North Node in the 6th House


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Corvée is being replaced by quitrent. This person is attracted by the traditions of impersonal service that have developed in society – monasteries, hermits, national heroes who gave their lives to selfless selfless work for the benefit of their people. In this he sees the connection of times and the basis for the further continuous development of society, accepting new forms of self-sacrifice and also making sacrifices extremely negatively or, in any case, very skeptically. He is interested in new trends in society in aspects of attitudes toward health, new forms of everyday work, the use of tools and means of labor, as well as forms of rendering and accepting services. The most responsible moments for him will be the moments of joining the sixth and twelfth houses, when personal labor turns into sacrificial and impersonal: here a person will have too rigid ideas about what the size and nature of the victim should be and too vague and mobile opinions about the nature of the participation of the person and species its imprint on the result of labor. In the inner life of a person, the programs of the subconscious will be fundamental and fully formed, which control his behavior in loneliness and sacrificial situations, which thereby will be close and understandable to him. New, interesting and promising areas of its internal development relate to the development of new ways of maintaining health, various production skills and, in general, personal labor, where a person can discover a variety of opportunities, especially in areas defined by aspects of the North Node.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

This indicates a human warrior going his own way. Such people are interested in foreign countries or may be successful in import and export operations. They usually have a good life span, but they suffer from problems of the excretory system and from anxiety from spirits, ghosts. They work hard and can fulfill many responsibilities.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Good position. A person has great vitality, good health. Long life. He will defeat all his enemies, without even applying too much force to it. He will achieve prosperity and universal respect. Areas of action: service, medicine, food industry. If the 6th house is Gemini or Virgo, positive predictions are strengthened.

Martin Schulman. Lunar Nodes in Houses

You spend most of your time in deep thought. You love to be alone to allow your inner thoughts to sift through the karmic memories of all your past incarnations. This does not mean that you do not like the company or even that you are aware of what you are doing. The fact is that you go so deep that you completely forget about everything you think about. You are losing yourself in yourself. The conscious reason for going inward is always based on logical intention, but you tend to reach the point where all logic eludes you. The Neptunian subtlety of the depths you reach remains a mystery even for you! One of your greatest problems is that while you remain within yourself, you prevent others from stabilizing your mental journeys. As a result, you accumulate immense fears of your past life, having no idea if they are real or imaginary or just a condensed collection of mental scenery of your inner travels. However, the foundation of your outer life is built on fear and imagination, and no matter how strong the rest of the card is, a person may not always find self-confidence. You are like a turtle constantly peeking out of its shell. People close to you see your life as a tendency to avoid anything that seems real. You spend most of your time watching others from the back of a through-view mirror. Ultimately, you begin to believe that the rest of the world is viewing you with the same scrutiny. Latent paranoia is built into this position of the Nodes. You are an extremely poor organizer. You always feel that there are not enough hours in the day to complete your work. Your problem is that you don’t know how to plan your time, and as a result, you are constantly trying to keep up with the present. Much like a bunny with a pocket watch from Alice in Wonderland, you have to hurry up all the time to avoid being late. Part of your life will be associated with hospitals, institutes or organizations that require you to structure your way of doing things. He needs this in order to get out of his inner “I”. The big karmic lesson for you is to learn responsibility instead of feeling sorry for all the misfortunes that seem to befall you. More than any other in the zodiac, you cry at the slightest wound, real or imagined. Sometimes this cry is internal, but it is always present, because at the deepest levels you feel that the love that you should give goes unnoticed and unappreciated. Because you think so, you become discouraged; and woe to the person who tries to pull you out, since then you will use a receptive listener for all your past grievances, fears and worries that you have not even verbalized yet! With all this, you represent a bottomless well of excitement and torment, where there is no deep enough faith in a positive outcome of events. You must work to build trust in order to gain the strength to emerge from your shell. Then you will become one of the most compassionate, wonderful and helpful people in the zodiac. Your North Node in the sixth house gives you great pleasure in helping others, but you cannot do it well until you realize and accept the fact that in this incarnation you have chosen a life of self-sacrifice. You must learn to organize your thoughts, work and eating, as you are a born healer, able to defy the limitations of practical medicine with your own more mysterious therapies. But talent is not talent until it is developed and you are no more than you think of yourself. Ultimately, you will find that your greatest gift is faith. But you will have to work long and hard to achieve this realization. Part of your current life will be spent on curing or coping with physical or mental illness in yourself or in those close to you. Your main growth will occur when you realize that the whole disease is disharmony in the body, reflecting disharmony in thinking. Something within you is constantly trying to tell you about it, and you must learn not to let your past fears block what is opening to you now. Many people with this Node position go through the experience of a disease that miraculously disappears to the surprise of doctors and other professional practitioners. The karmic lesson here is to learn about the higher cause, because when understanding is achieved, the newborn faith begins to heal. When you realize the power of your faith, you become a real dynamo. As you strengthen yourself in a more positive train of thought, you automatically learn not to criticize others for the lack of perfection you see in them. Your outlook on life remains clinical: carefully examining and diagnosing everything you come into contact with. Of all the positions of the Nodes, this is the most difficult to reveal past incarnations. The South Node in the twelfth house has completed a karmic path, the details of which should remain forever sealed in the past, even if the elusive entity still remains. Lives of escaping inner torment are complete. You must come to the realization that most of your inner negativity is not related to your current life, but only exists because of your ongoing reflections on the path that is already completed. You still have an inner sense of persecution and persecution that should be buried once and for all, for the more you allow yourself to be immersed in such thoughts, the more you will unintentionally re-create such circumstances. You must learn to be aware of the past as what it is: no more than a memory, no more real than a photograph in his mind that you are free to hold on to for your suffering, or drop it and step into a productive new world. When you bring your mind to a positive and productive outlook on life, you can experience a new meaning for your existence. The sign containing the South Node indicates the ways in which you are blocking progress in his life today through going into karma that you have already completed. The sign containing the North Node indicates ways in which you can now develop a fruitful life through service.

Francis Sakoyan. Nodes in Houses

This position of the North Node indicates that the person is likely to have a socially accepted work environment. Health can also benefit from this North Node position. When these people get sick, they check to see if they are getting the right care. This position favors popularity with the boss and with fellow workers. The South Node in the Twelfth House indicates people who subconsciously do not sympathize with existing attitudes and trends. Feelings of isolation and loneliness, either by choice or by necessity and circumstance. They can even become recluses or hermits, if the rest of the horoscope indicators show a similar trend. They may unexpectedly assume inappropriate responsibilities out of a sense of public duty. People with this disposition may also be subconsciously concerned about the threat to the world.

Larisa Nazarova. Karmic astrology

You need to give up solitude, give everything to work, duty, service.

Kutalev Denis. Encyclopedia. Nodes in Houses

Man is a fighter going his own way; he is interested in foreign countries or may be successful in import-export operations; he usually has a good life span, but suffers from problems of the excretory system and from anxiety from spirits, ghosts; he works hard and has many responsibilities. Chum in the XII house – this indicates less happiness than is usually characteristic of people in the sexual sphere, eye problems, insomnia, and a lot of exhausting trips. These people may be interested in spiritual pursuits, are unable to take good advice, and spend money unproductively. They are criticized by their superiors. Inability to save money and living in secluded places may also show up.

Het Monster. Nodes in Houses Signs. (Indian tradition)

Good position. A person has great vitality, good health. Long life. He will defeat all his enemies, without even applying too much force to it. He will achieve prosperity and universal respect. Areas of action: service, medicine, food industry. If the 6th house is Gemini or Virgo, positive predictions are strengthened. Ketu in the XII house – An excellent position for a spiritually developed personality: interest in sciences, in matters of the spirit, in psychology, the ability to understand the subtleties and delve into the problem. A lot of expenses, often unexpected; debts. Sex is not fun. Often a person indulges in unhealthy, forbidden pleasures, and suffers from the left ear or left eye. If the XII house is Gemini or Virgo, the person will have prosperity and almost no debt. Success in the sciences dealing with matters of spirit. Sex brings maximum pleasure. Success in relations with foreign countries.



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