Neptune in the 8th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

From birth, a strong craving for spiritual unity. From childhood, it is possible to strive to find it in religion. As a teenager, a person can use drugs, intoxicants or alcohol as a means of bringing closer to the divine. Great suggestibility and at the same time striving for clarity. Life seems to be full of dangers, attempts to find a protective partner. The challenge in life is to be open with your partner, but keep your individuality. The attitude to a partner’s money, insurance, taxes, inheritance can be strange, mysterious, deceiving. Attempts to evade taxes or cheat with insurance or unclear inheritance. You have a very active imagination and powerful imagination. You may have an interest in the supernatural, psychic phenomena or occult sciences. You may have strange fantasies, vague fears of ghosts and death, so you better not do such things until you are firmly on your feet in the material world.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

Craving for mysticism. Man seeks to dissolve in subtle spaces. Can be exaltedly religious – even fanaticism. Dramatic types of escape from reality: drug addiction, poisoning. You should beware of drugs, alcohol. These people are the first to catch viruses. One of the causes of death is an epidemic. There is a danger of drowning, suffocation, gas poisoning, and food poisoning. With harmonious Neptune, there are fewer dangers, but a person strives more for “high”. Excess “heart”, dissolution in a partner. Self-transformation is facilitated by water, sea, music, drugs, meditation.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Death will come and it will have familiar eyes. This position of Neptune makes the transition from one egregor to another process in many respects mysterious and mystical, which is perfectly felt by people who are far from occult and mysticism. As if something else happens, besides the obvious preparations for the new and goodbye to the old, that confuses all the cards, dulls the head and worries the senses. With a harmonious Neptune, a person can sometimes fall into a trance and swim with happiness at the most inappropriate moments when, on the contrary, you need to be extremely collected and attentive, otherwise, as a result of a poor understanding of the situation and those around you, a long and carefully prepared event (marriage, divorce, change places of work and many others, no less important). In extreme situations, it is difficult for a person to get together; he often completely misunderstands what is happening or misleads (intentionally or not) others. Working out, on the contrary, gives a true understanding of the changes that are taking place, but, unfortunately, you need to work very hard to be able to express it in words or images. But if a harmonious Neptune gives an intuitive understanding of marginal situations, or at least softens unpleasant and tense experiences and gives a key to correct behavior, then the afflicted, on the contrary, aggravates the misunderstanding and leads a person to deep despair due to a feeling of complete inability to solve the problem of change egregor, or at least understand the essence of what is happening. In case of defeat, a strong sense of guilt towards deceased relatives is possible (always somehow and somehow motivated), which can develop into an insurmountable internal problem, deep melancholy or hypochondria. Here, the elaboration lies not in the psychological, but in the spiritual sphere, when a person must understand his relationship with fate and remove from God (and at the same time from himself), the guilt for the fact that He created people vulnerable and mortal. If this person understands his complex and intricate relationship with the collective and collective ethics, he can become his favorite and soul; however, until this has happened, there will be many cases of misunderstanding, sometimes reaching the point of conflict. This man is a born mystic, and he understands much more than he dares to admit into his consciousness. If someone can solve the problem of the origin of life and its connection with death, then it is he; on it (with an appropriate level of elaboration) lies the severity of the funeral of people who died and died under unknown circumstances and were not mourned by their loved ones.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Union. The position of Neptune in the 8th house suggests that intimate relationships are a direct road to the Cosmic Center. You are always ready for such a relationship, you only need the lightest contact in order to reveal, open up the whole depth of your soul. But beware of the pitfalls. Your boundaries are not strong, at times they hardly exist at all, and by entering into an alliance, you lose yourself. Real intimate contact in a circular form – it always brings you to yourself. If you use this contact to escape from yourself, then you have nowhere to return – there is no “I” that could meet you, and the result is chaos or frustration. Don’t be seduced by your immediate fusion fantasies, however easy it may seem to you. The challenge is to continually affirm the true spirituality of interpersonal union. Invite God and become aware of his presence in human intimacy, even when cynics reject such a possibility. You are attracted to the idea of transcendence. You want to forget about the Earth, soar in spiritual bliss. However, you forget about reality. Ecstatic visions alternate with nightmares. Which of them is reality, and which are only dreams? By paying tremendous attention to every aspect of personality development, you create imaginary transformations that solve imaginary problems. Remember that the real growth of personality occurs in this life, and not outside of it. Responsibility is the source of growth. The challenge is to change your understanding of spirituality itself. Combine holiness with common sense, with everyday life. You are a priest by nature, but the most important lessons you learn when you accept your own life and the life of everyone around you. Sexual union with a loved one is easy, magical and majestically seductive. It emphasizes the tension of the feeling that occurs during sexual contact, since emotions are more important to you than physical contact. You surround yourself with the passion of your beloved, wanting to dissolve in bliss. However, you sometimes use sex as a drug to get out of real life. The return that inevitably comes after the withering of romantic illusions is not only annoying but painful. Don’t fly too high or leave your partner. Of course, do your best to rise in emotions, but do not leave the earth. Better fertilize it with the outpourings of the spirit. The challenge is to lift the earth to the heavens, release the holiness in matter and make it shine. Focused intuition. The invisible streams of intuition are truly oceanic. In fact, you must consciously limit the flow of psychic information coming to you. Otherwise, you will be flooded with an avalanche of images and feelings emanating from God knows where. Separate true messages from white noise. You must develop clarity and clarity of perception and the ability to interpret what you are receiving. Is there a difference between personal fantasies – hopes, dreams, fears, worries – and feelings that seem to come from other people? Are they real, or is it just a reflection of your subconscious mind? Your boundaries, your shell is a sore point, so the task is to remain open, but at the same time improve the ability to distinguish between you and other people. You believe that money comes to you from an inexhaustible cornucopia, and you are God’s intermediary distributing this wealth, usually in order to save the world. Your motives are both pure and flawed – you want resources from your family or other partnerships to be used for good deeds, but at the same time you hope that some of the funds will go to you. The idea of working for money is not acceptable to you, because you believe that it should come to you solely because of your kind heart. When you are in love, you are generous with failure; you also need to keep track of how you spend your money, for you may believe that money will help you gain recognition and approval. The challenge is to share with people what you own, while at the same time maintaining the belief that the universe will provide for you.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

An intuitive and perceptive person, undoubtedly possessing extrasensory abilities. Prone to seeing strange dreams and nightmares. Often suffers from insomnia, may end his life in sleep or under anesthesia. His partner can be surprisingly wasteful, so he must be extremely frugal in managing the overall budget. Such a person is extremely susceptible to suggestions, and therefore he should beware of hypnotically gifted people. His own mysticism and inspiration can help him succeed in the political arena. The defeat of the planet increases the propensity for depression, alcoholism and drug addiction, and also warns of the need to consult with various doctors three times before agreeing to surgery under general anesthesia. Such a person shows an amazing propensity for spiritual pursuits, for the sensory perception of philosophical truths and prolonged meditation. He receives his inheritance in a strange, almost always fraudulent way. Often such a person uses occult power for personal enrichment. He is intensely interested in esoteric knowledge and practical magic. Able to hide taxes and strangely receive unexpected benefits from insurance or when investing his partner’s money. Dangerously entering into dirty deals with public money should not be – they will almost certainly cause losses. Inheritance uncertainties, tax evasion and insurance cheating can end very badly. Such a person, during meditation, easily penetrates into the supersensible planes, as a result of which he acquires unusual knowledge. He is able to mysteriously process life experience, drawing lessons from it that others do not notice. The life of such a person is full of mental and dreaming experiences. He is tirelessly interested in the question of his own death, his death may be associated with water, poisons and drugs. After marriage, serious financial troubles are possible. Dreams bring rich psychic material, from higher knowledge and prophetic sensations to severe nightmares and experiences in a dream of one’s own death. The life partner of such a person can show a rare carelessness about money. The individual is dreamy, deeply intuitive, actively interested in studies of the Subtle World and fortune-telling. The defeat of the planet tends to waste the inheritance, one way or another, the death of such a person will be unusual and, possibly, will come after a long stay in an unconscious state. There is a tendency towards mental illness, suicide, poisoning and the danger of being buried alive. This aspect directs a person on the path of mysticism and deep engagement in esoteric practices. He gravitates towards organizing secret societies and secret groups. All my life is in the incessant process of spiritual rebirth and is constantly visited by prophetic dreams and prophetic predictions of the future. Such a person needs to be taken very seriously to the waste of a partner, since he can blow all his property down the wind. An increased propensity for adventures and scams should be avoided, since unscrupulous partners can cause significant losses. The life of such a person is often under threat, he should avoid hypnotic influence and remember about the slight upsetting of his own psyche.



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