November 11 Birthday.


YOUR SIGN – Scorpio.

SYMBOL: The Scorpion.


YOUR RULERS –  Mars, Neptune. 

November 11  Birthday interpretation.

As a November 11 Scorpio birth date you are one who will tend to feel your emotions extremely intensely, and for you, it is important that you have the outlets through which you can express your emotions creatively.

You are endowed with a wealth of talents, and in particular you have a natural talent for pursuits of an artistic nature.

You can be subject to many moods swings, and are one who will have deep emotional needs.

Other qualities associated with this November 11 birth date, indicate that you may experience considerable difficulty at times in making decisions or choices of a moral or emotional nature. This characteristic for indecision can result in you feeling anxious and downhearted at times.

The element of restlessness identifies with this November 11 birth date. For example, when at home you are likely to yearn to be away doing something else, such as traveling, and then when away from home you are likely to start yearning to return to your home ground.

Intelligence, energy, and the ability to work hard are qualities that feature in this day, together with an inherent skill and talent for communication. Those of this birth date are natural communicators, and although you will be talkative by nature, your preference is likely to be able to deal or connect with others in a more indirect manner, as opposed to face to face.

A profession or career in communication that enables you to reach out to other people via means of the written word, or through the format of images would be of great attraction for you. In this respect, the Internet could well become a important and valuable aspect in your life.

The Internet is an arena through which you can freely express your views and opinions. It will provide the facility through which you can intercommunicate with, and become involved in the lives of others, and to express your imaginations and inner thoughts freely.

As a November 11 Scorpio, you are one who will be more than willing to pursue the course of your own moral instincts, honor and integrity, and will be prepared to do so even where faced by a formidable opposition, or even wide ranging public opinion. As example, this is the characteristic of one who will more than prepared stand up and fight for a cause in which they sincerely believe in.

As a Scorpio you are romantic, passionate and emotional. You can also hold personality traits for obsession, jealousy, possessiveness, and the tendency to hold a grudge at times.

Quite often such negative feelings can arise out of something you overhear or sense in others with result that you can tend to generate imaginations within your mind that are, in actual reality, out of all proportion to the facts. Such personality traits need to be controlled in order to avoid the distress and unhappiness that can eventuate.

Dress wise the November 11 will project a smart appearance where circumstance dictate. On those more casual occasions however, your more sensual trait can immerge in a liking for dress ups and costumes that could well be of a very daring and revealing nature. In your clothing you are one that likes change and are likely to change your clothes quite frequently.

The number eleven in this birth date has a traditional association with the sphere of occult or magical activity. In addition, since certain other influences connected to this day identify with a powerful empathy with nature, you could be one with an interest in the historical world of ancient cultures, rituals, the magical arts, and material associated with paganism.

The colors of scarlet, crimson, black, magenta, emerald green, and caramel resonate well with this birth date. When you are engaged in any form of artistic creativity consider wearing something that incorporates the color of rich emerald green. This can help you to not only express your emotions to the fullest extent but also to achieve the results you desire.

“Amber” is a mineral to have to hand to assist you with your decision-making, and both “obsidian” and “fire agate” are gemstones that can help to inspire your patience and enhance your sense of courage.

A home that looks out upon a rural, park like or vegetated setting would resonate well with you November 11 birth date affinity to nature.

A color scheme décor that while stylish, project the monochromatic effect of appearing to be based upon the variation of one color could resonate well to those of this birth date. When considering images within the home such as pictures, paintings or photographs you could again tend to favor a monochromatic effect in modernistic styles, and black and white type prints could form favorites for you.

As a November 11 birth date you are unlikely to like items or objects that are mismatched, and you will prefer to a limited number of thing that are of good quality rather than quantity.

As a November 11 you should seek to surround yourself with those things that tend to bring out the child in you, as this can generate the inspiration toward you realizing your potential.

You creative pursuits form an important part of your make and you should ensure space within the home for such activities. This could take the form of you kitchen a table – a great place for you, or a comfortable basement area with a comfortable sturdy chair in which to sit back and contemplate in. You have an active mind, and need a place to which to retire to at times.

The bedroom is the place for the sensual November11. Some leopard skin design sheets or perhaps, some deep sensual burgundy colored linen ware. A substantial bed, mirrors and musk scent should keep you touch with your instincts. Where possible a northerly outlook from your bedroom will be in keeping with your thoughtful nature.

On the out doors front, the November 11 is likely to have affinity with a wide variety of nature landscape environments.

A structured garden with a lawn or lawns that include a small fishpond with glinting red fish such as goldfish that can help calm your water nature and inspire your thinking toward creative concepts, ideas or projects.

A rock garden can be a great inspirational feature for you and something that will support your birth dates connection to the earth.

An herb garden could well appeal to your particular nature, providing herbs for your culinary activities.

Your special numbers are 4 and 1. The eleventh day of the eleventh month reduces to four, and the number for identifies with the ordering and regulating principle of life. The 316th day of the year reduces to one, and the number one contributes both that of a singleness of purpose and a normality of isolation. In other words, you are one who can feel alone even when in the midst of others.