North Node in the 11th House


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

The quality of the role is checked on stage. In tradition, this person appreciates the social roles and images of “I” approved by the ancestors and inherited from them. It is in the development and skillful and appropriate use of these roles that a person sees an unshakable basis for the connection of his time with the past. In fashionable social trends, he seeks and welcomes new forms of group work, uniting people not in order to achieve very specific goals. Here he is quite modern, and the old forms of group work, and even the well-established concept of friendship, does not suit him, he looks for friends among modern people and tries to build relationships with them in a completely new way, which may result in certain costs, but still be with it is interesting for them in a group or just to be friends, and there are usually enough people who want to, which at a low level can lead to irresponsibility. In the inner life, the basis of the psyche is the subconscious programs that support the performance of various roles, and the images of a person’s “I”; these programs are very stable, and a person does not like to modify them or add new ones. He willingly masters programs that ensure his participation in unfocused groups and collectives without an obvious specific problem for him that needs to be solved. There may be many different groups in his life, but he will play approximately the same roles in them and (karmically) must carefully polish them and learn to flexibly combine in accordance with the needs of the current group.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

This is the best position of Rahu, indicating people of great willpower. Their work has an impact on many, they are able to control their feelings and eating habits, have few children, earn good money, assist in affairs related to the human soul. They may have poor hearing and periods of frustration in fulfilling material desires.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Good position. Well-being, success in business, respect for others. Good friends who help in business. Persistence in achieving the set goal. Difficulties in relationships with an older brother (sister). If the XI house is Gemini or Virgo, positive predictions are strengthened. The person will be noble and rich, live in luxury. Friends too. The older brother will be a famous or high-ranking person, and the relationship with him will be good.

Martin Schulman. Lunar Nodes in Houses

Here, the individual enters the current life, remembering the lifestyle in which he was the only creator. Now he continues to try to take the bull by the horns to restore the lifestyle to which he is used. However, everything he tries to do is somewhat inappropriate in the given life circumstances. He is prone to love affairs, considering them comfort and support for the continuation of the ego of the past life. What he is often unable to realize is that through his love affairs he makes himself weaker and instead of gaining strength from compliments and encouragement, he develops addiction, and each compliment creates a need for the next. Ultimately, he makes himself so helpless that his behavior becomes hopelessly childish. He desperately wants to be loved, but the remnant of the sexual tension of a past life is so great that he is often confused, which is really important to him. He experiences great difficulty in understanding reality, since his life is a theater of actors, and his dreams are so romantic in nature that he becomes a real Don Quixote, chasing windmills. He believes in chivalry, and can be easily deceived by a romantic halo. Wanting to be constantly reassured that his arrival in life does not go unnoticed, he cannot accept the role of just a member of the public. For those who appreciate him, he can be very generous and generous, but in moments when he feels ignored, he will flee into his light dream world, trying to create a romantic seventeenth-century adventure in which he will be the central character. In the constant search for self-fulfillment through amorous adventures, he can easily lose his way. He would like others to think of him as a giver, and when he gets involved in a love adventure, he has to lose everything. Like the “Martyr King” who sacrificed the throne in order to fulfill his love, this individual would like to be honored, approved, and even admired for his adventures. His self-esteem of a past life is so great that he is not particularly pleased with the thought of an illegal love affair; however, from time to time he engages in such an adventure only to express his ability to sacrifice principle for the sake of what he considers at that moment the greatest love in the world. Essentially, he is a good person, and it would take serious card failures to find the evil bone in his body. Throughout the zodiac, his creative talents in dealing with children are unsurpassed, since at heart he is a child himself. Regardless of the sign of his Sun, he will sometime in this life need to rely on a stronger person than himself. Through his North Node in the eleventh house, he must learn the value of friendship. He must transcend the physically possessive relationships of his past incarnations and nurture with equal fervor the new selfless relationships he is now forming. In this life, he learns how to pay more attention to the meaning of his dreams and dreams, rather than trying to strain his will against the current flow. While dreaming, he receives news from higher leaders and telepathically begins to understand the reasons for all his actions, but his desire is often so great that he refuses to accept what he knows to be true. If he were asked to completely give up something in his life, it would only be his powerful self-will, since here, in the pride of his ego, he actually blocks everything that he desperately wants. Indeed, he himself is his own worst enemy. An individual with such a position of Nodes suffers from “built-in” dissatisfaction, since everything that he creates through his South Node only makes him dream of more that he missed. He would like to free himself from entangled and embarrassing situations, but he constantly falls out of the fire and into the fire. Before any growth can be accomplished, he must learn to overcome the monstrous dragon ego, which he has allowed to become his self-generating instrument of destruction. He must learn to see himself impartially, realizing that his life is like a river flowing under a bridge from which he can look at it. His most difficult test is to succumb to the temptation to control the flow of this river, but his greatest happiness arises when he can appreciate its beauty without interference. He will have at least one important experience – he will be required to sacrifice his personal ego for the sake of honesty and justice for another. Only when he learns how to free himself from attachment thoughts can he reach his highest goal. As long as he retains the slightest trace of pride in himself, all the power in his card will be rejected by him. Even the possibility of a harmonious marriage looms beyond his reach until he becomes impartial. The South Node in the fifth house uses so much energy in trying to achieve compassion and sympathy for oneself that it is difficult for an individual to find the strength to give full satisfaction to a marriage partner. Many people with this Knot position go through divorce, but this is neither fate nor inevitable. It is simply the result of misusing the energies of the South Node. By focusing too much on himself, the individual does not see or fully appreciate all the good that he has. The answer will be the same again. He should release his grip on “himself” and devote his life to selfless service, and not expect others to serve him. If he can become less romantic and think more scientifically, he will begin to see the truth. He should never allow outbursts of passion to cloud his vision, for happiness will only be achieved when he can look at life from an impartial point of view. His karma is to learn how to become uninvolved, yet always available when others need him. Ultimately, he is destined to become a selfless servant of humanity. At some point in this life, he will do a lot to advance the career of another person. Friendships, clubs and societies will become important to him, because it is through such associations with other people that he eventually begins to feel his own individuality. Because others appreciate him, he begins to value himself. Then he is able to see himself as part of others, and also as part of the higher cause to which he has dedicated himself. The more he can do this, the more he will break away from the plane of self-awareness, and the needs to satisfy his own ego will sink into the collective ego of the work to which he dedicated his individuality. When he completes this lesson, his strength of character and sense of direction will be no weaker and no less determined than the cause of which he has become a part. The sign that contains the South Node indicates the ways in which the individual allows too much past remnant of passion and desire to put pressure on his present life. The sign that contains the North Node indicates the ways in which he can develop sufficient detachment in order to free his “I”, giving him the opportunity to devote his energy to the universal cause.

Francis Sakoyan. Nodes in Houses

The location of the North Node in the Eleventh House indicates the ease of establishing friendly relations and finding one’s place in groups and organizations. The awareness of these people of modern trends and beliefs allows them to easily establish relationships with others on their own terms. On the negative side, they can easily fall under the influence and their colleagues can force them to take part in such matters that are not in their interests. These people are usually friendly, with a sense of brotherhood with all of humanity. The position of the South Node indicates adherence to traditional values in relation to social activities, pleasure seeking, sex, romance. These people can appear somewhat tough, formal, and correct in social situations. They may feel that they are too busy to condescend to trivial social affairs and entertainment. Sometimes this position indicates a lack of romantic opportunity and frustration when seeking a romantic relationship.

Larisa Nazarova. Karmic astrology

Abandonment of children. Such people have some inferiority: something is wrong with love. We need to study with friends. Focus on the new, the organization of a new society. In this life, you are given the right to correct your own destiny – you can break it as you please. This situation is a sign of great free will.

Kutalev Denis. Encyclopedia. Nodes in Houses

This is the best position of Rahu, indicates people of great willpower; their work influences many, they are able to control their feelings and eating habits, have few children, earn good money, assist in matters related to the human soul; they may have poor hearing, there may be periods of frustration in the realization of material desires. Ketu in the V house – a person may have few children, he may be interested in reading prayers or mantras, have a predisposition to stomach diseases or allergies, may lose money due to poor investments; he may be uncommunicative but well educated; a person is reasonable, stubborn in work, he will lose his mind under the influence of emotions or be constantly in anxiety.

Het Monster. Nodes in Houses Signs. (Indian tradition)

Good position. Well-being, success in business, respect for others. Good friends who help in business. Persistence in achieving the set goal. Difficulties in relationships with an older brother (sister). If the XI house is Gemini or Virgo, positive predictions are strengthened. The person will be noble and rich, live in luxury. Friends too. The older brother will be a famous or high-ranking person, and the relationship with him will be good. Ketu in the V house – A person will not have children or will have difficulties with them. Difficulties in love, most start-up businesses fail. Occult Abilities; such a person can be a hypnotist, a psychic-healer, etc. The mind and education can be small. If the V house is Gemini or Virgo, a person will have children who also have occult abilities, or are talented in a particular humanitarian field, in art. In the last incarnation, he worked hard and conscientiously; now he can become a deep philosopher. However, the talent of a politician, doctor or priest is also possible.



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