Neptune in the 7th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Often a strong emotional bond between spouses and, as a rule, a deep understanding of others. Talent in music and art, or at least understanding. You often have a naive, idealistic, or extremely romantic attitude towards people and find it difficult to see others realistically. You may prefer to keep your relationship at an idealistic or platonic level and not deal with the more prosaic, earthly, human aspects of the relationship. When evaluating potential partners in marriage or business, you, with your gullibility and desire to see only good in people, may not see the whole truth about those with whom you form a close union.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– gives a very strong subconscious connection with a partner, illusions, idealization of a partner, incomprehensible relationships, – for example, people live in different countries, they meet irregularly. “Elusive”, mysterious partner. If Neptune is struck, then the person is disappointed in a partner, if he is harmonious, then he will be fascinated to the end. With an affected Neptune, the partner may be a drug addict, suffer from alcoholism, mental illness. A partner may be loyal, but elusive.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Bless those who curse you, but not specifically for that. This person will always have doubts about who really is his enemy, and the actions of opponents are often misunderstood, and sometimes it is difficult to understand in whose favor the battle ended. The main enemy here is internal, it shrouds the space of the inner world with smoke and mysticism, and it is often difficult for a person not only to distinguish the higher programs of the subconscious from the lower ones, but even to simply identify them, to learn to distinguish one from another. At the low level of elaboration of the VII house, the enemy is cunning, deceitful, easily violates his obligations, which makes negotiations with him very difficult; the man himself, guided by the principle “live with wolves – howl like a wolf”, learns from the enemy the art of deception and averting eyes, which, on the contrary, he should carefully avoid, since with such attitudes he will ultimately lose anyway. It is characterized by a feeling of guilt towards the partner, most likely, repressed, towards the enemy, which at times can be inexplicably pitiable. Relations with partners are a little strange, there may be misunderstandings, poor understanding of each other, reticence, which everyone understands in their own way. Working out gives great warmth and mystical, in particular, telepathic contact at a high level, which promises happiness in marriage, but this requires a long study of Neptune, in particular, curbing selfishness and developing inner honesty, as well as, last but not least, the desire to understand partner.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Karmic ties in marriage or partnership; often a strong emotional bond between spouses. With good aspects – spiritual values in the foreground, an ideal marriage, talent in music, in art in general – or at least a deep understanding of art. With bad – difficulties in marriage due to lack of confidence in their own feelings. Often they allow themselves to be “confused”. They may themselves prove to be unreliable in partnership. Mental shifts, public scandals, processes are possible (all with bad aspects).

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Reflected awareness. Neptune’s position in the 7th house indicates that the “mirroring” relationship is a fantasy world of dreams for you, either euphonic or nightmarish. Your own reflection, which you observe through other people in any of the phenomena of life, exceeds life itself in length and depth, it is often blurred and colored. There is no guarantee that you are experiencing your personal self; you can perceive something absolutely majestic in scale. At best, you see your true divinity and with it comes an amazing renewal of faith in the virtue of the world. The trap is the desire to perceive the fullness of romance in trivial contacts, to fall in love with enchanting images, “to make an elephant out of a fly.” This leads to inevitable disappointment when you take off your rose-colored glasses and the cold light of reality finally breaks through to you. The challenge is to discover your best self without falling into illusion or self-deception. An equal relationship. You are a person who is sometimes called an “incorrigible romantic” who is able to see the highest potential inherent in other people. However, do you consider the actual level of maturity or evolutionary development of the individual before entering into a relationship? Often not. At its extreme, this approach forces you to play one of many roles: guru, savior, martyr, or victim. At best, you mix reality and fantasy gently and gently without provoking conflict. The challenge is to respect idealized images, but to perceive your partner objectively. Your intimate relationships can become the most painful illusion, full of lies and deception, but they can also become a living embodiment of your highest dreams, overshadowed by the Grace of God. Contracts, obligations. You make and break agreements easily, often unconsciously. The pitfalls are numerous – settling for more than you or your partner can do; build the illusion of an agreement that does not exist; or convince yourself of the existence of a contact relationship that actually does not exist. The hovering on the wings of desire can go on for quite a long time, and therefore, from time to time, you must focus on the hard facts. However, your idealistic approach can sometimes heal the wounds caused by cynicism or mistrust. Times of crisis and change will pass with grace; you are able to use this feature to your advantage in long-term agreements, usually consisting of numerous “ups and downs”. The challenge is to follow what your heart tells you, but keep your ears on top of your head. Cooperation. You must understand the difference between cooperation and compliance. Compliance essentially means obedience or tacit consent – a painful rejection of the self. You also need to make sure the words match the actions. You are so interested in cooperation that you may not resist sweet speeches and, as a result, you will find yourself in a quagmire of bad relationships. Take your time, see how events unfold, do not forget the old wise adage: everything is tested by practice. Collaboration literally means working together. For cooperation, two integral beings are needed, and not one symbolic being made up of two flawed people. The task is to comprehend the true meaning of compassion; sympathize with your partners even when you are busy maintaining your own integrity. Partners or partnerships. Your natural partner is soft-hearted; he is a very compassionate person, a dreamer, whose ideals walk ahead of him. Your companion can be a romantic as a person, or a social romantic, or a romantic in a spiritual sense. From him emanates tenderness, filling all the nooks and crannies of your relationship and extending far beyond the partnership with you. Natural partnerships ennoble your highest feelings, let you know that you are experiencing something truly magical in life. The presence of God is almost tangible; it is Someone whose presence you know, but you do not see Him; you came to this world to gain faith in Him. And faith in Him strengthens your faith in human virtue. The image is a calm blue ocean, smooth as glass and infinite in length.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Such a person is very sensitive to the influences of others, and therefore the choice of a partner is of particular importance for him. Neither he, nor his partner can see him in the true light. Often such people have strange inclinations that are not recognized by the public. Such a person can blindly fall in love with someone and leave his home unexpectedly for loved ones. He should learn to take off rose-colored glasses and perceive reality directly. One must learn to give without expecting anything in return. Interference with legal problems and obfuscation in court cases should be avoided. Any important document should be studied very seriously before signing. Possible marriage with a seriously ill person, or cooperation with mentally unbalanced partners. Colleagues and life partner are connected with such a person very deeply and purely karmic, so they easily infect him with their opinions, moods and feelings. In relationships, spiritual values are highlighted. There is an intuitive understanding and dedication in serving each other. With a favorable development of events, a happy marriage is possible, built on a spiritual basis. Such people understand music and art perfectly. When the planet is defeated, such a person constantly experiences insecurity in his feelings, which makes it difficult for him to decide on a marriage. He often unconsciously allows others to fool himself. He needs to be very careful about choosing friends and making social commitments. His partners can be very unreliable people. Often such people skillfully “rub glasses” on others. The defeat of the planet inclines to public scandals, to losing trials and to all kinds of mental deviations and deformations. Home life is full of jealousy and scandals, the life partner turns out to be a painful or dishonest person, bringing many serious troubles. There may be a tendency to enter into secret love unions and the lack of obligation to comply with the terms of the marriage contract. Such a person is prone to platonic love affairs and the establishment of intimate relationships with artists and actors. His eroticism is full of sympathy and is surprisingly musical in nature. Such a person is under constant oppression due to the periodic interference of relatives in his affairs. A tendency towards self-sacrifice and selfless service to a loved one is noted. The defeat of the planet tends to lead to adultery, unregistered cohabitation, pimping and bigamy. The tendency to homosexual relationships increases, marriage of convenience is likely. One way or another, relationships with a life partner turn out to be confusing, fraught with divorce and develop on the verge of immorality and scandals. The world around him brings such a person constant intimidation and oppression, delusions and disappointments. He is prone to altruistic and humane behavior with others, but those around him do not like his deep emotional experiences and strange erotic addictions. He is adventurous about love, although he is very gentle and sensitive. Personal life is hidden by a veil of nebula, obscurity and confusion. In business alliances and co-authorship, such a person invariably gravitates towards volatility, inconstancy and discord. In general, all his connections are chaotic and disordered.

B. Huber. Mars, Venus, Moon and Neptune in twelve houses

The moon and Neptune shape our ability to love to a great extent. As a rule, the 7th house encourages us to act so that there is nothing to reproach us with, i.e. correctly. But this does not prevent him from being the home of intrigue, which is a form of suppressed and hidden aggression. Our culture prohibits openly displaying aggressive feelings, leaving only a hidden, indirect way of expression. Neptune in the 7th house carries a great desire for openness, benevolence, unity with other people, but he also easily evokes feelings. vulnerability and vulnerability to them. This combination can have several possible results. One of them: we are at peace with ourselves and those around us, we are sensitive to the external environment, seeing this as our life calling, and we believe that everyone around us is just as open and sincere. Another option: the experience of deep vulnerability, disappointment, pain, suffering from the rudeness and chaos of everyday life prevails. The nature of these experiences changes depending on the sign of Neptune, its aspects and position within the house. Another example of Neptune’s actions in the 7th house is a sense of mission: “I can bring peace to souls, I know how to achieve it: we should only empathize with the suffering of each person, keeping love, an open heart, proclaiming the truth and remaining faithful to it”.



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