannot have a hot tub then consider a pond in the garden and a seat positioned beneath an overhanging tree.

Your special numbers are 4 and 10. The second day of the eleventh month reduces to four, and the number four represents that of order, reason, and organization. As example, the desire to understand, and to know, the manner in which everything fits together. The 307th day of the year reduces to ten, and the number ten adds the element of accomplishment, completion, and the inherent confidence to be able to reach the top of ones endeavors.