Ninth House in Astrology


Ninth House of Intellectual Exploration and Long Distance Travel. The ninth house can be considered an extension of the third house; study, travel, and intellectual exploration take on a larger scale here. This is the home of higher consciousness. Under his patronage are higher education, philosophy and the study of complex subjects. He oversees long-distance travel of body and spirit, travel abroad and business interests in other countries. He manages dating, broadening, and language learning. The ninth house also patronizes the public expression of your ideas, it is the home of publishing and literary activity.

Each four houses (personal, interpersonal, collective) begins with a “fiery” house – the 1st (which is similar to the sign Aries), the 5th (similar to the sign Leo) and the 9th (similar to the sign Sagittarius). These three spirals are consistent with each other in elemental composition. However, each group of houses begins with a different type of house.

The group of private houses begins with a corner house, this is the 1st house, therefore, “angularity” appears in all four houses. Personal experience is extremely important for us, establishing contact with our “I” is so essential that the desire for such contact is embedded within us. Babies and young children consume life, absorb it as if the future does not exist. In the second corner house, the 4th, the personality reaches its highest point of development through the creation of a family security system as a means of protecting the individual.

The group of interpersonal houses begins with the next house, the 5th, so the type of this house affects the rest of the houses of the second group. Interpersonal communication is created and structured by looking for values ​​and systems of judgment. This kind of experience can be a real revelation if different ways of getting it come together, or a nightmare if these ways collide with each other. Is it any wonder that so often intimate relationships degenerate into a power struggle?

The group of collective houses begins with the cadence house, the 9th, therefore, in this group of houses there are poetic forms of cadence. To find our place in the world, we must follow along with the general flow and gradually gain suppleness, allowing our former shell to be stretched (in the 9th house), rebuilt (in the 10th house), overestimated (in the 11th house) and finally dissolve (in the 12th house). Unsurprisingly, our social experiences are chaotic, because the qualities of the world are cadent, and our personal qualities reflect the influence of the corner house. It is not surprising that the exploration of the spiritual life is filled with paradoxes and miracles. We are not able to found a spirit (manifestation of the corner house) or evaluate it (manifestation of the next house), we can only understand it (manifestation of cadence) when the spirit descends through the higher chakras.

The process of political comprehension in the 9th house begins with the experience of using broader thinking. Since this house is naturally associated with Jupiter, the components of the 9th house are: development, assimilation and abstraction. In the 8th house, personal relationships are attained. In the 9th house we begin to connect with groups of people and organized learning. We do not interact with individuals, but with the essence of what has been developed by the thinking of various people. The ideas of these people were coded as coherent systems of thought. Thus, the 9th house has to do with philosophy, religion, jurisprudence.

In the opposite, 3rd house, we create a structure for concrete thinking, which allows us to combine into one whole basic information about the world around us. In the 9th house, we are interested in the structure itself. The structure of the mental and the content of the mental become one. How many films have been made about Hollywood? And what about the movie business? How about making films? There are many such films, and they continue to be released. These questions reveal the essence of the process of abstraction, the transition from concrete to the process itself – from the literal to the symbolic; and it should be noted that abstraction is an important level of 9th house interpretation.

The 9th house looks at mental awareness in its broadest context. Our curiosity passes by what we know and is next to us, and rushes into the distance, to the unknown. From here comes the classic interpretation of the 9th house – “long distance travel”.

In the sexual intimacy of the 8th house, we came face to face with the secrets of the world around us. Transforming ourselves and opening the doors to the secret in our heart, we enter the 9th house – this is our first conscious step towards understanding the essence of the secret. We are starting to explore space in general. By opening the heart, we free the mind. The Ninth House defines the zodiac sign Sagittarius and the planet Jupiter.