November 15 Birthday.


YOUR SIGN – Scorpio.

SYMBOL: The Scorpion.


YOUR RULERS –  Mars, Pluto, Moon. 

November 15  Birthday interpretation.

Born on this November 15 Scorpio birth date yours is a path in life of discovery, exposure and disclosure.

Qualities associated with this November 15 birth date indicate that, you are by nature both intelligent and hard working, and one who will have the inherent tendency to take a very rational view of the world around you. Yours is a life pattern that inspires a drive to investigate, discover, and to reveal the secrets of nature to as wide an audience as possible.

This indicates a highly investigative and interrogatory mind, and one who has the ability to, not only delve very deeply in their search for answers, but also one who would be prepared to go to extremes and even undertake personal risk if necessary, in order to arrive at the truth of matters.

These are qualities that could well form the basis of your employment or career. Investigate work in the form of detective work, law enforcement, the legal profession, or even investigation work related to environmental issues, could fit the bill.

As a November 15 Scorpio you will tend to find that you will undergo a number of relatively extreme changes during the course of your lifetime.

There will be those times where you tend to just inactively drift along in a basic survival mode that in itself, will constitute a period of inactivity that will enable you to rebuild up your strength.

This can at times extend to a tendency toward a withdrawal, and in turn, the creation of a strong shell around your self. Quite often others will tend to mistake your silence for coldness which in reality is not true, because as a Scorpio, you will need to have certain times of quietness in order to sort things out in your own mind.

On such occasions when this may occur you can become totally withdrawn from even those people who have your greatest self-interest at heart.

This can form a stage where you are in the process of letting go, and commencing the release of some form of intense emotional upset that in itself is effectively holding you back from your next step forward.

Once you have come to a full realization and accepted reality of any situation, and managed to detached and dismissed yourself from any desire or emotional factor that is the cause for your frustration, your spirit will be revitalized and you will revert to your active, energetic old self

This is a process that you will need to learn to accept, because at the end of the day it will ultimately lead you to your highest satisfactions.

As a November 15 Scorpio you are by nature romantic, passionate, emotional, a good conversationalist, and far from being a selfish type of person.

Romantically, your sensual qualities indicate a good lover, and probably a great kisser. Loyalty is important to you, it is something that you will give, and certainly expect to receive back in return. Where crossed, or let down by another, your Scorpio sting can be, not only severe, but also result you bearing a grudge against another for a very long time.

The qualities of jealousy and possessiveness hold association with Scorpio, and can often arise as result of something you sense in, or overhear from others. In your case, you can have that tendency to allow your imagination to run wild, and end up drawing conclusions that are out of all proportion to the factual realities.

Other aspects associated with this day indicate potential interests in the subjects of the arts, different forms of healing, and the field of physics. These are all arenas in which you could direct your impressive talents and energies.

The colors of vivid red, medium brown, turquoise, amber, black and off-white or cream resonate well with this November 15 birth date.

Minerals of particular influence in relation to this day are the gemstones of “topaz” and “celestite” to encourage focus and concentration. “Quartz crystal” can inspire a sense for balance in life and “rose quartz” will encourage your unselfish outlook to life.

On the home front, the November 15 is likely to enjoy a home that has either rural outlooks or, if a city dweller, some views of parklands and trees.

You are likely to prefer quality to that of quantity, when it comes to your furnishings, and objects and items of decoration within your home.

To cater for your need for silent withdrawal and contemplation at times, you need a particular part of the home, a room, basement, loft or some other area in which to retire to sit in peaceful comfort.

“Amber” is a restful color for you, so consider having some form of light or lamp in that color within the home, or specifically in your hide-away area.

Reading can be a particular enjoyment for November 15, and in keeping with the investigative quality of your personality, your bookcase could be well represented with novels and writings related to modern and ancient mysteries, and detective type works.

A water feature in the form of a fish tank for example can keep you in touch with the water ruling element of the Scorpio sign.

The bedroom is likely to be a feature place for the sensual Scorpio, and should be of decor and furnishings to cater to such senses. An impressive bed, water bed perhaps, plenty of mirrors, soft lighting and luxurious linen ware should go some way to satisfy your needs.

On the out doors front, those of November 15 birth date are likely to have a inherent fascination for the wonders and powers of fast flowing, rushing waters. Any environment that features attractive water falls or fast running streams can be places in which you are likely to derive great pleasure, peace, enjoyment and creative relaxation.

A water feature in your garden such as a small pond centered within a rock garden will help to calm your Scorpio water nature senses, and provide mental inspiration toward new ideas and creative concepts.

Aquatic plants are the best for you, so consider having some representation of water-based plants in your garden or yard. Water lilies growing in the pond, or in water “Urns” could be attractive features in the garden.

Your special numbers are 8 and 5. The fifteenth day of the eleventh month reduces to eight, the number that signifies that of rhythm, vibration, and the mystery that opposing forms of expression originate from a single cause. The 320th day of the year reduces to five, and the number five provides for the supporting abilities for adaptability and versatility in respects of any set of circumstances.