North Node in the 8th House


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Around the city of the Ordinary, the fortress wall of Extremeness rises. In tradition, this person appreciates what constitutes the background of life – nature, the general environment (cityscape, small household items, etc.); in people of the past, he values the power of conviction, loyalty to his idea, that is, personal ethics, which he tries to copy and considers as a model (another question is how real it works out). In the emerging social innovations, he, first of all, appreciates the fact that they are burying an obsolete past, and observes how this happens (sometimes, with a strong North Node, he participates himself). He is also interested in what new social currents offer ways to overcome various stressful and marginal situations, and he can actively engage in relevant activities. Internal development requires the development of a balance of personal and group ethics: the first seems to be an unshakable basis that allows only minor changes, the second, on the contrary, is subject to development and coordination with the personal. It is not so easy and, perhaps, a person will have to change more than one team and spend a lot of work in order to discover his true ethics and personal system of values, which do not come into insoluble contradictions with the duty to the collective and its value system.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

Here Rahu points to a picky, grumpy person who makes money with dubious means. These people suffer from public condemnation and may become involved in cases involving poisons, drugs, or medications. They are deceived by others, or they themselves cheat others by charging on their money. But they also have a certain piety; they can live long, but their death will be unnatural.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

A person is unhappy in family life. Family breakup, divorce. If the VIII house is Sagittarius or Pisces, it gives a person, rather, spiritual than material and practical. The eternal lack of money. In good signs and aspects – attractive appearance, “sex appil”; in the bad – violations in this area. If the VIII house is Gemini or Virgo, the person will be a kind of “sex bomb” and live the Aredian centuries. The marriage will be successful and will help him in life. Good intuition, interest in occult pursuits. Lack of chronic diseases.

Martin Schulman. Lunar Nodes in Houses

Here, at the most basic level, you are experiencing a powerful inner struggle. It is your karma to overcome the extreme possessiveness of past incarnations. Until you master this, it will be difficult for you to find meaning in what you cannot own. You are jealous of other people’s property, wanting to have whatever you notice. For some, this develops into an insatiable passion for possession, and there is little that can lead them away from the pursuit of their desires. Almost always your life revolves around sexual power, and almost always sexual understanding is highly distorted. There is something animal in you, and you openly or in disguise ignore the cultural influence of society. In past lives, you did not fully understand the importance of other people’s values, but continued on your own path without realizing how you affected others. You have accumulated so many needs that no matter how much you fulfill them, the most significant needs always seem out of reach. You are like the proverbial donkey following a carrot tied to his head, but he hardly realizes that he himself put it there. Your loved ones would give you the moon if it made you happy, but they, like you, know that it will be a short-lived toy, which, in the end, will be replaced by another need. It seems that you feel like you should have everything! It is a “lump of immoderation” in all directions. It is difficult for you to change your habits, even if you realize that you are on a disastrous path. At every intersection, you go to the extreme. Having discovered your mistakes, you are so far from the starting point that you find it impossible to see your way back. Thus, you continue to move on the wrong path, because this is the only path that your eyes can see. In some cases, you may come into conflict with the law, but when you see your mistake, you will try to convince other people that you are right. More than a person with any other Node position, you must learn to control yourself, as without discipline, indulging your past incarnation desires, it is too easy to destroy your current life. Some people with this position of the Nodes are so weak of character that they come close to death, which opens their eyes to a new understanding and appreciation of life. Others go through extremely difficult sexual episodes, and only then evaluate their behavior. But the karmic lesson is always the same. You try so hard to advance that you ultimately destroy all the positions you have reached. Through the symbolic death of redundant behavior patterns, you can ultimately experience a new birth. The rest of the past life presents too many physical and material concerns. The main growth in your current life is based on your ability to seek out the power for rebirth from the depths of your existence. You often take an interest in the occult, acquiring the knowledge necessary to achieve regenerative transformation. Whatever you undertake, there will be chaos in everything, since you are a supporter of extreme views. However, the combined karmic residue of stubbornness and laziness continues to delay your rebirth. Your soul wants transformation, but you don’t have enough energy for that. The hardest part for you is learning to leave no trace, as you so desperately want to be impressive that you continue to make your life harder. Relationships are extremely important to you. In past incarnations, you used to view the world as a social caste system, and within this framework you continue to fight for status, always believing that some people are more privileged than others. Through your North Node in the eighth house, you must symbolically kill this past life value system and experience a lasting metamorphosis that will ultimately align you with the values of others. By listening to your loved ones, you must learn a lot from them. Most of your thoughts about sex come from a deep-seated desire to destroy the physical plane. This causes you to loathe yourself and the physical and material life you have led for so long. Overt or covert lust, as well as jealousy and envy of money or business, spirals your life to a point of no return. When you achieve this, you accept other people’s value systems to find your way back. But you have to discard everything that you once thought was important, as if you are being asked to step back behind the line and wait for your turn. Every time a new and more refined value appears before you, you must learn to eliminate in yourself everything that blocks its acceptance. You will start a new life at the bottom of the ladder. The slowness of the ascent will make you deeply appreciate every inch of your way upward. Truly, these Nodes indicate a difficult life, but the deeply ingrained positions of past incarnations are to blame. Until the transition is complete, you can expect your current life to be a financial tug-of-war. You must learn the karmic lesson that property is owned in order to use it, and that it is not necessary to own more than what is directly useful. When you stop wasting life energy, you can become a real dynamo in the business world. However, you should never forget that you should burn the bridges to protect yourself from sliding back to the levels you fought to get through. You must understand the biblical story of Lot, who, when he was finally delivered from Sodom and Gomorrah, was asked to leave the city, not to take any property with him, and under no circumstances to look back. The North Node in the eighth house can contribute to the rebirth or degeneration of an individual. It depends on the strength of your own faith. To reach the heavens of this Nodal position, one must first go through the underworld and in the very depths of the earth realize that God will hear a subtle cry for help as soon as a person sincerely promises “not to look back.” The sign that contains the South Node shows the past life value system that must be reborn. The sign that contains the North Node indicates the path of rebirth.

Francis Sakoyan. Nodes in Houses

The north node in the Eighth House indicates an ease in establishing and maintaining financial efforts. This ease is the result of an inner awareness of modern business attitudes. Their position on the occult tends to be orthodox and conformist. The position of the South Node indicates the adoption of a more conservative attitude towards money and property. People spend money carefully and look for property that has lasting value. They feel that money is hard to come by and refuse to waste it thoughtlessly.

Larisa Nazarova. Karmic astrology

You will have to repay debts for the II house. Don’t expect big earnings. There is no need to collect treasures on earth. Rahu in the 8th house is an indicator of the accumulation of spiritual fruits. It makes it possible to receive money from some invisible sources – finding a diamond, etc.

Kutalev Denis. Encyclopedia. Nodes in Houses

A picky, grumpy person who makes money with dubious means; he suffers from public condemnation and may be involved in cases involving poisons, drugs or medical preparations; he is sometimes deceived by other people or he deceives others by charging for their money; but he also has a certain piety; he may live a long time, but his death may be unnatural. Ketu in the II house – visual weakness, stuttering or some other speech defect, earning a living by unusual means, periods of dependence on others are possible; harmony in relationships between family members can be weakened, and the person can have inappropriate eating habits.

Het Monster. Nodes in Houses Signs. (Indian tradition)

A person is unhappy in family life. Family breakup, divorce. If the VIII house is Sagittarius or Pisces, it gives a person, rather, spiritual than material and practical. The eternal lack of money. In good signs and aspects – attractive appearance, “sex appil”; in the bad – violations in this area. If the VIII house is Gemini or Virgo, the person will be a kind of “sex bomb” and live the Aredian centuries. The marriage will be successful and will help him in life. Good intuition, interest in occult pursuits. Lack of chronic diseases. Ketu in the II house – A person is poor, will suffer from depression and feel unhappy all his life. Addiction to lies, alcohol, drugs; speech defect is possible. If the 2nd house is Gemini or Virgo, the person will receive an education and generally know a lot, especially in the humanitarian fields. There will be money, good food and good looks. An excellent speaker, although still prone to lying. Family life is unsuccessful.

Het Monster. Nodes in Houses Signs. (Indian tradition)

A person will distribute everything that he has. Usually committing sinful activities. He may have problems with his left ear or eye, and if Rahu is still in a “hostile” sign, then he will have nothing but troubles from sex. If the XII house is Gemini or Virgo, the person will be thrifty to the point of stinginess. He will successfully trade with foreign countries, in general ^ with remote regions, and get pleasure from sex. Ketu in the VI house – A person will be able to defeat enemies. However, he may have strange, difficult to diagnose diseases. There may be problems with weight, which cannot be changed in any way. There may be difficulties in relationships with colleagues, subordinates because of the envy of the latter. If the VI house is Gemini or Virgo, health will be excellent, relationships with subordinates and colleagues, too.



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