North Node in the 7th House


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

When trying to dissolve in a partner, the personality precipitates. This aspect gives a very personal relationship to a tradition that deeply worries a person; he can identify with one or another of its elements, but approves (in case of defeat, he can outwardly deny) it as a whole, as an idea necessary for the normal existence of a person and society. In reality, however, it is needed (by him, and even more so by society) less than it seems to him, although it provides the means for perceiving the world and expressing oneself, which, with the accented South Node, can severely limit a person. On the contrary, a person is critical of new trends in society; but towards many phenomena that it does not accept, it is openly hostile, and according to this principle it can even acquire enemies. However, he will certainly discuss the new that he will accept with his partner and begin to follow this with him, and it is possible that he will meet his future spouse at a super-fashionable group, lecture or performance. One of the most important tasks of the internal development of this person is to work out his relationship with the internal enemy and the principles and ethics of external hostility and partnership; here many discoveries and great opportunities await him. On the contrary, work on the personality as such, that is, programs of perception and self-expression, should have the character of repair, albeit a major one, but the basic structures should remain in place as a reliable mental foundation.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

This position is not conducive to enjoying family life. The behavior of marriage partners can be licentious or dishonest. The mind of such people is agitated. They are strong and independent in nature and have some success in the communications business. They are genuinely dedicated to their duties. It is difficult to recognize them closely.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Difficulties in family life. There is no harmony in the family: the partner creates problems that constantly have to be solved. The partner can be a secular person, famous or with dictatorial inclinations. If there are no good aspects in Rahu, divorce is inevitable. If the VII house is Gemini or Virgo, problems with the spouse remain, only he is an even more famous person.

Martin Schulman. Lunar Nodes in Houses

Here, the individual must learn many lessons in the areas of partnership, marriage, interaction and cooperation with others. In past incarnations, he had to account only to himself for all his thoughts and actions. Now, in today’s life, his soul recalls all the individualism and independence that he enjoyed. He can play a good listener to be accepted by society, but he rarely accepts the advice given to him. Instead, he spends most of his energy developing existing abilities, constantly seeking approval for the efforts he makes. He never pays as much attention to others as to himself, although he hardly admits it openly. The individual wants to be unsurpassed and will try his best to secure a position for himself where his dominion will not be challenged. If the rest of the horoscope indicates strength, then it is truly an individual who wants to be the “King of the Hill”. Although his experience in this incarnation teaches him to sacrifice for others, he never really sacrifices himself, as he spent his life getting to the point where he is now independent in spirit. He can maintain relationships with other people as long as they do not constrain his freedom. If he feels that someone close to him is hindering his self-expression, he will do everything he can to free himself from the relationship. Thus, marriage presents some difficulties for him. Individuals with this Node position are lonely, divorced, or at least consciously separated from their marriage partner. They find it hard to believe that the continuation of their own past selfishness creates all the problems that they now blame others for. They must learn to give from their hearts, not symbolically throw the dice here and there, just to calm the pack. This individual is usually so out of tune with himself as part of the larger universe that he is willing to develop a chronic injury or hindrance, either physical or emotional, which he ultimately uses for empathy. Failure or failure is unbearable for him, so he constantly feels the need to prove his worth. Sometimes others see him as a fighter, well protected against any threats to his ego. Since he genuinely dislikes being dependent on others, his loyalty is questionable. Past incarnations have taught him to be true to himself, and this is where his loyalty ends. For those who want to join him, he will be an intercessor, but he will rarely try his best to connect with them. He is a “loner”, conscious of his own unique personality and proud of the characteristics in which he knows he can keep it. His karma is to learn to pay attention to other people. He wants to be in the spotlight and considers himself a more important person than he really is, thus fencing off the very love that he claims he is denied. However, he wants to control others, and on this ability to control he bases his reliability and confidence. He is capable of great achievements, but rarely reaches the level of his potential capabilities, because he is so busy with himself that he cannot see his ideas on a cosmic scale. He must learn to consider the reflections of his thoughts and actions and be aware that there are always two sides of the same coin. Ultimately, he comes to understand that while both sides of an issue may be completely different, neither is better or worse than the other. His main growth occurs when he can distance himself from himself and impartially laugh at all the self-centered ideas that have ruled him in the past. He must, in the end, transmit all the strength, power and confidence accumulated in his previous incarnations to those who need it most. He must do it with all his heart, without a sense of martyrdom. If at the same time he thinks about himself, he will remain on his lonely island. But if his generosity is not mingled with a sense of pride in the transmission, then he can offer limitless benefits as he instills confidence and strength in others. He can give others the willpower to live where no one was, can make others realize their own self-worth. But he should not ask for anything in return, for if he learns to focus his energy on helping others, he will be amazed that God continues to provide for all of his own needs. With this position of the Nodes, he will be unhappy if he concentrates his energy on himself. If he is married, he will have to learn a lot from his second child and also from his relationships with his nephews and nieces. He is destined to devote his life to other people. In fact, he has prepared over many lifetimes to meet the person or people who need him the most. In some cases, his marriage partner is an escapist who needs to be given the strength and confidence to face reality. Whether married or single, this individual will eventually learn that his life is a mission dedicated to another soul or many souls in need more than he is. His karmic lesson is to develop kindness and understanding. For this he is awarded a thousandfold. The sign that contains the South Node indicates ways in which too much of a past self-concern can hinder progress. The sign that contains the North Node indicates the ways in which an individual can achieve fulfillment by sacrificing himself for others.

Francis Sakoyan. Nodes in Houses

This position of the North Node indicates a dexterity in social relations and psychology due to the ability to penetrate into the essence of cultural conditions and modern relations. These people have a natural acumen with regard to diplomacy and tact required in social situations. They are superior to others, especially in seeking partnerships and associations with others. They benefit and benefit from cooperative efforts with others. People with this South Node position tend to be withdrawn, cautious, and conservative in behavior. They may be small in stature and may have various kinds of speech difficulties. These people evaluate the hobbies and public opinions that come up against their own experiences and practical common sense. If they disagree with modern fashion, they will refuse to make a deal with their personal beliefs, even at the risk of losing their personal popularity. Women with this nodal position are usually slow to embrace new styles and trends; they want to make sure that style or flow is more than just a passing whim. In general, a person tends to join conservative traditional cultural values and customs.

Larisa Nazarova. Karmic astrology

Your Karma is marriage. You must take everything from your partner. Give up your “I”, egoism, give yourself to the “slaughter” to your partner. Your calling is in marriage. You cannot live without marriage and the androgenic half. You need to live in the world, not retire.

Kutalev Denis. Encyclopedia. Nodes in Houses

This position is not conducive to enjoying family life; the behavior of a marriage partner may be licentious or dishonest; the person’s mind is agitated; he is strong and independent in character, has some success in the communications business; he is sincerely devoted to his duties; it is difficult to recognize him closely. Chum in the 1st house – usually a thin body, the ability to limit oneself or work hard to achieve a certain goal; at times these people may suffer as a result of family strife, may be strongly interested in spiritual or occult issues, may be absent-minded, carried away by their ardent imagination; the ability of the storyteller and life expectancy may manifest.

Het Monster. Nodes in Houses Signs. (Indian tradition)

Difficulties in family life. There is no harmony in the family: the partner creates problems that constantly have to be solved. The partner can be a secular person, famous or with dictatorial inclinations. If there are no good aspects in Rahu, divorce is inevitable. If the VII house is Gemini or Virgo, problems with the spouse remain, only he is an even more famous person. Chum in the 1st house – Constant perturbations, lack of peace in the house. The spouse will “command”, pursuing mainly his own interests. The person himself will have a spiritual, even ascetic nature, interested in occultism. The constitution is weak, constant health problems. Poisoning tendency. Ketu in conjunction with the assessor gives a timid, inconspicuous personality, a lack of moral principles is possible. In general, the personality is amorphous, different in every setting. If the 1st house is Gemini or Virgo, a person will have intuition that reaches clairvoyance, it is easy to understand problems that seem insoluble to others; he will be respected for this, and he can achieve fame, but he himself is of little interest. If the 1st house is Cancer or Leo, negative predictions are amplified. Ketu comes into full force at the 48th year of life.



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