November 12 Birthday.


YOUR SIGN – Scorpio.

SYMBOL: The Scorpion.


YOUR RULERS –  Mars, Pluto, Neptune. 

November 12  Birthday interpretation.

Being a November 12 Scorpio birth date you are by nature, a very energetic individual who will be up with the sun every morning in order to be able to get the most out of each day.

This November 12 birth date identifies with a path for exploration and discovery, and in this respect you will engage in activities aimed at both the seeking out information and in the gaining of possessions.

You are endowed with the ability to be able to delve deeply in order to probe beneath the surface of things because you are fully aware that there is always more than meets the eye when considering most matters.

From a vocation- career viewpoint, your investigative qualities could indicate the probability that you could well excel in any form of activity that involves the dreaming up of, and the initiation of new concepts and ideas.

The November 12 birth date can hold a strong connection with earth, and in this respect there is a strong likelihood that you will feel a strong connection with nature. This together with the enthusiastic and energetic factors of your nature could result in you having a keen interest in the cause for matters of an environmental nature.

You enjoy the ability and skill to be able to extract that which you may need from just about any type of situation, and of being able to make the most of things. These are qualities to indicate that in general, you are likely to be quite a fortunate person from a materialistic viewpoint.

As a November 12 you are an ambitious individual, and one who will take considerable pride in your achievements and success in life. The danger associated with this aspect of your nature is a potential for an unconscious over exploitation of resources. As example, “the end does not always justify the means” and that one only really needs to take what one really needs in life.

You are a very patient person by nature, and one who enjoys an excellent sense for timing. You have the ability to identify when to hold back, to wait, and to watch events as they pan out to the stage where you deem it appropriate for you to act.

This indicates that you are one who is a skilful manipulator of circumstances, however you should also give due attention to take care that whatever you end up setting into motion will prove to be as beneficial for any other person as it may be for you.

Aspects associated with this November 12 birth date suggest a sensual and sexy reputation. As a Scorpio you carry the qualities of a romantic, passionate and emotional individual, and are likely to make a great impression upon your love partners.

There are also traits for obsession, jealousy, and possessiveness, connected with the Scorpio sign. Often, such negative feelings can arise out of something you either sense, or overhear from others. This can result in your imagining things that are blown out of all proportion to the factual realities.

You may need to learn to control such feelings in order to avoid the distress and unhappiness that can often eventuate

Your life is about transformation, alteration, change and experimentation – so that when considering artistic pursuits, you are likely to enjoy playing with shapes and forms. Creating shapes in clay on a potter’s wheel could well be a hobby interest for you, as indeed could be the art of glass blowing.

The November 12 has a great sense of humor, and you will be one who will enjoy both the hearing of jokes and comical situations, as well as in the expression of such comedy yourself. You might like to keep a record of your favorite jokes to pull out and share with others on appropriate occasions.

The colors of scarlet, the reddish-gold color known as “titian”, and an off-white light almond color known as “bisque”, resonate well with this birth date.

The minerals of “green quartz” and “moss agate” are gemstones that can help to harmonize your senses for simplicity and practicality.

A home with views of nature should appeal to those of this birth date. While a rural setting might be preferable, a town setting that includes some views of trees and vegetation might well be a must have.

With you inherent appreciation for shape and form, you may well be attracted to items made from metals or marbles. You are likely to find that sculpture pieces of such materials could feel particularly calming as well as being pleasant to your eye.

As a November 12 you have an inherent appreciation for life, and that of living things. In this respect you will gain great home enjoyment from surrounding yourself with plenty of potted flower and plant life.

The kitchen can be the perfect place in which to apply your sense for experimentation. This might take the form of the conjuring of some new recipes for culinary delights, or even be a place in which you conduct some other form of experimentation such as trying out some ideas involving scientific chemical or other material mixtures.

On the outdoor front, the November 12 can find interest and fascination in landscape environments that involve deep valleys and canyons. The natural features of volcanic thermal areas could be of particular interest.

Gardening may not be your number one forte, but you will appreciate a garden area that features some fine leafy trees, bushes or hedges. An easy-care lawn should provide a pleasant walk about setting and, to cater to your ruling element of water, consider a water feature within the garden. This could take the form of an easily maintained pond with gold fish and lilies, or a water fountain system.

Include some items or objects that will be favorable to your visual appreciation for form and shape. These could take the form of sculptured items or even some metallic new age art pieces.

Your special numbers are 5 and 2. The twelfth day of the eleventh month reduces to five, and the number five represents that of change, adaptability, and the methodology for accomplishment. The 317th day of the year reduces to two, and the number two contributes the element of division. The ability to identify that, while things may be alike in one respect they can be quite different in another.