North Node in the 3rd House


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

The wisdom of the ancestors becomes the mind of the descendants. This person appreciates the traditions of spirituality, religious and philosophical concepts adopted in society and inherited from the past. It seems to him that this is precisely its unshakable foundation, which should, in extreme cases, be carefully restored, but in no case should it be revised as a whole. It seems to him that the existing traditions of spiritual training and expansion of consciousness are optimal and should only be slightly adapted to existing conditions; he is also impressed by the ideal “I”, accepted in society, and he is inclined to absolutize it, forgetting about changes in society and the diversity of human individuals, circumstances and destinies. In general, this is a difficult aspect, which, without elaboration, gives inertia and limitations in spiritual searches, as well as views on foreign countries and cultures; on the other hand, within the limits of his views and attitudes, a person will advance very successfully until he hits a ceiling, which can be removed by activating the North Node in the third house, for example, considering new social ideas and trends in the field of practical learning and personal social ethics. Here a person will be very modern and can even take an active and creative part in these areas. However, practical training is impossible without elements of the spiritual, and changes in personal social ethics always affect the group, in particular, the ideals of the individual, which a person should constantly keep in mind. In the inner life, development proceeds on the basis of solid and stable programs of the subconscious, which control the expansion of consciousness and religious-philosophical sensations, in the direction of constructing new programs of practical training and social communication; in other words, a person easily learns and adapts to any types of social communication, but with great difficulty he masters the types of religious and philosophical experiences and expansion of consciousness that are unusual for himself.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

A lively, open, courageous person: life is full of adventures and decisive actions. Such Rahu promises success, prosperity and fulfillment of desires. Nice voice, many short distance trips. Such a person, however, usually has one child with his parents or is at odds with his younger brother (sister). Longevity. If the III house is Gemini or Virgo, the positive qualities are enhanced. Possible musical or dramatic talent, and great.

Martin Schulman. Lunar Nodes in Houses

This position of the Nodes represents karma in the relationship. You must learn how to fit the interweaving of people and ideas into the framework of your understanding. The South Node in the ninth house shows the emphasis of growth in previous lives. Literally millions of hours of reflection have been spent developing a wealth of wisdom. Much has been sacrificed to do this, especially the enjoyment of meaningful relationships with others. To achieve great growth of the soul, freedom of research was needed without restrictions and reservations. Now you are habitually connected with your sense of freedom from a past incarnation, which you must keep, but you cannot consciously remember why. From time to time you feel wanderlust to visit distant horizons, because somewhere in the distance there is a rainbow that you are used to looking for. You are a mental wanderer, constantly traveling through the vast expanse of your consciousness, stopping only to rest at each oasis that offers a temporary shelter from your restless urge. You are always looking, but it is difficult for you to determine exactly what you are looking for. You confuse others when you curiously try to understand how they live. These are some of your main karmic lessons. You must learn to interact with people. Although you may be happily married or involved in a close relationship, you still have the feelings of a bachelor in your mind. You have to make your life fit exactly into the puzzle nest allowed by all other lives around you. The way you relate and communicate will be tested one after another. Ultimately, you will find yourself connected with a huge number of people, and all the knowledge that you have acquired in previous lives must be put into practice by you. In the relationships of today’s life, you feel frustrated with not enough space to move. This “fencing” of people around you, in the end, destroys the evasiveness and elusiveness of your past life to be and teaches you the art of accurate communication. You are very preoccupied with sexual values, feeling obligated to conquer the power this power has over him. Now you clearly see the presence of the higher and lower “I”, and it is with the pulling force of both that you must fight karmically. You care less about gain than about protecting against loss. You are terribly afraid of losing the freedom to which you are accustomed in past incarnations; however, you must venture such a loss if you intend to interact with people. Once you are willing to take this risk, you will be ready to receive your highest awards. Ultimately, you elevate yourself through reading and purposeful learning, and although you are more accustomed to non-formal learning methods, it is formal education that is bringing everything together for you now. This position of the Knot often causes friction in marriage, as you tend to seek extramarital relationships in order to work out the understanding of personal interaction that you need to develop. One of your most significant lessons is to learn to consolidate your energy, because every time you feel the urge to go further, you tend to leave scattered loose ends behind you. Your life is widespread, not only in the fields of knowledge, but also in the myriad of people you meet and the many places you travel to. You will ultimately be known as the Messenger bringing knowledge to all those who need it. This knowledge, like manna from heaven, falls on their knees at the time of hunger. In essence, you are a teacher of the teachers because although you do not have the patience to teach the class, you are able to provide information to those who need it at any time. You love doing this as it satisfies your past life’s need for movement. As such, you never know how important the information you are distributing is. Nevertheless, you have a tremendous influence on the consciousness of all those with whose lives you come in contact. Your own life is as interesting and complete as an encyclopedia as you try to live much of what you read about. Your movements may suggest relaxation, but you need a lot of movement due to your nervousness. Nervousness should not be seen as a negative trait, but rather as part of your mission. It reminds you that you have a task to complete. When some information comes to you, nervousness works like a trigger, reminding you that you must transfer your knowledge somewhere. In past incarnations, you have avoided drawing conclusions. Now you refuse to make a final judgment about anything, considering it premature, because you know that new information will come constantly. You are outwardly versed in almost all areas. However, on a personal level, you may be misunderstood as the messages you deliver are so disguised that they pass over the heads of others who think you are always chatting about nothing. The fact is that all your words are important, but they have a deep, not superficial value, and they must be interpreted from this point of view. You are indeed the swift-winged messenger of the gods. The sign containing the South Node indicates the illegible ways in which the independent higher intelligence is accustomed to receiving its encoded information. The sign containing the North Node shows how an individual can now translate this knowledge into a language that society can understand and recognize.

Francis Sakoyan. Nodes in Houses

This position indicates the ease of speech and communication in relation to existing social conditions. People tend to use contemporary popular expressions and colloquial words. A lot of social activity. These people’s ideas and mental attitudes are heavily influenced by current social trends and popular beliefs. There can be a strong intellectual awareness of the cultural context of current events. Often this awareness arises through conversations or relationships between a person and their brothers, sisters, or neighbors. The South Node in the Ninth House indicates a cautious and conservative assessment of today’s popular educational, philosophical, and religious ideas. These people are not inclined to blindly adhere to new cultural ideas just because they are popular today. They tend to adhere to traditional values regarding philosophy, education and religion. They may feel a responsibility to teach these traditions or to help others understand moral values more deeply.

Larisa Nazarova. Karmic astrology

Your Karma is clearly not far away. You need to be with relatives. In a past life, you were far from home too much. Now your Karma is here – there will be no happiness far from home. You can’t strive for exoticism and grabbing stars from the sky, they obviously won’t exist. You can’t make long-range plans. You must be the perfect student. We must completely abandon ambition and ambition, especially in terms of information. Your misfortune is abroad, far from your homeland. You should get help from relatives, neighbors, people who are nearby.

Kutalev Denis. Encyclopedia. Nodes in Houses

This strong position of Rahu indicates considerable courage and tolerance; there may be disagreements in marriage; these people are persistent, speak persuasively and suffer criticism for their opinions; there may be abilities to earn fortune and tension with brothers. Ketu in the 9th house is a religious and valiant person, capable of making sacrifices for a good cause; such people have disputes with the authorities, they travel a lot, fail in any financial ventures, experience dangers during voyages, flights, they are worried about pretensely spiritual, hypocritical people; they are careful with money, they are worried about their offspring, they are quick-tempered.

Het Monster. Nodes in Houses Signs. (Indian tradition)

A lively, open, courageous person: life is full of adventures and decisive actions. Such Rahu promises success, prosperity and fulfillment of desires. Nice voice, many short distance trips. Such a person, however, usually has one child with his parents or is at odds with his younger brother (sister). Longevity. If the III house is Gemini or Virgo, the positive qualities are enhanced. Possible musical or dramatic talent, and great. Ketu in the 9th house – If Ketu is not in a “hostile” sign – a brilliant career, especially in one of the humanitarian areas; trips to study abroad are possible, for a believer – trips to holy places. If the sign is “hostile” (Cancer, Leo) – the career will constantly bump into obstacles. If the IX house is Gemini or Virgo, the person will become famous or even famous. He will make a brilliant career and will be respected by people. Perhaps he will lead a strictly spiritual or even ascetic lifestyle.



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