Neptune in the 9th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Interest in religion. Subtle mind, strong receptivity, valuable knowledge through intuition. You like to dream, fantasize, reflect. You are ready to accept the most exotic ideas and philosophies, because everything is possible for you. Anything exotic, foreign or remote is of great interest to you. You may have beliefs from another world – completely impractical and irrelevant in everyday life.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– gives religiosity, developed imagination. A person does not need to travel – his imagination is much richer than reality. The influence of literature, cinema, theater is enormous. It takes a lot of effort to get an education. There may be confusion in moral attitudes: follows an intuitive line. Clergymen, artists, poets.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Love for God can be unconscious, but never unrequited. The Neptunian influence on the ideal depends very much on the level of human development. Working out this position of Neptune gives the ideal of disinterested love, understanding, compassion, religiosity; at a low level, instead, false pity, selfish deception; religion and mysticism in an egoistic way; asceticism; romance with the pathos of ignoring “mundane” reality. There are many unclear things in the relationship with the ideal; he prefers not to speak directly, but can excite in a person, for example, a vague or completely irrational feeling of guilt, and then you need to carefully figure out in front of whom and for what, since the higher “I” never seeks to fog up – this is always the “ego” in order to conceal from consciousness something too frankly of his own, and then there is a risk of creating a false ideal for himself or a false understanding of his ideal. In addition, behavior in accordance with the requirements of the ideal causes too strong emotional meditation (for example, a person is literally happy), which may result in a distortion of the connection with him or the desire for contacts with the ideal for the sake of these contacts themselves. The same applies to interaction with spiritual teachers and students: in learning, a person is very meditative, but you need to make sure that this meditation goes without profaning the energy and content of training; under this condition, significant progress and real understanding of lofty matters are likely in their connection with human life (and as such). From long journeys, communication with foreigners and conversations with friends who have returned from distant wanderings, a person’s head floats and a state of euphoria sets in; it is best for him to study foreign cultures by the method of immersion, and then, especially when working on Saturn, he will understand and do a lot.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Conceptual structures. The position of Neptune in the 9th house indicates your openness to the inspiration of the higher mind. You are aware of the passing thought patterns, you feel the voice of the universal Reason, sounding in refined feelings and fleeting images. You can get confused because it is often difficult for you to express your thoughts in words. At times, you gain a reverently inspired awareness. Despite your desire for understanding, do not try to outline the ideal moral path. Let everything coexist with everything; Remind yourself that different paths ultimately lead to the same thing, to the boundless compassion and understanding that go beyond all thought forms and systems of knowledge. Remember that your mind is inspired, what you say is not so important compared to the beauty of conveying your ideas. A cultural perspective. You want to discover a universal language, to discover what unites cultures and people. As you travel, look for places that resonate with your soul base. If you find them, relax – you are at home. If you don’t find it, also relax – give up and absorb the newness. If you cannot win, unite. Travel in this case also includes what is sometimes called “astral flight”, out-of-body experience. The trap is being a stranger in a foreign country. Remember that the final Unification speaks for itself: final, beyond all forms of ordinary life. The task is to demonstrate the universality, the universal unity of human experience; remind us that we are one, not separate. Do not lose this faith even in dark times. Higher education. You do not remember, but you absorb what you are taught. Learning is not controlled by consciousness, and the learning process itself is similar to traveling on a river on a raft. At times, the water flows slowly, the river is wide, and you enjoy the journey. But at other times, the river narrows and the calm current turns into a stormy stream, and you rush through the mental rapids, steadfastly cling to the priceless life, fearing to drown. You can also be carried out of the river into the ocean of boundless mind, far from land, where it is almost impossible to control a raft. If the journey begins, then it unfolds in accordance with his inner impulse. When you open up towards higher knowledge, be gentle with yourself and humble towards the universe. Compassion, perception and surprise are the characteristics of true learning. The search for truth. Truth is intangible, almost mystical. It does not have the reality of fact; it does not stand out in relief when it confronts the mundane in life. It invisibly permeates everything, is part of the fabric of being, banal and at the same time extraordinary. Truth flashes before the eye of your mind, dances on the periphery of your vision. She is more easily in contact with feelings than with reason, since what can be explained can be justified. It is necessary to communicate the truth beautifully and with humor. There is a problem of conveying it in words; – feelings are one thing, and speaking is another. The best advice is to use as simple words as possible. This reduces the chance of misunderstanding, as the explanation can lead to confusion. Truth is ideal, transcendental and infinite. An ideal society. In your ideal society, faith would rule, in it every dream would become a reality. We would not need to verbalize each other in this perfect world, because each person would know the thoughts and feelings of any other person. We would be one mind, one heart. Compassion would be at the core of all human interaction. And miracles would just keep us out of the way. As the ruler of the world, you would be the king of kings, master of masters, radiantly humble and utterly forgiving. Your decree: universal love for all beings and submission to the Divine mystery of life.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

This is a patient and self-controlled person with subtle intuition and susceptible to alien influence. He is actively interested in educational programs and social reforms. Likes to study and shows the ability to learn foreign languages, seeks to help people deprived of their freedom. Likes to travel, easy to come into contact with foreigners. Has unlimited imagination and vivid imagination. The defeat of the planet renders impractical and makes it difficult to complete education. Such a person should consistently avoid magic and practical occultism. More often such people are interested in mystical forms of religion, yoga and secret cults. A harmonious planet bestows high spirituality, the gift of prophecy, a subtle mind and high sensitivity. Such a person is able to receive any knowledge thanks to the intuition developed from birth. The affected planet inclines to fanaticism, dull adherence to primitive cults, blind worship of the guru, as well as the desire to consider himself the chosen disciple of the great prophet. Such a person needs to learn to discern the difference between a true spiritual leader and a charlatan. A real teacher will never show selfishness and arrogance. The defeat of the planet creates the danger of ignoring professional training and determines the difficulties in communicating with the relatives of the life partner. Inspirational nature, rich experiences. Dreams are strange and mysterious. Tends to study spiritual disciplines and esoteric sciences. Serious legal difficulties, susceptibility to bad mental experiences and a tendency to pretend are possible. Such a person is somewhat drowsy and tends to abuse intoxicants. His worldview is unusual and strange, his thoughts are rather chaotic. He is full of anxiety and apprehension, shy and fearful. The danger of mental disorders is great. Such people are successfully engaged in research in the field of parapsychology, prophecy and esotericism. With proper development, such a person in adulthood becomes wise and multiplies both material and spiritual values.

B. Huber. Mars, Venus, Moon and Neptune in twelve houses

Neptune in the 9th house gives high ideals in love, and we expect from others the same idealism, the same high ethical and moral standards. The 11th house also gives high moral expectations in love, but quite differently. In the 11th house, the moral rules of life are quite static, they do not allow any deviations, and the value system does not change for years, sometimes all life. And in the 9th house it is important for us to feel that we are moving forward. We constantly revise and adapt our outlook on life, test it with real experiences and ideas of other people. Neptune is driving change here. Therefore, in connection with the IX house, we are often accused of inconstancy and opportunism, but this is unfair, because in the search for more and more adequate and effective ideas, we remain true to the pursuit of the ideal. Thus, there is a constant creative dialogue with reality. Others often do not understand this. With Neptune in the 9th house, we demand a lot from a potential partner. In this position, it is generally unlikely that we will ever find a suitable companion; rather, it predisposes to loneliness. It is not easy to find someone who lives up to our high expectations.


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