November 18 Birthday.


YOUR SIGN – Scorpio.

SYMBOL: The Scorpion.


YOUR RULERS –  Mars, Pluto, Moon. 

November 18  Birthday interpretation.

Qualities associated with this November 18 Scorpio birth date indicate one who is likely to be of strong character, intelligent, energetic, hard working, and a person who will hold some very high ideals and aspirations in life.

These are qualities consistent with one who has the potential to attain and hold down, a position of considerable authority.

Perhaps one of the greatest attributes associated with this November 18 birth date, is the magnetic influence inherent in your personality.

This is a powerful feature of attraction to others, and one that you are liable to express through the power of your eyes in the form of, a concentrated, if not hypnotic, piercing stare. In this manner you can project an air of mystery to others, and in doing so, will tend to indicate that there is lot more to you, than your outward appearance may reveal.

It is more than probable that you have become aware of this magnetic ability to focus, and to concentrate upon another, with result that they are ultimately drawn towards you.

The November 18 enjoys sharp and sophisticated powers of analysis, and while your ideas and concepts might be unusual, you are one who will pursue your plans even though you might be faced with personal danger. This does not indicate that you are exhibiting foolhardiness, only that you are one who has a somewhat inexperienced faith in your own indestructibility.

The passion of romance and the call of possessions, are not only your greatest tests in life, but also your best teachers. In the main, life is usually kind to the November 18, and will provide them with what they want. You should take care, and be somewhat discerning in your desires and wishes, because you could find that you end up gaining too much, and end up at a loss as to what to do with them.

The November 18 has the passionate and sensual traits associated with Scorpio. When it comes to relationships, romantic or otherwise, you are one who will prefer those of a long-term nature. It is likely to take some time before you are satisfied, and have full confidence in someone, but once you reach that stage in a relationship, it is likely to be for a long time, if not for life.

Loyalty is an important aspect in your relationships, and something that will give and expect to receive in return. If you become disadvantaged or let down by someone, then your reactions can be extremely swift and devastating.

Jealousy and possessiveness are traits associated with the sign of Scorpio, and these are qualities that can result in unhappiness for you. By nature of your personality you have quite an imaginative mind, that can when your suspicions are aroused, tend to end up blowing something you hear or sense in another person, out of all proportion to the real facts.

The mysterious, the unknown and the occult are subjects that can appeal to those of this November 18 birth date. This could result in you having interest in such things as tarot card, crystal balls, runes, the arts of the magician, or a great interest in the rituals and artifacts of ancient and primitive culture.

Pets will generally form an important feature in the life of the November 18. While dogs or cats are likely to be the norm your pet interests could well center upon a wide range of other species.

Born on this November 18 day, yours is a life path of promise arising from out of a sincere, inner self-realization. This is a pattern that necessitates you experience your true nature, and to do so independently of the world of outer form and time and space.

You must choose where you devote your loyalty and commitment in your life, because circumstances will continually arise in your life that will test your dedication and integrity. Your true loyalty must be aligned with everlasting values and not to those that come and go over time.

The colors of deep crimson, red, russet, and aquamarine green/blue resonate well with this November 18 birth date.

Red or crimson are colors of particular importance for you. They can help to counteract the somewhat overwhelming influence of water on this birth date, generated by an additional influence from the water sign of Pisces.

When considering minerals, the metallic mineral of orange colored “zircon” can help to inspire your will power, and some jewellery pieces incorporating “turquoise” will help calm the senses.

On the home front, the November 18 is likely to favor the more modernistic clean-cut lines for their décor and furnishings.

Quality is likely to rank over that of quantity with regard to the furnishings and decorative items that you have in your home.

Objects and item from other cultures could well form decorate feature pieces for display in the home of the November 18. These could take the form of rugs, woven baskets, or traditional ritual or carvings for example.

As a November 18 you are likely to enjoy having living plants within your home, and in this respect variations of indoors cacti plants could be particular favorites.

The bedroom is an important room for the November 18 and should be designed and laid out as particular place of retreat for you. A sturdy wooden bed with bedposts or, a waterbed perhaps, should appeal to your sensual nature. Sheets and linen ware in dark rich colors and some mirrors in appropriate places should suit the intensity of your nature.

On the out doors front, the November 18 likes an organized environment that stimulates thoughts, so that woodlands with swift running waters such as waterfalls and fast running streams for example can be arena of interest.

In the garden, an organized environment in the form of a step down garden with stone pathways, and a central water piece feature such as a fishpond with bright red gold fish could be just right for you.

Include some small trees and scrubs together with a small rock garden featuring succulent type plants and variations of cactus. These should help to provide some of that stimulation you need.

Your special numbers are 2 and 8. The eighth day of the eleventh month reduces to two, and the number two signifies that of reflection, duplication, and receptivity. The 323rd day of the year reduces to eight, and the number eight provides for the appreciation and realization that all forms of expression, however diverse, originate from a common source.