November 16 Birthday.


YOUR SIGN – Scorpio.

SYMBOL: The Scorpion.


YOUR RULERS –  Mars, Pluto, Moon. 

November 16  Birthday interpretation.

The November 16 Scorpio birth date identifies with the qualities of charm, energy, intelligence, determination, a good conversationalist, and one who can appreciate the values of compromise in their understanding of another’s views and opinions.

These are the qualities of the politician, being one who can both weave and sway with the punches as well as delivering them.

In no way can the November 16 be described as an easy push-over, because when taken advantage of you can retaliate swiftly with that scorpion sting, and will do with devastating effect when you need to.

You are likely to be quite active socially, and enjoy a wide variation in social life activities. You are prepared to go that extra mile in order to provide your guests with a comfortable and enjoyable environment when you throw a party. As result, you are likely to have gained quite a reputation as a good party giver among your friends and associates.

As a November 16 Scorpio you can have a tendency to be overly self-protective. In your eyes it can seem that others are concealing hidden agendas and secrets that they are concealing from you.

There will also be those times when you have the tendency to create strong shell around your self in which to withdraw. When this occurs, others around you can mistakenly interpret your silence for coldness.

The reality is that as a Scorpio, you are one who will need times to seek an environment of quietness in order to sort out matters of the mind.

Effectively, such times of withdrawal and inactivity provide you with the breathing space in order to rebuild up your strength.

As a November 16, you are fully aware that beneath your shell of protection there exists a soft developing core. You desire to become free from the burden of suspiciousness, and to be able to open yourself up to a more adaptable interrelationship with life.

One way to achieve this could be to participate in some form of inter-active activity such as a self-development course.

You are likely to be quite a sensitive and passionate person when it comes to emotional relationships. Loyalty from others is important to you, it is something that you will give out, and certainly something you expect to receive back in return.

You are likely to take time before you are sure about a friendship or relationship, but once you are satisfied, it is likely to become established for a very long time, even for life.

Jealousy and possessiveness are aspects association with Scorpio, and these can often arise out of things you surmise or overhear. The problem for the Scorpio however is that your imaginations can tend to end up blowing some simple thing out of all proportion, resulting in unnecessary emotional upsets.

Where you are seriously let down by another person however, they are certainly going to know about it, and it could end up in you holding a grudge against them for a very long time.

Creativity is a quality suggested by the influences that make up this November 16 birth date. In this respect, you could well take an interest in the art of creative painting rather than that of existing images such as a natural landscapes or portraits.

The genres of psychology, sociology, and art history are some other subjects that could well provide you benefit in your search to improve you knowledge and to achieve a more fruitful life.

The emotional and sensitivity aspects of your nature are qualities that can provide you with a natural inherent interest in the subject of psychic phenomena. As example, the study of astrology, astral projection, tarot, or the practice of some form of meditation regime could be for you.

The life path for November 16 is that of developing alertness to the potential rewards in your life. This entails a pattern that keeps you open minded, on the lookout, and fully prepared to respond immediately.

You will find that your life experiences will seem to plunge you into circumstances or events where your inherent resourcefulness enables you to generate positives from out of the most unpromising situations.

The colors of crimson red, black, light blue, and the yellowish green of the chartreuse color resonate well with this November 16 birth date.

On the mineral front, “Alexandrite” is a transparent gemstone with colors that appear to change in the light. This is a mineral that can help to intensify and strengthen your sensibilities. To help to inspire your confidence, consider wearing a finger ring that incorporates the design of a coiled snake.

On the home front, the November 16 is likely to favor a home décor that will tend to project an atmosphere of tidiness and simplicity rather than a cluttered effect.

Consider utilizing the color shades of white, black, and sage green in your decorating effect. Glass can be a good material for you, and a glass-topped coffee table for example could form a home feature piece.

In respect of your furnishings and ornamental items, you are likely to prefer having a lesser number of good quality things rather than a large number of superficial things in your home. As a November 16 you might like to have copies of Christian icons in your home both for their beauty as decorative objects and/or as religious symbols.

Consider featuring some representation of your ruling element of water within the home. These could take the form of a fish tank, or some indoor water-reticulating feature. Alternatively, you might like to have mage representations in the form old sea maps or navigational charts mounted in frames.

In the kitchen, you can help to inspire your creativity by growing some “vervain”, a plant traditionally associated with love portents.

The bedroom is the place of importance in relation to the sensual side of your nature, and it should have a décor and furnishings to inspire that element of your nature. A large brass bed perhaps with tiger or leopard print bed linens could well inspire your senses or alternatively, a waterbed with such linens could achieve the same.

On the out door front, the November 16 will have an affinity toward mountain country climates and scenery. By nature you are likely to prefer a cooler environment in which to enjoy tramping, hiking and walking.

You enjoy the atmosphere of swift running water so that streams, and waterfalls in particular should provide you with inspiration. Panning for gold in a mountain stream could a great activity for November 16.

In the garden, a water feature such as a water fountain, pond or water urns with water lilies would help to enhance a sense of tranquility, and provide the supporting influence of water, the ruling element of the sign of Scorpio.

Tulips could be a great flower to have in your garden, and black tulips in particular should be of great appeal.

Your special numbers are 9 and 6. The sixteenth day of the eleventh month reduces to nine, and the number nine relates to that of completion, attainment, and the achievement of success after having made the effort. The 321 – st day of the year reduces to six, and the number six provides for the quality of balance and the harmonization of activities.