November 10 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Scorpio.

SYMBOL: The Scorpion.


YOUR RULERS –  Mars, Pluto, Neptune. 

November 10  Birthday interpretation.

This is a birth date carrying strong association with the qualities of the adventurer or pioneer.

As a November 10 birth date you are endowed with a great deal of personal courage. You are one who is prepared to leap into the unknown while at the same time, you are more than prepared to risk everything in order to discover what might exist, or result at the end of such action.

This is a path of bravely traversing new thresholds in life, and will necessitate you delving deep beneath any surface appearance in order to penetrate into the inner realities of what you can see.

You are both inspired, and consumed with a sense of mystery about life, and one who is unlikely to be prepared to accept any generalized, non-specific, or insincere answers to your questions.

The November 10 will enjoy considerable reserves of energy and drive that, where combined with your excellent ability to be ably to converse extremely persuasively, provide for excellent tools to support your ability to achieve your chosen career goals in life. In fact your speaking skills could well constitute the principal bases for success in your career.

Your November 10 birthday has heightened sensitivities to the feelings of both yourself and others.

You have an inherent ability to be able to analyze, and to evaluate the personality characteristics of others. It is likely therefore, that you could be called upon, or engaged in, an activity where such skills are applied for the purpose of making decisions about other individuals.

The water element associated with this birth date however, can indicate that your assessment or judgment of others might be a little too over-considerate, or soft.

As a risk taker, and one who likes to push the limits, it is the excitement that you experience from the tension involved that is so very stimulating for you. As example, what might eventuate as result of a risky action you might take.

Even when in calm and serene situations you are likely to add a certain spice to events by creating some aspect that will intensify the emotional content in the air.

As a November 10, you are one who will need the energy of others in order to provide the stimulation you desire. As example, it’s likely that you enjoyed horror films as a child even though they may, or may not, have scared you, and in later life you are likely to favor action films and science fiction.

As a Scorpio you have strong inherent qualities of sexual energy, passion, emotion, and charisma with result that you are likely to make considerable impression upon your love partners.

You will have no difficulty in accepting your sexuality, and on the physical front, you quite literally gain enjoyment from being admired by others.

As example, you are likely gain the enjoyment and thrill from wearing revealing clothing, and could be one of the first to risk jumping up onto nightclub stage where invited, to perform a sexy pole dance. Some Scorpios find work in the escort industry caters to their on-the-edge outlook to life.

Obsession, jealousy, possessiveness, are other qualities identified with the sign of Scorpio with result that at times you might find yourself feeling jealous because you overhear, or sense something unsettling, and then can tend to dream things up in your mind that are out of all proportion. These are aspects of your characters that if not controlled, can result in considerable unhappiness.

Learn to concentrate solely upon your own personal development and allow others the freedom to attend to theirs.

As a November 10 you will have a fair degree of artistic ability, and in particular, a great sensitivity when it comes to color.

With a mind for logical thought, you could find yourself attracted any form of activity where you can apply that ability. As example, questionnaire quizzes, cross-examination of facts, interviews etc.

The colors of red, azure, blueberry, and butterscotch resonate well with your birth date. Where you want, or need to maximize personal potential on any particular important day, then consider wearing a

scarf, necktie, or other dress accessory, that incorporates the colors of   bright red with azure (bluish/gray) stripes.

The mineral of “moonstone” can help to clarify your vision, and the “tiger-eye” gem provides a support to your sense of courage.

On the home front, a comfortable home with scenery outlooks of an interesting nature will appeal to the November 10.

Red is a good color for you, it can help to encourage to you to be a little more objective in outlook. You might like to include some of the color red within your home décor, and this could take the form of red dining room table settings, red candles, or some other form of objects such as mineral rocks or stones, that have a reddish color for example.

Quartz crystal resonates well with you birth date and you might gain great pleasure in owning and displaying some very attractive polished geodes of minerals. Geodes take the form of a hollow rock with crystals lining the inside walls.

Some representation of your ruling element of water within the home should appeal to your nature. These could take the form of an actual water feature such as a fish tank, or take the form of images such as some old sea maps or navigational charts mounted in frames.

The bedroom forms an important part of the home for the November 10. It’s a place to express the sensual element of your nature. A large brass bed with tiger or leopard print bed linens could well inspire your senses or alternatively, a waterbed with such linens could achieve the same.

Outdoor environments that inspire that adventurous aspect of your nature should appeal. Both high country and sea foreshore environments are likely to inspire your interests and imaginations.

In the garden, a water feature such as a water fountain, pond or water urns with water lilies would help to enhance a sense of tranquility and provide the supporting influence of water, the ruling element of the sign of Scorpio.

Your garden should be designed to be as colorful as possible throughout the seasons and could well incorporate some sensual artistic imagery in the form of statuettes.

Your special numbers are 3 and 9. The tenth day of the eleventh month reduces to three, and the number three represents that of imagination, development and growth. The 315th day of the year reduces to nine, and the number nine brings with it the element of assurance that you can achieve you objectives at the end of the day. Effectively, you cannot be unsuccessful; you can only learn and develop.