Nine of Cups


Nine of CupsThe Nine of Cups represents a positive card and shows a character that sits in front of his nine cups.  He has a smile and feels like he achieved something.

The Nine of Cups is having wishes that are met and you will get material things that you want.


With the Nine of Cups the past will show that there will be success and you will be proud of what you achieve in your life.  You might have started a new job in the past but don’t stay in something if you want bigger things in life.


The present with the Nine of Cups shows that things will be hard for a while but that as long as you don’t give up, you will be successful.  Don’t give up and be proud of what you do.  You will have a project that will be important to you later.


The Nine of Cups will have a future position that will be in your future.  Dedicate yourself to your projects and don’t keep the same ideas, just start new hobbies.  There is no reason to make a good start when you are always working on other things in the past.  Keep working and you will improve.


With your work, you will begin to move forward and your boss will give you the go in something big.  Keep working hard and doing projects that you are given.  Be satisfied with your work.


When it comes to the Nine of Cups, love will be a good time for you and it is time to meet a new partner.  Don’t be smug and don’t be too confident but talk about achievements but don’t keep pushing them.  Dive deeper into your relationship and if you find the right person you will want to put effort in it.


The friendship of the Nine of Cups can cause you to have friends that you don’t feel so close to.  They might even make you feel uncomfortable, but you have to let them know somehow that you are who you always were.  Don’t be jealous and if you are it will be your enemy.  Tone your attitude down if you are acting up.  Value your achievements.


The finances of the Nine of Cups will allow you to make it in life but don’t expect to win something like lottery.  This can be a raise, or it could be something that comes to you in the future.


The Nine of Cups can allow you to focus on things but not your body too much.  Be proud of who you are and don’t hide things that are serious.


The spiritual being inside of you will focus on material things too much.  If you have money, don’t spend it on something expensive but use your money as a tool in your life.


The revere of the Nine of Cups card represents things not being fulfilled and you having missed dreams.  Do not get down and do not see a need but look at the things that you have met in life and the goals that you have reached.  Make sure that things are done that you really want to do.  If you have goals, don’t put others down but concentrate on your goals.


The Nine of Cups represents the number nine.  This means you will reach your goals and will finish up a project that is coming to you.  The goals that you have can be a final project and the Nine of Cups can suggest that you are coming to the end of a cycle.


  • Goals
  • Reaching life
  • Being fulfilled
  • Pleasures


The element of the Nine of Cups is water.

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