North Node in the 12th House


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

While sacrificing your health, it should at the same time be carefully maintained. This person sees a tradition in the methods of labor, tools, methods of maintaining and restoring health (traditional medicine, etc.) that have been preserved from ancient times. He is skeptical and extremely distrustful of innovations in these areas, believing that they are not only dubious and most often ineffective, but also destroy the connection of society with its past. On the other hand, this person is keenly interested in new social trends associated with the development of charity, helping the seriously ill, infirm, disabled and in trouble. He is also interested in contemporary views on sacrifice, sacrifice, in particular, sacrificial labor, their necessity and significance; in this area, his views are unstable and must be balanced by formalized (even too much) ideas about personal work and the norm of health. The most stable and conservative programs of a person’s subconsciousness will be those that support his tone and health and control the general processes of recovery and loss of strength, as well as not too hard work. Reformed anew and with a large degree of freedom of choice will be the programs of the subconscious that regulate hard work that is meaningless for a person and, in general, his state at the moment of making a sacrifice that is significant for him, as well as programs that include his compassion, mercy and selfless help to the suffering, and regulate behavior when he tries to evoke self-pity.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

This location indicates an interest in occult subjects, frequent travel and residence in a variety of places. These people have heartburn, weak eyes and restless sleep, or strange dreams. Classical texts mention secret sources of income, less than necessary for satisfaction, the level of sexual pleasure and the ability to serve others well.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

A person will distribute everything that he has. Usually committing sinful activities. He may have problems with his left ear or eye, and if Rahu is still in a “hostile” sign, then he will have nothing but troubles from sex. If the XII house is Gemini or Virgo, the person will be thrifty to the point of stinginess. He will successfully trade with foreign countries, in general ^ with remote regions, and get pleasure from sex.

Martin Schulman. Lunar Nodes in Houses

Here the individual experiences a crisis in consciousness. Whether he really is aware of it or not, most of his life is spent in deep thought. He considers the physical world to be debilitating. From time to time he must cope with an illness that takes him out of the arena of competition, greatly affecting his ability to work. He considers the working conditions intolerable: he feels that his work is paid at the lowest rate, or at least everything he offers is underestimated. He is so immersed in the circumstances surrounding everything he does that he allows his attitudes towards work to permeate all areas of his life. He has many previous memories of order and organization, but everywhere he goes he sees chaos. In past incarnations, he was an adherent of perfection, critical of the world around him. Now the imperfections and flaws that he sees weaken him to the point that he feels unable to cope with it. The world is perceived as not giving him everything he can. Some people with this Node position tend to sink into self-pity, while others harbor bitter feelings of resentment and resentment. They envy the welfare of others, believing that they deserve it more. Usually a pompous ego is at the root of the problem. The Self, developed in past incarnations, is now seen as a perfect ideal placed above the rest of humanity. Alone with himself, this individual rarely admits that he looks down on other people. However, secretly, he views everyone as less perfect than himself. He is more willing to be out of work than to do work that he feels is below him. There is no doubt, however, that circumstances will force him to do such work, even if it is against all his principles. By translating annoyance into feelings of depression, he creates one very real illness after another, until eventually he reaches the point where he feels justified to blame his work conditions for poor health. From the past incarnation, he remembers that society “did not let him in”, sees himself as an abandoned child, deprived of wealth in life, which is for others, but somehow not for him. He spends too much energy trying to impress others, but not enough to develop fullness within himself. More than anything else, he must learn to look inward, where he will find the answers to all his problems. Many people with this Node position watch life pass them by, wasting too much energy and spending too much time absorbed in their petty thoughts. The last vestige of nervousness at the South Node in the sixth house literally plagues him. He tries to classify every tiny detail that comes to his attention. He must learn to distinguish between what is important in terms of his life values and what is simply temporary grief that will pass in due time. Because of his constant doubts, the individual creates a sexual problem for himself that is deeply rooted in fears of failure. He is so incapable of facing his fears that he will remedy the problem by developing a pattern of abnormal sexual response designed to mask his feelings of inadequacy. Although he tries not to do so, he continues to view himself as a helpless pebble on the seashore, where thousands are the same. In previous lives, he had managed to control his universe. Now the world seems larger than he would like, and he does everything he can, not to feel too small in comparison. Its growth begins from the moment when it begins to view itself not only as part of a larger whole, but as containing the essence of the entire universe. He must break the tendency of the past incarnation to put the world into small boxes and look for the source of everything within himself. Here he will discover the immense wealth that he so desperately sought. Periods of forced isolation help lead him to higher consciousness. He eventually learns that things can be different, and one is not necessarily better or worse than the other. Taking a deeper look at himself, he realizes that all living conditions completely depend on how much he can give up attempts to subvert the world and redirect his energy to subvert himself. It will be good if he participates in the work of a large institution, where he can develop group consciousness, focusing on the collective good of the whole, rather than sinking into the accumulated remnant of his past bitterness. He will be repeatedly tested in areas that will help him develop compassion until he ultimately sees that by judging others, he is actually hindering his own happiness. His past karma is erased when he learns how to flow smoothly, rather than letting his life continue to be interrupted by petty distractions. He should tune in to the essence of the universe, not try to sort everything into neat little compartments. The branches are like a house of cards, and only after it falls apart will the individual begin to realize that his purpose in life is very far from what he originally thought. He can now learn how to relax and bathe in the beauty of all of God’s creation, and not imagine just a part of God and call the part he sees All. Once he can readily welcome change, bowing to the winds of change, he is on the right track. Eventually, he will leave a world where people manipulate each other and walk through the door to higher harmony. In preparation, he must transcend the subconscious past life memories of the physical problems that still drag him down and begin climbing the cosmic ladder that leads him to awareness of his soul. He must learn how to appreciate the beauty of everything that he sees around him, without getting confused in the details. His life will represent the completion of an idea, much as Dante’s works symbolized the end of a period in literature. When he accepts this, his life work can be the great culmination of everything that has passed before him. While his work may lead him behind the scenes, chances are high that it could make it to public attention. He must also learn that his physical health depends entirely on the purity and stability of his inner spirit. Truly, this is the Nodal position of spirit over matter, and life will be a karmic transition from the world of matter into the consciousness of the infinite spirit. The sign that contains the South Node indicates the ways in which the previous incarnations led the individual to become absorbed in physical matter. The sign that contains the North Node shows how he can now transform his soul into the pure essence of Divine Mind.

Francis Sakoyan. Nodes in Houses

The north node in the Twelfth House indicates people who are mentally in tune with the moods and attitudes of their culture. It can give them an inner sense of community. At the same time, interference with their personal affairs can cause problems. At times, these people find it difficult to hide from unwanted psychic impressions of their cultural environment. Modern attitudes and beliefs can have a strong subconscious, mental impact. On the positive side, the North Node in this house gives everyone empathy, understanding, and compassion for others. The position of the South Node indicates “lonely” when it comes to work. These people are not necessarily popular or enjoyable in the work environment. They must work hard to achieve even modest results. On the positive side, their achievements are valuable, lasting and practical. They tend to be disciplined when it comes to health and diet.

Larisa Nazarova. Karmic astrology

You have worked a lot in the past. Now get alone! Your Fortune is in solitude. It may be a closed institution hospital or a prison, but you are as an employee. Your Karma is to take part in the suffering of others. Such a person must take secret knowledge, must receive secret gifts – he deserves it. And society lays on such a person everything that others do not want to bear.

Kutalev Denis. Encyclopedia. Nodes in Houses

Interest in occult subjects, frequent travel, living in many different places; the person has heartburn, weak eyes, restless sleep, or strange dreams; secret sources of income are possible; the level of satisfaction of sexual needs is less than necessary; the ability to serve others well. Ketu in the 6th house is Ketu’s strong position, saying that of the whole family in which he was born, the position of this person is the highest. These people are able to overcome the resistance of their opponents, they enjoy traveling abroad or live in luxury; they have good intuition, they are prudent, good at debates; they may have eye or dental problems; these people are persistent in achieving their goals; they usually want to go their own way – and they go.



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