November 1 Birthday.


YOUR SIGN – Scorpio.

SYMBOL: The Scorpion.



November 1  Birthday interpretation.

Born on this November 1 Scorpio birth date, yours is a life path favored by the elements of chance and discovery. This is an aspect of your personality that you should give due consideration to, and look to identifying and seizing upon the significance and potentialities of those apparent random, and chance events that arise in your life.

As example, if something deviates you from a particular course then go with the flow of that new direction. Learn to accept and to trust in the flow of your life, and how to release your ideas and concepts of how it should be. Your inherent enthusiasm for the unpredictability in your life assures that all will be well.

As a November 1 birth date you are a very clever and astute when it come to matters of strategy. While you are by nature a quiet and unassuming character, you have been gifted with the ability to be a shrewd judge of character.

You will by nature always tend to hold your cards close to your chest or, in other words, you will tend to observe rather than talk, and keep your thoughts and observations to yourself.

You have that inherent ability to be able, and with and aura of sensitivity, delve into, and to penetrate, the emotional blocks and walls that others may put up to conceal their feelings, thoughts or true personality traits.

This aspect of your personality combined with your excellent intellect indicates that you would be a great person to have involved in business meeting and negotiations. You would be one who would tend to see and identify matters very swiftly and, will be highly careful and diplomatic in any thing you may say.

Another characteristic associated with this November 1 birth date indicates you are one who is likely to have a high sense of personal morality and ethics. There is the strong possibility that in your case, this strong code of personal behavior could arise as result of some strongly held religious belief.

The November 1 birth date identifies with one who has a strong restless energy combined with a relatively strong will. This combination forms a powerful influence that needs direction. In your case it could be advisable to direct it towards arenas for creativity and enlightenment.

There is the influence of a strong protective power associated with this day, and that should ensure that you would tend to be able to avoid any really dreadful or appalling experiences in your life.

November 1 is a birth date that has many connections to matters associated with that of occultism. There is a strong possibility that you already have interest in the arenas of the mysterious and unknown.

If you decide to take a greater interest in such matters then a course on “tarot” reading or, aromatherapy massage could be for you. You might even develop your skills to the point of turning them into a full time occupation.

Professional counseling, psychological, and physical healing could be other career areas in which your talents can prove of value.

As a November 1 you have a strong passionate and romantic streak. You are likely to have a preference for stable long-term stable relationships.

Obsession, jealousness and possessiveness are traits associated with Scorpio, and these can form negative aspects of your personality that can result in unhappy situations. Situations that might well arise as result of totally unjustified suspicions on your part.

The colors of red, pink, black, off-white, and sky blue resonate well with this birth date.

The greenish yellow of the “cat’s-eye chrysoberyl” mineral is a good symbolic stone for you, and a “double terminated quartz crystal” carried about your person can help to inspire your creativity. A terminated crystal is formed when six faces of quartz join to form a point. When both ends of a crystal join, it then forms a “double terminate crystal”

On the home front, the November 1 will desire to create an atmosphere of stability, comfort, and a sense of security that comes from being within familiar surroundings

Metal-framed mirrors are excellent items to have within your home. Consider some full-length mirrors in addition to smaller versions positioned within the various rooms of the home.

An appropriate addition to your home would be a religious icon; especially one in white marble, and you might like to consider keeping some larger quartz crystals about the home.

Having an aquarium in your home can be another measure to help to counter balance your tendency for restlessness. The water will help to dampen the fire energy inherent in your birth date.

You are likely to gain great enjoyment from flowers and plants. You appreciate living things so that some potted plants about the home are for you. Red is a good color for you, so consider having some potted plants in the home that will produce red blooms.

A waterbed could be something you will enjoy in the bedroom, and you could find that meditation music just before sleep, a great calming and inspirational tool.

On the out doors front, the November 1 will like the natural outdoor environments of heath lands, and the wide open arena of fields or low lands with streams or water courses running through.

In your garden a similar spectrum for open space will appeal with lawn and limited areas for plant life and vegetation. A low maintenance garden is for you, and small plants in the way of succulents sited in rock garden areas should be good.

A small pond or water fountain could be a great addition to help temper and calm your potential for restlessness associated with this birthday.

When considering flowers, gold and auburn colored blooms can help to inspire your energy levels.

Your special numbers are 3 and 9. The first day of the eleventh month reduces to three, and the number three represents that of development. The 306th day of the year reduces to nine, and the number nine contributes a sense of foregone conclusion to your success.