November 13 Birthday.


YOUR SIGN – Scorpio.

SYMBOL: The Scorpion.


YOUR RULERS –  Mars, Pluto, Moon. 

November 13  Birthday interpretation.

Qualities associated with this November 13 Scorpio birth date indicate an individual who is likely to have considerable planning and organizational skills.

Other qualities identify with an interest in languages, and in this respect you are likely to have a natural ability to be able to learn, and to converse in more than one language.

This is a skill that might form an important aspect of your work or vocation. Alternatively, it could be something that you apply purely for personal purposes such as vocational travels to other countries.

As a November 13 birth date you will be an intelligent, energetic and hard working person. You do however, have quite a strong tendency to drive yourself to hard, and in this respect you might like to consider the fact that living is not necessarily only centered upon ones achievements in life.

Loyalty forms an important part of your personality, and is something that you will feel strongly in your outlook towards family, friends and those you love,

You are not one to develop faith and trust in others too readily, and it can take you quite a period of time before you finally assess and accept that another person is as loyal and trustworthy toward you, as you are to them. Once you have reached this stage of a relationship however, then you will seal a relationship that is likely to last for life.

By your very nature you will prefer to establish a lesser number of more personal, close, and intimate relationships that are of a long-term nature rather than that of a wide range of less intimate general friendships, and acquaintances.

As a November 13 you are a romantic, passionate, sensual individual, and likely to make a great impression upon your love partners. In your personal romantic relationship you will give loyalty to your partner and expect the same in return.

One factor that you need guard against can be a tendency for jealousy and possessiveness. You can find that quite often such negative feelings can arise out of something that you overhear or sense in others, and this can tend to lead you to dream up all manner of imaginations that can often be out of all proportion to the facts.

Although a passionate person by nature, you tend to hold your feelings close to your chest, and will refrain from revealing the extent of them to easily. While to others around you, your outward appearance may appear calm and collected, within you and beneath the surface you can be seething with upset and annoyance.

At times when you might feel betrayed by someone you are likely to build up to an explosion, and will then become an overwhelming and devastating opponent to face up to. Under such circumstances, and at the end of the day, you could as a Scorpio, end up holding a grudge against someone that might last for eternity.

Other aspects connected to the November 13 birth date suggest a direction for impulsive activity and possible accidents. Furthermore, this birth date does have somewhat stubborn and determined aspects associated with it that can indicate an outlook of little respect for rules and conventions.

The November 13 birth date relates to the life path of change, alteration, and makeover. This involves that you moving through a variety of forms and stages of manifestation of your life’s journey. As example, your personal individuality is in a constant state of development and change, on the path toward the best that you can be.

The colors of dappled red, salmon pink, yellow, and lime green, resonate well with this November 13 birth date, and the minerals of “orange sapphire” and “peridot” are gemstones that can help to inspire your sense of imagination.

On the home front, the November 13 will prefer a simple, uncomplicated, but comfortable home environment with clear areas of space.

To achieve an atmosphere of smooth or sleek space you could adopt a basic decor centered upon black, white, glass and metals, plus the inclusion of some form of water feature.

November 12 enjoys being surrounded by living things so that potted plants should be a strong feature in the home. Add an indoor water feature such as small indoor garden with a waterfall or fishpond surrounded by healthy plants and vegetation, to keep you in touch with mother earth and you Scorpio sign element of water.

Mars, the ancient god of war is the ruler over your sign, and some form of its representation within the home might inspire you to consider any potential arguments or disputes more wisely. These could take the form battle war images, war medals, or replicas of battle attire.

The bedroom is an important place for the November 13 as an environment in which to release that more sensual side of your nature. Some appropriate sexy bed linen such as leopard skin design sheets and a substantial bed, plus mirrors and musk scent should keep you touch with your instincts.

On the out doors front, the November 13 is likely to enjoy being in an environment of wide-open spaces. Nighttimes in particular should appeal to you as the sounds of the nightlife open up.

As example, the sounds of a jungle in the dark, the African savannah, or a forest can tend to provide you with both stimulation as well as a sense of comfort and interest. Night birds and other forms flying nightlife could well be something of particular interest to you.

In the garden you are likely to predominately favor leafy trees, bushes or hedges. An easy maintained lawn with a central water piece setting should provide the support of your ruling element of water. This could take the form of a small pond with or without fish, or a small water fountain.

A rock garden can be a great inspirational feature for you and something that will support your birth dates connection to the earth.

Your special numbers are 6 and 3. The thirteenth day of the eleventh month reduces to six, and the number six identifies with that of love, the harmonizing of activities, and that of the mutual benefit from both giving and receiving. The 318th day of the year reduces to three, and the number three identifies with the provision of a natural inherent sense of creative personality development.