November 14 Birthday.


YOUR SIGN – Scorpio.

SYMBOL: The Scorpion.


YOUR RULERS –  Mars, Pluto, Moon. 

November 14  Birthday interpretation.

This November 14 Scorpio birth date identifies with an individual who is likely to be one of particularly strong character, and high moral standards. You have strong sense of ethics but are unlikely to particularly overbearing in this respect when it comes to others.

The quality of determination features strongly with this November 14 birth date, and that indicates that you will strive to advance as far as you can in any vocational field that you undertake.

You will prefer good quality clothes, and will certainly be one who will endeavor to dress for success in life.

With an inherent wisdom, and an ability to delve beneath the surface of things, you will find that you can be a prime candidate for others to call upon for help and advice, in respect of a variety of issues.

As a November 14 you have the subtle skills of the interrogator in that, where someone may be withholding information that is of importance to either yourself or to others, you hold the skills to be able ask the right types of questions, and to apply any appropriate pressures necessary, in order to extract any such information from them.

You can be quite sensitive too, and therefore hold a particular interest in arenas, that involve matters of social injustice.

This aspect of your personality could well involve you in entering into a vocation or career such as politics, law, government administration, or even organizations involved in major environmental issues.

There will, in respect of some birthdays of this November 14 date, some that fall on a critical degree, and where so, this can indicate that for those particular folk, a tendency to feel, and to react quite strongly, to both the up swing highs, and the down swing lows in life.

On the romantic front, you are a romantic, passionate and sensual individual. Potentially a great love partner who will give out loyalty, and in return expect the same from their partner.

Your Scorpio “Achilles Heel” can be a tendency for jealousy and possessiveness. These are qualities that can arise out of something that you sense in, or overhear from others, with result that you can tend to let your imaginations dream up all sort of things that can often be out of all proportion to the realities.

As a November 14 you are likely to have an inherent interest in matters of mystery, and the unknown. Astrology, the occult, alternative medicines, and ancient cultures and rites could form interesting study areas for you.

As one born on this November 14 birth date you have a path in life centered upon that of intellectual achievement. Your path is one of ongoing change and makeover, and you may find that you will have to spend some time in trying to find the appropriate outlets for your restlessness.

With a gift for authoritative speaking you have the ability to draw in, and to captivate an audience in an assuring manner. This is a quality that can provide you with the abilities to become a great teacher. Give due care however, not to abuse or misuse you’re gifted powers of attraction and influence upon others.

The colors of deep green, gold, and bright star like white resonate well with this birth date.

Iron is a material that can help to inspire your courage and energy levels. Consider wearing an iron jewellery pieces or carrying an iron item about with you. The minerals of “amethyst” and “emerald” are gemstones that can help you to keep your feet on the ground and to inspire your sense for vision.

On the home front, with your affinity to nature, a home with a rural outlook of parkland or woods and fields would form a comfortable environment for you. If living in a city then an apartment with parkland overviews would suffice.

A color scheme décor of monochromatic effect i.e. the appearance of variations based on a single color could be a good visual effect for you.

In your furnishings and display items, you are likely to prefer having a restricted number of very good quality things rather than a large number of things of a superficial nature about you home.

With your interest in the unusual and the occult, items such as a crystal ball, tarot cards, runes, or things associated with primitive cultures are likely possessions to be either utilized at times, or just kept for personal interest reasons.

The bedroom is an important place in the home for the November 11. A substantial bed, a waterbed perhaps, mirrors and favorite scents should keep you touch with your sensual instincts. Night dreams may well figure strongly in the life of the November 14, and you might like to incorporate some form of unusual or fanciful night lighting within your bedroom.

On the out doors front, the November 14 is likely to have affinity with a wide variety of natural landscape environments, and in particular, those outdoor environments that involve impressive water features.  Lakes, rivers, and waterfalls in particular will tend to inspire and excite your imaginations.

You are likely to like nothing more than the chance to take long walks alone through deep forests or woodlands, especially those that have waterfalls or swift running streams or rivers.

In your garden you should enjoy a water feature. This could be some form of water sculpture you create yourself, such as an ornamental fishpond with a reticulating waterfall dropping down through a series of rock formations. Some glinting red goldfish in the pond will help calm your water nature senses, and inspire your mind in respect of new creative concepts, ideas or projects.

Consider having a good representation of water based plants in your garden or yard area, as these are the best type of plants for those of this birth date. Water lilies in the pond, or growing in water “Urns” positioned around your home for example.

Your special numbers are 7 and 4. The fourteenth day of the eleventh month reduces to seven, and the number seven represents that of triumph, victory, security, and the reward of rest after a successful activity. The 319th day of the year reduces to four, and the number four contributes the element of order and categorization to the knowledge that you express and convey to others.