November 17 Birthday.


YOUR SIGN – Scorpio.

SYMBOL: The Scorpion.


YOUR RULERS –  Mars, Pluto, Moon. 

November 17  Birthday interpretation.

Qualities associated with this November 17 Birth date indicate that you are likely to be considerably talented when called upon to act in the capacity of an arbitrator, negotiator, and mediator.

Your qualities of intelligence and determination are formidable tools that enable you to quite swiftly delve into the root problems of matters. To then being able to follow through by smoothing out troubled waters, and conjuring up the best possible solutions to arrive at mutually satisfactory outcomes.

There is every likelihood that you will derive a get a great deal of pleasure and personal satisfaction from being able to help, and to encourage others to achieve harmony in their inter-relationships with other people. As a November 17 birth date, you should look upon yourself as an unbiased individual who has the ability to provide healing to both yourself as well as others.

There can be a potential danger as result of such intellectual skills in that you might develop a leaning toward a cynical outlook to things, with result that this can be something that might interfere with your enjoyment for life. The answer here is to push your doubts aside, and to take faith in going with the flow of your life.

The is a strong paternal quality associated with this November 17 birth date, and this is a paternalistic and protective instinct that can extend beyond that of immediate family and relatives, to that of people involved in your working environment.

As a November 17 Scorpio, you can often suffer frustration from the activities and events of your every day life because on a mental level, you can sense that there are better things available to you outside of the limitations of ordinary perception.

The additional frustration that you face, will be how to achieve your objectives. This is something that only you can do, and you should not sit back and rely upon others. You have the inherent determination and the intellect, so drive forth to achieve your goals.

The passion of romance and the call of possessions, are not only your greatest tests in life, but also your best teachers.

On the romance front, you are a romantic, passionate and sensual Scorpio. By nature you will prefer, and love being in relationships of a long-term nature. In this respect, loyalty will form an important aspect in any relationship. You will give to, and expect loyalty in return from others, and low-betide anyone who might betray you.

As a Scorpio, it will take you time before a relationship or friendship can become cemented, but once so however, it will generally be for the long haul, if not for life.

Beware the Scorpio traits for Jealousy and possessiveness because they can be the cause for personal distress and unhappiness. You have an imaginative mind that when fed with something that you may overhear or surmise from another person, you can often end up blowing your suspicions out of all proportion to the facts.

Other qualities associated with this November 17 birth date indicate the potential for a considerable interest in that of the occult, mysteries and matters of the unknown. This could result in you having interest in such things as tarot card, crystal balls, runes, or even the tricks and illusion arts of the magician.

You are inherent of creative abilities that could well be applied to matters of the environment, and in particular, the area of recycling what may be deemed by other as useless.

November 17 identifies with a path of identifying your objectives in life with the view to utilizing your skills, talents and resources in order to make your contribution to society. You are endowed with a forceful power of energy that when fully mobilized will enable you to overcame any apparent obstacle that arises.

The colors of rich purple, scarlet, royal blue, and emerald green resonate will with this November 17 birth date.

When considering appropriate minerals, the “fire opal” and “Apache flame agate” can help to inspire your ambitions, and a piece of “smoky quartz crystal” forms a good tool to have when meditating. In addition, you might like to consider wearing a “sapphire ring” to enhance your paternal instincts.

On the home front, the November 17 will like a smooth, tidy and uncluttered environment with décor and furnishing along more modernistic lines.

You are likely to prefer to aim for a lesser number of good quality things within your home, to that of a large collection of lesser value things of a more generalized and perhaps uninteresting nature.

In keeping with your paternal and protective nature, you might like to feature some in home items that identify with the age of chivalry. These might take the form of some old armory pieces or a collection heraldic shields or images of the same in frames mounted on your walls.

Your bedroom should have a décor and furnishings to inspire that sensual element of your nature. An impressive bed, perhaps a brass or water bed, with erotic silk sheets and other linen ware. Mirrors can help to conjure up the desired bedroom atmosphere. Consider incorporating a blue colored candle mounted in a gold colored holder in the bedroom, and light it at times for a short time before going to sleep.

On the out doors front, the November 17 will enjoy environments of woodlands, and swift running waters such as waterfalls and fast running hillside and mountain streams.

A step down garden with a central pond or some other form of water feature would help to enhance your sense for tranquility, the water being the ruling element of the sign of Scorpio. Consider growing some heather somewhere in your garden, as this is a plant that reverberates well with your particular birth.

As a November 17 you are likely to be quite mindful when it comes to creative ways in which to recycle, so that a compost recycling bin, or a compost heap, is feature likely to be present in the garden of the November 17.

Your special numbers are 1 and 7. The seventeenth day of the eleventh month reduces to one, and the number one identifies with that of beginnings, initiation, and singleness of purpose. The 332nd day of the year reduces to seven, and the number seven provides a supporting and influence for rest periods between periods of hectic activity.